Saturday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 17th

Saturday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 17th

Aditya tells everyone to take their seats in the car as they are off to Mt Abu. Vidya says she wants to change, Aditya says everything is sorted.. Vicky says he has the tickets and Rishi includes himself in the group and Aditya tells him that he is part of the family. Meera is shocked to hear the Mt Abu words.. In Mt Abu and Krishna asks Rano if they used to live here.. Rano says that house was their Mandir and says i will show you all the places. Pronita talks to Meera and says lets go.. we’re in Mt Abu we need to go home.. (they were at the airport) Pronita thinks Jigs was right, Meera is scared of Mt Abu. Pronita talks to Jai about the forest and says how pretty it is.. the car halts really badly opp. a mandir. Pronita wonders out aloud if Kali Ma has something to tell them.. Meera is more worried. Jai asks Meera if she is okay.. to which she says shes fine. Pronita then tells Meera to relax. The driver says theres dust in the engine so Pronita says she will go and pray with Jai. So they go off towards the mandir. At the mandir Jai in his VERY bad voice says this is where we met, where she fainted. Jai says he cant forget that day as that day shaped his life today (damn right ) Pronita rings the bell and says please give me strength to fight the evil.. She says she wants to fulfil her kasamh (woah theres a screen shot where Gurdeep looks proper evil lol)

This segment kicks off with Aditya wondering where Jai is as he has the house keys, Jai arrives and says the car broke down hence the reason he is late. Jai asks everyone to take their shoes as its the custom. They take off their shoes and walk into the house. Baba and Pronita are tlking and she says she is happy after 16 years her whole family have arrived in Mt Abu, her birth place. He says he will take her leave and Pronita enters her house (Its Aparajit Debs house! well i think ) Everyone seems to have settled down and All the kids ask Jai for chocolate! Pronota extends her hand unconciously and remembers her father.. Pronita says nothing has changed. Aditya praises Jai on his designs in such a short time. Aditya wonders who put a picture of Bani up, Pronita says she did and they are touched. She gathers everyone and says lets start the auspicious event with Meera’s blessings afterall she is her mother. Pronita calls hot and happening rishi (nah just kidding she just calls Rishi [lol)] and he gives a thali full of Coconuts. Meera steps fowards and smashes the coconut near Bani’s photo. However, it doesnt break into small peices as its meant to.. she tries again (shes not putting effort into it!!!) Rishi takes the coconut and switches it and then gives it to pronita.. Pronita steps on the ledge and breaks it in one go! Pronita then tells Meera to light the candle that is meant to be in Bani’s name… as she goes to light the diya.. the whole photo frame lights up and Meera jumps back.. She remembers the way she ‘killed’ Bani. Ranvir takes Daadi at one side and everyone flees to one side.. Baba says it may be a fuse problem and Jai says lets get ready for the party, everyone seems fine. (what the?!)

Shonali is struggling with her bags and Prityush watches and asks if he can be of any assistance. Shonali says its okay as she doesnt want Ganga to get the wrong idea about anything.. Prityush then grabs all the bags and says it is heavy. Shonali thinks to herself that the bags have stones in them Rishi rubs it in Ganga’s face that Prityush has turned into a coolie (lol) he says watch out, Prityush and Shonali are really close.. you never know.. Ganga thinks on. Jai is looking for his watch (like blooming usual) and Pronita asks did you bring it? so why is it in my bag? Jai says i have my cufflinks too.. im sure i packed them,, then Pronita says shes sure its in her bag and laughs. Jai says i was well before you came Pronita says he should be thanking her. Jai says what should he thnk her about? That she bought her children on the right path.. etc and praises her Pronita gets a little shy and says enough its okay and they leave. However Jai stops midway on the steps and says we cant be holding eachother as the Mitals are downstairs.. Pronita says its okay she has to do something anyway and leaves ahead. Pronita sees a distressed Meera and says to herself that this mahayudh will end here..

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Pronita asks everyone what happened to Meera, Rano tells her that Meera is not well and she looked every scared and she fainted. Pronita tells everyone, that she was driving with MEera, the car stopped and she went to get the mechanic, when she returned she saw Meera running/walking and calling someone’s name. Aditya is like she came here, and fainted. Pronita calls Meera, and tells her to open her eyes. She splashes water on Meera’s face. Meera tells Jai, shuttering, that with her own eyes, Dadi interrupts and says that you saw Bhoot. Meera says yes I saw Bhoot. Pronita tells Meera, that she is worked out, because everything became hetic for her, and tells her she should rest. Meera tells everyone she is not pagal, and I saw Bani’s ghost.