Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 18th

Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 18th

Jai has the expression are you joking kind of look, and says Kya Bani Ka bhoot. Pronita is like you must be joking Meera. Rishi and Baba are trying to suppress their laughter. Pronita tells Meera, that you were really close to Bani, by coming to Mt. Abu you must be remembering her. Meera says I am not imagining I have seen her ghost. Jai telling Meera, are you in your mind. Meera says believe me I have seen her ghost and she is trying to cause me damage. Pronita says Bani will try to harm you, everyone knows how Bani was very sweet and loving person. Bani doesn’t even harm her enemies, and you were her own. Why would she try to harm you? . Someone tries to harm you, unless you harmed them, Meera pales. Pronita says that you didn’t harm at all.

Meera tells everyone why you don’t believe me. Pronita says I will believe you, but maybe she is trying to send a message to you, unless she has some uncomplete work or something. All the family members are worried, Ganga is worried. Aditya interrupts and is like what nonsense, as he doesn’t believe in all this, and this might be imagination of Meera. Why would she try to send message via Meera, she could have send it via Jai or Ganga whom she was close to. Making everyone think, and making Meera worried. Aditya tells Meera you drank the wrong drink in the cocktail party. Meera says please leave me alone, and Ganga protest, but she says Meera leave me alone. Ganga is trying to call Prityush, and she wonders where he is wearing. Rishi comes asks her if she is worried about Meera.

Ganga tells Rishi she is worried about Prityush, its late and he isn?t home, and Shonali isn?t home. Rishi is like someone is burning with jealousy, and he is like it?s the habbit of girls to suspect and be jealous of. The man is not home yet, but the supicious came in your mind first. Rishi is like he must be here somewhere, but Shonali is so hot. Pirtyush can?t think of some other girls. Rishi compares the guys like dogs, where every the see girls they just drool, but most men are not like that. Rishi is like you are wrong, not all guys are like that, just then they see the car come, and Shonali and Prityush come out of the car. Rishi is like Ganga I think you were right. He leaves from there.

Shonali says thanks for helping me, and Prityush is like we are friends, no sorry or thanks. Shonali is like Ganga there wasn’t a car unavialable, and I had to pick stuff from the airport, Ganga is maa angry and says she doesn’t want to hear anything from her. Ganga Prityush, I don’t want to argue with you or ask you anything, but I will tell you that I don’t like you hanging out with Shonali or talking at all. From now one you want meet her, and she leaves from there. Prityush is like how can Ganga do this to me, and he is like disgusting. Rishi, Shonali and Pronita are talking about how their plan will be successful. Pronita is like how plan will be successful, because of attraction. If two people like each other they are eager to meet each other, and when you keep two people away from each other they are wiling to do anything and Prityush like Shonali, and he will reject Ganga. Pronita will wait for Prityush, wrong move and mistake. Pronita says I am worried about Ganga, and how she will be shattered. Meera wakes up and say what she saw was just her imagination, how can Bani be alive. Pronita is like Meera are you still scared. Meera says don’t be happy, raat gayi baat gayi, that think about yourself. Ganga and Prityush will marry, 2 days are left. Pronita says 48 hrs are left, and its enough for me.