Radha Mohan Saturday Update 30 March 2024


Radha Mohan Saturday Update 30 March 2024

Gungun requests Mohan to let her go, he allows her so she leaves even when Radha requests Mohan to not let her leave, Damini thinks that Radha should let Gungun play since the one who is going to end her life has arrived. Mohan says to Radha that they all are the friends of Gungun, he forces Radha to come with him. Ketki requests Ajeet to go and bring some return gifts for the children, he leaves with Rahul. Kadambari also asks Ketki to come with her.

Mohan takes Radha outside explaining he has something very important for which he wants to talk to her, she says they can talk about it later but she has to go and be with Gungun. Mohan insists they both must at least pray, Radha remembers when Damini threatened her that she has made such a fierce plan this time that Gungun, Tulsi and both Radha along. with Mohan are in danger, Radha starts crying mentioning she is really worried about Gungun, Mohan assures there is nothing to be worried about.


Kadambari and Ketki turn when the friends of Gungun are covering her eyes, the Chota Bhaijaan come to them all seeing whom Kadambari and Ketki start smiling. Damini and Kaveri are anxiously waiting for him to complete his task, he turns to see the balloon filled with the sweets and the darts placed in the corner, he gets an idea so walks over to them ad blows the balloon with the dart, all of the children rush to pick the sweets while Gungun is still turning trying to catch them, she is not able to get anyone. Cota Bhaijaan quickly starts pushing Gungun, she unknowingly follows him when kaveri gets worried questioning who has Damini brought since he has started playing with Gungun, Damini smiles mentioning he would very soon play with her life so she must wait and watch, kaveri exclaims Damini always says this but they are caught. Damini replies she must not be worried since the one who will open the door has arrived.

Radha tells Mohan she is very tensed because if something happens to Gungun then she will die, Mohan says she is tensed after what happened to Gungun as she is playing with her friends and nothing is going t happen to her.

Gungun is following Chota Bhaijan, asking who is there but he keeps forcing her outside. Tulsi wonders what is Gungun doing outside the house. Gungun opens the door wondering how did she come outside when all of her friends are still present inside, she turns to find Chota Bhaijan so asks who is he and what is he doing here, he says that she opened the mask and is a cheater, he says he has come to her party and is a guest. Gungun replies she does not want to become his friend, he says he has brought a gift for her. Gungun takes the gift in her hands seeing which both Damini and Kaveri start smiling. Gungun tries to open the gift and after opening it finds some balls in it. Damini exclaims Radha has taught Gungun everything but not that she must not talk with strangers and never accept anything from them as such children are kidnapped. Tulsi requests Gungun to not accept it as she does not like the person, she calls Radha and Mohan.

Radha requests Mohan to come and take a look at Gungun as she feels that Gungun is in danger, Gungun is holding the balls which release a smoke, due to which Gungun starts getting dizzy while the Chota Bhaijan starts smiling. Gungun is not able to hold the box and falls on the floor after getting unconscious, Tulsi calls Radha and Mohan to come out. Damini exclaims that Gungun is gone now.

Radha reaches the hall calling Gungun and she even asks her friends who explain that they started picking the chocolates when the balloon popped. Kadambari and Ketki come asking what has happened, Mohan questions where is Gungun, kadambari replies she was right here playing with her friends. Damini and Kaveri signal the Chota Bhaijan who is sitting beside Gungun.

Ajeet comes mentioning Gungun is not in her room while Rahul says she is not even upstairs, kadambari wonders where could have she gone, Radha exclaims she was telling them that Gungun is in danger so where are they going to find her. Damini tells that they will find Gungun dead, she tells kaveri how she assured that Abdu is capable of doing such things as he kidnapped Gungun even when a lot of people were present. Abdu tells Gungun that he does not have any personal problem with them but she has really irritated Damini so has to get out from her life.

Radha while sitting notices Damini and Kaveri staring at the door so wonders why are they looking at it, Radha starts walking towards the door seeing which both Damini and Kaveri get worried, Mohan follows her asking what has happened, Damini says Radha has suspected Gungun is outside the house but if she manages to catch Abdu then their plan would be ruined, as this is the last chance they have gotten to get rid of Gungun.

Radha opening the door yells the name of Gungun hearing which Damini is worried, Radha manages to find a bracelet, Radha realizes it belongs to Gungun, she informs Mohan how she tied it on her hands and so Gungun was here. Radha exclaims her life is in some sort of danger. Kaveri and Damini both are smiling.

Damini exclaims everyone can yell but they would not be able to find Gungun as they will only find her dead body. Tulsi whispers to Mohan how Damini is the one who got Gungun kidnapped so he must protect her, she even prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee. Damini and Kaveri also call Gungun. Radha angrily pushes Damini to the corner demanding the location of Gungun but Damini tries to assure that she is innocent however Radha threatens to kill her, kadambari also explains this relates to her Grand daughter and if anything happens to her then she will not let Damini get away with it. Damini tries to assure that she is innocent, Mohan says that Radha will not blame her without any reason so she must reveal the truth, Damini says that Mohan blames her and this happened last night but Gungun herself said that they are innocent. Radha replies it was the truth but she had no proof about it, Radha explains they both also tried to do something wrong to Gungun with the candle, which even blackened the face of Kaveri. Radha replies this time she even has the proof about it, they all are shocked when Radha turning points to the candle which is placed at the back. The entire Trivedi family looks there.