Once There Was A King May 2022 Teasers


Once There Was A King May 2022 Teasers

Gayatri and Raja learns that Kaal has escaped the jail and is searching for Gayatri. Below are Zeeworld Once There Was A King May 2022 Teasers:

Zeeworld Once There Was A King May 2022 Teasers

Sunday 1  May  2022

Episode 137

Later, Rani gets into a revenge seeking spree and she first begins by targeting Bindu. Meanwhile, Badi Rani Maa sits on her chair and gets stuck. She later learns that Rani’s grandmother is responsible for the trap laid against her. Raani Ambika tells Raja and Jeevan to distribute some goods to people as her prayers have been answered.

Monday 2  May 2022

Episode 138

Raja frees Gayatri and both of them rush to save Raj Mata from Badi Raani Maa. Gayatri picks Raja’s left hand and finds a pendant with her and Raja’s photo in it. Raja tells Gayatri that she can order anything and he would get the task done. Gayatri tells Raja that he would have to forgive Badi Raani Maa and Bindu.

Tuesday 3  May 2022

Episode 139

Gayatri also tells Raja that he would also have to accept Jeevan. Rani claims that Sarfaraz had fallen into a trap set for him by Bindu and she even decides to prove it with the help of Sarfarz’s sick mother.

Wednesday 4  May  2022

Episode 140

Raja realizes his mistake. Gayatri confronts the Nawab, who asks her to return Sakira to him. A furious Gayatri says that she would never return Sakira. On the other hand, Raja is worried for Gayatri and is relieved when he finds her.

Thursday 5  May  2022

Episode 141

Raj Mata does not let Shakina go and seeing this, the men attack Raj Mata. Javed’s sister queries about the reason behind his emotional stress.

Friday 6  May  2022

Episode 142

Rani and Raja learn that Kaal will be released from the prison on account of his good behaviour. Nawab tells his sister about Gayatri. On the other hand, Gayatri and Raja learns that Kaal has escaped the jail and is searching for Gayatri.

Saturday 7  May 2022

Episode 143

Gayatri asks Nawab to leave her house. Kaal threatens Raja saying that he would kill Gayatri. This gets Raja furious, who beats his father up. In return, Kaal attacks Raja and attacks him with a blade. Gayatri decides to apologize to Nawab Iqbaal.

Sunday 8  May  2022

Episode 144

Iqbaal tells Nusrat that she is his and she would live and die as per his wish. Kaal fires a shot at Raja’s chest. Raja has even forgotten his identity and is confused as to why he is in the hospital. Gayatri calls the doctor, who then attends to Raja and puts him to sleep with some medicines.

Monday 9  May 2022

Episode 145

Gayatri tries asking Nusrat about Nawab Iqbaal Khan but Nusrat coughs hearing his name. Raja is surprised to see Gayatri and as to how beautiful she looks. The governor meets Gayatri and gets complimented by him. Meanwhile, Nusrat is locked in a room and tries to leave the party without coming across Nawab Iqbaal Khan.

Tuesday 10  May 2022

Episode 146

Not Available.

Wednesday 11  May  2022

Episode 147

Nusrat’s mother scolds Baldev Thakur and claims him to be responsible for Nusrat’s death. Raja reaches the jungle in search of Gayatri but does not find her.

Thursday 12  May  2022

Episode 148

Gayatri is surprised to see her husband treating her nicely. Meanwhile, Nawab Iqbaal Khan begins paying his men for helping him in his mission against Gayatri and Raja. Thakur Baldev starts throwing assaulting comments on Gayatri and insults Raja. Nawaab advises Raja to apologize to his wife so that she agrees to sign on the documents.

Friday 13  May  2022

Episode 149

Raja immediately reaches the hospital and is horrified to see lot of dead people and their families mourning over them. After Gayatri is set free, she decides to meet Raja and discover as to what the matter is and why he is imprisoned in the jail.

Saturday 14  May 2022

Episode 150

Gayatri is shocked to learn that Nusrat was always betraying her and she never got a chance to understand her fake moves and actions. Iqbaal Khan tells Gayatri that he would make Raja feel sorry for killing his love, Zaira. Gayatri tells Iqbaal Khan that he has got his facts wrong. Gayatri adds on that Zaira was not killed by Raja.

Sunday 15  May  2022

Episode 151

Iqbaal Khan also tells Gayatri that as of now she has lost all her cards and has nothing left to challenge or oppose him. Raja is trying his best to keep Gayatri conscious and not let her faint. At the same time, the police team shows up and starts searching for Raja.

Monday 16  May 2022

Episode 152

When Gayatri goes to hug Raja, she realizes that it is just a vision. Soon, Gayatri starts witnessing a number of visions, where Raja appears and disappears. Raja runs away from the scene into the jungle where he starts crying and recalling his memories with Gayatri.

Tuesday 17  May 2022

Episode 153

Raj Mata tells Iqbaal Khan that Gayatri is his property and he has all rights to take Gayatri anywhere he likes. Gayatri tells Raj Mata that it is very hard for a person to act as though they are loving a person, who actually are their enemy. During the celebrations, Nawaab proposes to Rani before all the guests and this shocks Raja.

Wednesday 18  May  2022

Episode 154

Later, when Nawab Iqbaal holds Gayatri’s hand to put the ring around her finger, he notices that Gayatri’s fingers are burnt. Raja confronts Nawab Iqbaal and hands him an envelope which shows an income tax file about Nawab Iqbaal which Gayatri issued against him from the income tax department.

Thursday 19  May  2022

Episode 155

Nawab Iqbaal Khan hugs Gayatri and tells her that he would never doubt her again. Nawab Iqbaal Khan does not listen to Gayatri, instead, he challenges Raja to a game.

Friday 20  May  2022

Episode 156

Nawab Iqbaal Khan walks toward Raja’s room to return his turban. Raja then decides to confront Raani without disguising himself and hopes that doing so would reunite him with Gayatri.

Saturday 21  May 2022

Episode 157

Nawaab starts slapping Rani and unable to take it anymore, Raja starts to defend Rani and is about to reveal his true identity. Iqbal tries to question Bindu as to where Raja is, but he gets no answer from him. Meanwhile, Rani tries to escape from Raja but Raja catches her and does not let her go.

Sunday 22  May  2022

Episode 158

Gayatri adds on that she only loves Nawab Iqbaal Khan. Rani locks Iqbal in his chamber after getting him unconscious and she rushes to meet Raja. She hugs the man standing in the middle of the forest and reveals the truth that Raja was seeking. However, Rani is in for a shock when the man turns out to be Iqbal and not Raja.

Monday 23  May 2022

Episode 159

Raja asks Naina never to come before him ever again. The doctor asks Naina to pay money in order to proceed with the operation.

Tuesday 24  May 2022

Episode 160


Wednesday 25 May  2022

Episode 161

Raja denies accepting any returns but Naina is adamant and asks Raja to take it. Vijay gets angry and slaps Naina’s mother. Seeing this, Naina also attacks Vijay with a stick.

Thursday 26  May  2022

Episode 162

Raja notices as to how happy Vikrant is with Naina and Rekha.

Friday 27  May  2022

Episode 163

Naina tells her mother that they would be going to Indore and by the time they return back, things will be normal again. Naina further tells Raja that if she has to stay at his house, she would work and pay the rent.

Saturday 28  May 2022

Episode 164

Naina meets Laila and asks her to do certain things that will please Raja, who would eventually start loving her. Raja inquires with Naina as to what she is doing so late at night. Naina explains to Raja that she was searching for ghosts.

Sunday 29  May  2022

Episode 165

Raja arrives with Vikrant and his friends and brings along food for Naina. Raja uncovers Gayatri’s portrait and begins crying. Naina on the other hand, is confused thinking as to why Raja keeps coming to this room and that too alone.

Monday 30  May 2022

Episode 166

Naina thinks that though everything seems fine, she still feels something missing. At the same time, Vikrant shows up and wishes Naina. Raja starts telling Naina as to how he fell in love and kept his promise but was later cheated and betrayed.

Tuesday 31  May 2022

Episode 167

Naina tells Raja that he should considering settling down with Laila as she really loves him. Laila tells Raja that she is willing to marry him.

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