My Heart Knows May Teasers 2022


My Heart Knows May Teasers 2022

Malhar feels distraught thinking about Kalyani and the condition she is in. Below are Zeeworld My Heart Knows May 2022 Teasers;

Zeeworld My Heart Knows May 2022 Teasers

Sunday 1  May  2022

Episode 175

Sarthak tells Anupriya to hide the truth in the court. Kalyani tries to make the judge understand that Anupriya is innocent but she slaps Kalyani. Kalyani comes to know that a woman named Malti is going to be Sampada’s surrogate.

Monday 2  May 2022

Episode 176

After he fails to bring Ahir to the court, an unhappy Malhar comes to the witness box to testify in Anupriya’s case. Kalyani undertakes Anupriya’s responsibility. Kalyani decides to hide the truth about IVF from Malhar.

Tuesday 3  May 2022

Episode 177

Rachit starts a fire in Anupriya’s room when he comes to know about Kalyani’s plan. Dr Chahat tells Kalyani that she is pregnant. Later, Kalyani comes to know that Rachit is outside the hospital.

Wednesday 4  May  2022

Episode 178

Atharv talks about his plan to leave the country at the right moment. Kalyani feels anxious as she sees a nightmare. To execute his plan, Atharv threatens and scares Kalyani.

Thursday 5  May  2022

Episode 179

Kalyani is stuck in a new problem called Mastani Bai. Anupriya’s problems increase and her behaviour changes. Mastani brings Kalyani to Malhar and reveals a big secret. Everyone is shocked because of this.

Friday 6  May  2022

Episode 180

Kalyani feels guilty for not telling the truth to Malhar. Malhar goes to see the doctor to find out the truth. Further, Madhav asks Kalyani to abort the child and Sarthak supports him.

Saturday 7  May 2022

Episode 181

Malhar makes a big decision for Kalyani. Anupriya helps Kalyani to save her child. Malti misunderstands someone to be Sampada and tells that person the truth. Kalyani attacks the doctor to save her child.

Sunday 8  May  2022

Episode 182

Swara hides her identity and asks the police for help. It is revealed that the person scaring Swara and Kalyani is the same. Malhar shouts at the tea seller as he insults Kalyani. Forgetting about Kalyani, Anupriya gets close with Sarthak. Later, everyone is worried as Moksh gets locked in a room.

Monday 9  May 2022

Episode 183

Kalyani feels that she will find the culprit at ‘lal galli’. Kalyani receives a phone call from Malti and she decides to tell Malhar the truth about the child. Later, Malhar comes to Lal Galli for his investigation.

Tuesday 10  May 2022

Episode 184

Later, it is revealed in front of Aau Saheb that Atharv is Mastani. Some women from the village, tarnish Kalyani’s image and act unjustly with her. Later, Malhar gets his hands on the proof he needs against Mastani. Malhar reaches Mastani’s hideout.

Wednesday 11  May  2022

Episode 185

Later, to save Malhar’s life, Kalyani fires the gun and shoots Atharv. Malhar feels distraught thinking about Kalyani and the condition she is in. The doctor tells Malhar about Trilok, the donor for Moksh and later, Malhar goes to meet Trilok. He tells Malhar to fight him and for Moksh’s sake, Malhar agrees.

Thursday 12  May  2022

Episode 186

Anupriya feels that Sarthak is hiding something from her. Later, Trilok tells Kalyani about his wife, Divya and his daughter Suhana.

Friday 13  May  2022

Episode 187

Swara gets her hands on something which shatters her. Sharad gets upset on seeing Kalyani and reveals to Priya some shocking information. Meanwhile, Malhar and Kalyani squabble over the dancer Mallika.

Saturday 14  May 2022

Episode 188

Malhar gets shocked on seeing the picture of Sharad’s boss, Trilok. During a puja, Kalyani sings a wrong aarti due to Malhar’s mischief. Aau Saheb is adamant on defeating the groom’s family during the sangeet.

Sunday 15  May  2022

Episode 189

Everyone performs in the sangeet competition. Trilok hacks Kalyani’s email and tries to frame Malhar. Later, Malhar and Kalyani get into an argument. Anupriya feels upset when she hears Sarthak talk to someone about the medicines. Malhar decides to expose the truth about Trilok.

Monday 16  May 2022

Episode 190

Kalyani meets Suhana but gets scared inside the house. Anupriya regains her memory. Moksh’s health worsens and Trilok agrees to donate his bone marrow in two weeeks. Trilok introduces Divya to Kalyani. The doubt in Malhar’s mind over Trilok intensifies. Seeing Sarthak and Anupriya fight, Malhar and Kalyani pretend to be happy.

Tuesday 17  May 2022

Episode 191

Kalyani and Malhar argue over the amount she spent during shopping. As Trilok is busy with the celebrations, Malhar goes to his house and investigates. He finds a star from a policeman’s uniform in the house. Trilok feels doubtful and reaches home. Trilok brings Kalyani’s missing phone and cooks up a story that the phone was stolen by a maid, Pooja.

Wednesday 18  May  2022

Episode 192

Malhar suspects Trilok and asks the latter to accompany him to the police station. Anupriya worries about the fights between Kalyani and Malhar. Malhar agrees to meet the prospective brides.

Thursday 19  May  2022

Episode 193

A disguised Kalyani arrives as a prospective bride for Malhar, but he exposes her. Later, Kalyani is shocked to learn that Trilok destroyed the handy-cam. Malhar executes his plan against Trilok. Trilok wakes up at Malhar’s house.

Friday 20  May  2022

Episode 194

Further, Malhar meets with an accident. Malhar finds Divya’s uniform and recognises her when he sees her actual picture. Malhar comes across a secret door in Trilok’s house but the latter arrives there.

Saturday 21  May 2022

Episode 195

Trilok is later arrested. Moksh’s operation is successful and the entire family celebrates. Later, Trilok runs away with Moksh.

Sunday 22  May  2022

Episode 196

Malhar’s plot against Trilok fails and Divya and Moksh lose their lives. Rattled due to the incident, Malhar shoots Kalyani. Malhar arrives at a mental institution. It is revealed that Swara is Vivek’s second wife.

Monday 23  May 2022

Episode 197

Later, Kalyani goes to her old house. Kalyani comes to know about Malhar’s wedding and breaks down. Malhar refuses to tell Kalyani about his family. Later, Aausaheb’s cunningness is exposed. Kalyani comes to know that Ahilya Niwas is up for auction.

Tuesday 24  May 2022

Episode 198

The auction for Ahilya Niwas begins.

Wednesday 25 May  2022

Episode 199

On seeing Mahar bring Kalyani’s things home, Aausaheb insults Malhar.

Thursday 26  May  2022

Episode 200

Kalyani gets emotional looking at Moksh’s things and Anupriya is unable to hug her despite wanting to. Seeing her earring in Avni’s ear, Kalyani gets upset. Malhar is shocked to see Kalyani at his house who then helps him and Avni during the puja.

Friday 27  May  2022

Episode 201

Later, Kalyani breaks Avni’s mangalsutra, unknowingly. Malhar slashes her car’s tires but she records him doing so on her phone. Kalyani goes to the record room to change her clothes where Malhar is already there, flummoxing them both.

Saturday 28  May 2022

Episode 202

Aausaheb devises a plan against Malhar with Anupriya’s help. Later, it is revealed that Avni is not Malhar’s wife.  Kalyani’s hand gets burnt due to Anupriya but Kalyani tries to console her. Kalyani learns about Avni’s health and comes to help her.

Sunday 29  May  2022

Episode 203

Kalyani asks Anupriya for her help but she refuses to do so. Pallavi gets furious over this but Aausaheb handles the situation. Kalyani tries to get Anupriya to help Avni.

Monday 30  May 2022

Episode 204

Aausaheb tells Malhar about Kalyani and Vikram’s relationship and insults Malhar. Aausaheb asks Malhar for the cost of the blood given by Anupriya to Avni. Kalyani feeds Anupriya food.


Tuesday 31  May 2022

Episode 205

On seeing Malhar’s condition, Kalyani tries to console him. Damini and Vikram arrive for the engagement.

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