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Once There Was A King June Teasers 2022

Rani agrees to marry Kundan and Raja is not able to take the news.  Read Zeeworld Once There Was A King June 2022 Teasers.

Zeeworld Once There Was A King June 2022 Teasers

Wednesday 1 June 2022

Episode 168

Raja gets anxious starts asking for Naina. Laila tells Raja that she should have already known that there is something between Naina and him.

Thursday 2  June 2022

Episode 169

Naina is filled with fear and she falls unconscious. Raja spots Vijay who is trying to trouble Naina. Raja gets furious and he begins attacking Vijay. Raja also tries killing Vijay but Naina stops him.

Friday 3  June  2022

Episode 170

Raja scolds Laila and locks her up in a room. Just when Raja decides to leave the house to search for Naina, the police shows up in the scene and arrests him.

Saturday 4  June 2022

Episode 171

In the process of cutting the ropes off of Raja’s hand, the man drops the knife and this makes the situation difficult. Meanwhile, Laila speaks to the media against Naina and tries to defame her. However, Raja intervenes and speaks in favour of Naina.

Sunday 5  June  2022

Episode 172

Naina also spots the snake approaching her. Later, as the entire family gets busy with the prayers, Laila takes Naina off her wheelchair and pushes her into the well. However, Naina manages to hold on the pulley and screams for help.

Monday 6  June  2022

Episode 173

Naina requests Raja to return back and not to put himself in danger. Raja and Naina reach Goa and Naina is mesmerised with the beauty of the place. Just when Raja and Naina are about to step into their house, a black cat crosses their path and this leaves Naina in a shock.

Tuesday 7  June 2022

Episode 174

Not Available.

Wednesday 8 June 2022

Episode 175

Rani is happy to know that the pouch will keep her safe from the Priestess. Badi Raani Maa attacks Raja with her magical powers.

Thursday 9 June  2022

Episode 176

Raj Mata tells Naina’s mother that Gayatri was her daughter-in-law once upon a time and now she is just an evil spirit, trying to create problems between Raja and Naina.  Raja, meanwhile, tries to solve the mystery and get to Naina and after a while, he succeeds in his endeavour. He is shocked to find Naina turning into a stone.

Friday 10  June  2022

Episode 177

Raja tells Gayatri that she is dead and she means nothing to him and right now he only loves Naina. When Badi Raani Maa is about to attack Naina, Gayatri intervenes her and asks Badi Raani Maa to leave Naina and Vikrant alone.

Saturday 11  June 2022

Episode 178

Badi Raani Maa reminds Raj Mata as to how she was hung before the public and today is her day to die. Gayatri narrates as to how she cut of Badi Raani Maa’s fake hair and got all emotional before Raja.

Sunday 12  June  2022

Episode 179

The priest tells Naina that Badi Raani Maa’s spirit is an evil spirit and it has to go to a place where evil spirits belong to. Raja refuses to let Raj Mata sacrifice her life. Raj Mata is shocked to see Badi Rani Maa’s ghost standing before her.

Monday 13  June  2022

Episode 180

Raani asks Raja to fight her in a boxing match and she tells Raja that if he loses the match he would have to quit his job. Raj Singh teaches Raani to fire a gun and Raani patiently learns everything he teaches her.


Tuesday 14  June  2022

Episode 181

Raani agrees to marry Kundan and Raja is not able to take the news. Later, while Raani is asleep, she begins having some dreams that shows visions of Raja and Gayatri’s wedding. Meanwhile, Raj is approaching Raani’s room and he hears Raani shouting.

Wednesday 15 June 2022

Episode 182

Raj reads the note that Raani had wrote and tears it into pieces. Raja and Raani engage in argument which makes Raani to run away from Raja. A confused Raani does not like Raj’s idea but she decides to have whatever food she gets.

Thursday 16 June  2022

Episode 183

A woman calls Raj up and informs him that the police is searching for him and they are coming to Ameerkot in search of him and Raani. The woman asks Raj to kill Raani. Rani asks Raj to touch her mother’s feet and take her blessings but Rani’s mother steps back.

Friday 17  June  2022

Episode 184

Anandi points the gun to shoot Raj’s brother. But just then, Rani arrives to rescue Raj and his brother. Rani asks Raj to be the first one to apply ‘haldi’ on Kundan. Raj holds on to Vikram, who is trying to escape the wedding scene. Rani’s mother is shocked and moments later, Raj reveals his true identity before all.

Saturday 18 June 2022

Episode 185

Rani gets upset with Raja when he does not reciprocate the feelings she is trying to express towards him. Rani informs Raja about the stories she had heard about the place they are in. Raja explains that he has lived through the the entire story that she is narrating. Raja accepts Rani’s marriage proposal.

Sunday 19  June  2022

Episode 186

Before moving forward with the marriage, Rani’s sister decides to play a game to test their compatibility. Raj and Rani end up gulping down a bottle of alcohol each and get completely drunk. Raj informs Rani that he has decided to make her the heir to all his property after his death. He gets her to sign the property papers and Rani takes the papers along with her.

Monday 20  June  2022

Episode 187

Later, as the ‘sangeeth’ function goes on, a mysterious person manages to steal the property papers from Rani’s safe. Raj unties himself and cuts his finger with a nail. He then goes on to smear the blood on Rani’s forehead, signifying their marriage.

Tuesday 21  June  2022

Episode 188

Rani and Raj get married.


Wednesday 22 June 2022

Episode 189

Raj is shocked to not find Rani’s signatures on the property documents. Raj imagines Rani revealing about his act of betrayal but as he gets back to his senses, he tries to comfort Rani, who is unwilling to let him come close to her. A mad lady enters the room and while, Preeti is afraid of the mad woman, Rani recognizes her as Sakshi, Raj’s sister.

Thursday 23 June  2022

Episode 190

Rani’s family is surprised to know that Raj himself has pushed Rani into the pond as he wants her memory to return. Rani instantly rushes indoors to attend to her mother’s bleeding hand. She then sees the photograph and questions her mother about the her connection with the family that she has brought home.

Friday 24 June  2022

Episode 191

Raani meets her mother and tells her that she is not interested in the trip as she feels nothing for Raj and there is no point in going on a trip with him. Rani wonders as to how someone could be as fake as Raj. However, Rani plays along but is surprised when Raj decides to take her to the doctor so that she regains her memory.

Saturday 25 June 2022

Episode 192

Raj tells Rani that she might have escaped alive after falling down from the cliff but he will not let her ruin this for him. Meanwhile, Rani’s mother arrives in her house and is looking for Rani but is not able to find her there. Raja pretends to console Rani’s mother and later she decides to continue with the procedure of transfering the wealth in his name.

Sunday 26  June  2022

Episode 193

Rani awaits Bua ji’s arrival so that her mom can be stopped from doing the signatures. But Bua Ji does not arrive and Raj gets the desired signatures. Raj is disappointed with himself after he learns of his father’s wrongdoings against Rani’s family. he refuses to forgive his mother, who had hidden the fact from him.

Monday 27 June  2022

Episode 194

Rani makes it clear that she cannot take any innocent life for the sake of revenge. Rani is shocked as she is being asked to pretend to be in love with Raj, forgetting all her hatred for him. Later, Rani builds a wall of pillows on the bed but Raj assures her that she herself will be the one, breaking this wall.

Tuesday 28 June  2022

Episode 195

A ritual is to take place where Raj and Rani will have to sit together as husband and wife. Sakshi is rushed into the house where Preeti and Vikramjeet are going through the ‘roka’ ceremony. Rani apologizes to Raj as it was her responsibility to take care of Sakshi.

Wednesday 29 June 2022

Episode 196

Rani speaks to Sakshi and tries to find out what had happened during the previous day. Vikramjeet and Preeti are asked to complete a ritual as per which, Vikramjeet will have to carry Preeti and climbs the stairs of the temple. Rani is afraid of what Vikramjeet might do to Preeti in the time they will spend together.

Thursday 30 June  2022

Episode 197

Sakshi is found lying on the floor, injured, by Rani and calls for Raj immediately. Raj gets furious at Vikramjeet seeing his sister suffer and vows to take revenge. Raj arrives at the scene of Vikramjeet and Preeti’s wedding and insists that the groom is not Vikramjeet where Raj gets proven wrong.

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