Once There Was A King July Teasers 2022


Once There Was A King July Teasers 2022

Vasundhara promises Rani that she will acquire the royal treasure within one day. Below are Zeeworld Once There Was A King July 2022 Teasers.

Zeeworld Once There Was A King July 2022 Teasers

Friday 1  July  2022

Episode 198

Raj tries to stop the media and asks them to leave when they question Raj about his relationship with the rape victim. Vikramjeet’s mother informs the media that the rape victim is Raj’s sister. Later, Vikramjeet is shocked when he learns that his entire confession has been recorded.

Saturday 2  July 2022

Episode 199

Sakshi is pleased as she receives immense love from the family. While Raj and Rani shower their love on Sakshi, Rani’s hair gets stuck on Raj’s jacket and this moment brings the two of them close. Raja gets killed by Vasundhara on the day of his marriage.

Sunday 3  July  2022

Episode 200

Police along with Rani and Toshi begin search operation for Vasundhara. Vasundhara, who is trying to escape, enters the room of an actor who is an exact lookalike of Raja. She is left stunned when she sees the artist and doubts him to be Raj. Meanwhile, Rani too approaches the room of the artist along with the police.

Monday 4  July  2022

Episode 201

Rani is trying to make Raj believe that Vasundhara had tried to kill him but Raj is not able to recall anything after his memory loss. Rani finds herself completely lost when she comes to know that Raj is not Raj but an impostor. What will be Vasundhara’s next move?

Tuesday 5  July 2022

Episode 202

Rani fears that Vasundhara may harm her mother and asks Raj to free her mother. Vasundhara promises Rani that she will acquire the royal treasure within one day. Vasundhara, in disposition of revenge, mixes gunpowder in flour in order to cause harm to Rani.

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Episode 203

Vasundhara sends a secret letter to Raj and tells him that she knows everything about him. Vasundhara makes Raj’s mother and the other family members her captive in order to compell Raj to fulfill all her demands.

Thursday 7 July  2022

Episode 204

Raj’s aunt gets shocked after reading the note and tells everything to Raj’s mother. Rani finds the almirah and attempts to rescue Sunanda but she ends up horrified when she finds explosives tied around her.

Friday 8  July  2022

Episode 205

Season Finale!

Vasundhara finds a gun and points the gun at Raj. Just then, the police arrives and arrests Vasundhara.

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Once There Was A King Last Episode

Raaj apologizes Rani holding her hand. He tells Rani their daughters are the biggest happiness of his life. Everyone comes in cheerful. Rani says she has decided the names as well, one if Riddhi while other is Siddhi.
Later, Raaj brings toys for his kids. Rani asks for a gift for herself, he signals Rani to stay silent for a while. Anandi and Chitra judge well and leave them alone. Raaj gifts her a jewelry piece and says he can’t bear to lose any of them now. They spend some quality time with each other.
It was night, Rani turns to go and bring oil for massage. The light goes off at once. Raaj had to go and check the electricity. Sakshi comes there, Raaj and Rani leave Sakshi beside the babies. In the corridor, Rani suspects someone was following her. In the room, the baby begins to cry. Sakshi goes to get her doll to play with her. Vasundra comes to hold one of the babies, saying she will take her away as she wants her mother to cry. She wants Rani to realize the pain of losing one’s child. Rani hears a knock at the door and wonders who must be here so late. The police arrived to warn them that Vasundra flee from jail. Raaj asks how it this possible, how can Vasundra leave the jail after all the security? Sakshi comes there asking about Riddhi and says she is missing from her cradle. Rani and Raaj run inside, only Siddhi was there. Rani comes downstairs crying. Anandi and Chitra come to the hall. Rani cries for Riddhi telling everyone about the news. The police also look around with the family. Sunanda takes a chance to go outside the house with Riddhi.
Later, Vasundra wonders what Rani would do now. She brought her child from under her nose. She will bring Rani up and will turn her just like herself. There would be a day Siddhi would confront Rani. Raaj shouts at the servants for not taking care. Rani fell on the couch crying that her child is really a minor.
There, Vasundra says Rani still has to say the biggest defeat of her life; time will tell what Vasundra is capable of and what Rani can do. She speaks to Riddhi that she is now her shadow, she will love her dearly and resultantly Riddhi will do all that she would say. She laughs wickedly.
Raaj and Rani comes to the temple and vow to find their daughter. Rani says they will either bring Riddhi back or won’t return at all.

Rani places a hand over Siddhi’s head and kiss her forehead promising to return soon. Anandi was worried what they owed at this time. Raaj says they can’t Riddhi with Vasundra, they will fulfil what they promised for. Both leave hand in hand.
On the way, Rani was restless and worried that they couldn’t find Riddhi anywhere. Raaj was determined to find Riddhi anyway. He asks her to trust him. All of a sudden Raaj loses control over the car, the car hits a tree in front and blasts in a bomb.
After a leap,
Anandi wishes a young girl, Siddhi with Raaj and Rani’s story book. Siddhi notices the ending pages were blank. Anandi says the story of Raaj and Rani can never end. Siddhi promises to write the remaining story.
There, Riddhi was badly beating a man and police inspector for informing the police. She leaves with the robbed bag singing birthday song for herself.
Everyone else in the palace wish Siddhi, they tell her to get ready as it’s a special day today.
Riddhi comes in with the bag of money. Vasundra asks if she has arrived. The bag fell off her hand, Riddhi asks how she got to know when she didn’t even make a noise. Vasundra says she can feel Riddhi more than herself. Riddhi brings the bag full of money to her and assures having completed her task for today. Vasundra appreciates her and says she never learnt to get defeated. Riddhi tells Vasundra that watchman thought about getting her caught but now he won’t even be able to make a complaint again. She comes to an old lady now and intends not to spare her she twists her fingers. Vasundra thinks she has brought Riddhi up in a way Rani could never thought about.
Siddhi places another gift box in her already filled closet. She thinks she will only open these boxes when she has found Riddhi. She wish to hug Riddhi soon and celebrate the next birthday with her.
Riddhi comes to Vasundra and says she has left that female watch man injured. She boasts about being the daughter of Vasundra Rajvanshi. Vasundra brings a novel and questions Riddhi about it. Riddhi gets to her feet apologizing, Vasundra says these novels only make a person dream; but Riddhi must only do what Vasundra thinks and decides for her. Riddhi promises not to do this again, she tears the novel pages apart. Riddhi says anything that hurts Vasundra would be left in this condition. She hugs Vasundra.
Siddhi comes downstairs and asks Anandi and Chitra about the arrangements, swords and the royal turban. Anandi says this seat has remained crown-less for years, it is her responsibility and she has to fulfil this. Chitra says people’s hopes and future is connected to her; this isn’t an enforcement but this is her responsibility. The people of Amirkot needs their princess. They take Siddhi to the crowing chair and asks Pandit ji to begin with the ritual. Siddhi denies taking the royal sword. She tells the ladies that her elder sister Riddhi is the real eligible for this seat. She can’t take this seat and wants the rightful to get her position. She places the turban over the chair and says this is Riddhi’s place. Siddhi vows that Riddhi will return soon. She goes to Raaj and Rani’s photo and says now she would write the unending story now.