Monday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

Monday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

Ganga comes and says she wants to go to her painting class, Jai remembers Pronita. Jai says from now on you will not go painting, Jai says he will find another painter.

Jai and Aditya talk to Vicky about the deal and Jai says although its a small project, its a foundation and the experience. Vicky remembers Meeras words and then asks for leave, Jai and Aditya get the car and leave. Vicky on the other hand wants to meet Karan, the gambler. He says i will not go on you dad, i have gone on my mother, i want money. Meera comes to Ganga and says you should be happy the classes are over, Ganga says but she was a good teacher but she just got personal about everything. Meera tells her, her own experience on Pronita.

Pronita wonders why Ganga hasn’t come to her class, she calls the receptionist and says i will tell you when she comes. Jai hears and says i will pay her in cash, tell her Ganga isn’t coming to the lessons anymore.

Pronita then realises she was too fast in telling Ganga’s truth, afterall why would Jai believe her, she’s a nobody.

She has lost her chance in meeting her daughter, how can she convince jai? The baba says don’t worry there must be a way. Ganga calls Meera and says she’s going to ‘Rave’, Pronita and Baba enter the disco, Baba says this is the perfect time to call Jai here to see his daughter. Pronita says how can a mother tell the child father of what she is like, Baba convinces her and then Pronita says fine, i will do it. The baba calls Jai and says i was impressed by your daughter’s paintings, i would like to buy one, Jai is sucked into the plan and he plans to go to the ‘rave’. Pronita says i don’t want to give you pain Mr Walia, but i have to do this for our children. Ganga is clubbing away, Krishna says she’s ready to sign the contract and she does. The guys who interview her are freaky and say we saw spark in you, Krishna goes to the wash room.

The two guys talk about Krishna and says will she do the other thing that we require that we say is part of the training. Vicky’s friends tell him that they have betted on cricket, they tell him the tricks of the trade, how to make millions, its all about analysing. If you mess up, you fail. Vicky agrees to this, his buddy says 12 balls in ten mins. Vicky gets out 4 lakh and bets on the fielding team, Vicky says i haven’t learnt to fail yet. Krishna realises its late and goes to get her contracts, Ganga then goes to get her cigarettes, Vicky is at the bar getting a drink. They all pass eachother and realise their siblings, Krishna’s contract is revealed, Vicky’s betting is revealed and Ganga’s smoking habit is revealed, they all stare at one another.

Ganga speaks first and says this is my real face, Krishna says you were my role model, Ganga says we have to take a pact, we all have two faces, one to show our father at home and one here, she goes saying as we are here, let’s party, no one will speak up about this incident at home. Ganga says lets celebrate, you got a job and Vicky won his bet, Krishna notices her cigarette and says so it was yours not mine. Krishna wants to go home but Ganga insists they party and they party to Mauja mauja! Pronita watches, Jai is on his way. Baba and Pronita/Bani sit down with a drink and they talk about how the whole family has gone down the wrong path, Jai arrives with a painting in his hand.

Ganga does the pat the dog screw the light bulb dance and Jai meets the baba. Jai walks into the crowd, he bumps into Ganga who falls on the floor, she says cant u see??


Ganga says cant you see?? then she moves her hair and moves, a guy tells Jai ‘watch out dude’. Jai grabs the guy and says i will feel sorry for your parents. Jai complains about the generation, and then baba says the rave was near the airport this was near by, Jai says its okay, i just get depressed seeing off the rail kids and thanks the lord his family isn’t the same. Jai says Ganga will be happy seeing this. Pronita says I am sorry but today you will see their faces, Vicky wants his bets lakh.. the other guy says it’s not here move on. Vicky hits the guy on the head with a bottle. Everyone is shocked. The show starts with the bottle on head incident and everyone is shocked, a crowd gathers. Ganga asks Vicky what has he done, Jai is oblivious to it all. Baba then tries to get Jai to look at the commotion, but Jai says he wants to go home to his family.

Ganga drags Vicky outside. Pronita is disappointed with her efforts. Krishna asks what have you done, Vicky says i had to do it. Krishna and Vicky go to Ganga for help as she’s the expert. Ganga says lets make a sibling pact. We will tell each other our moves, if one of us is in danger, we contact eachother only and we continue to live like we do infront of our father. Car lights shock the trio and Pronita appears. Ganga shouts why are u following us.. Then Jai walks out the car, Ganga is most shocked out the three and Jai is so shocked it seems he’s numb.. Flashback: Jai tells Pronita to get out the car and Pronita says the trio are at the club and they watch as they make the pact. Flashback ends. Jai remembers everything about Ganga, about smoking, Jai is heart broken and says in a quiet way that Ganga was the innocent one, i thought even if God told me your a devil i would argue with him, my other daughter, she’s grown up she wants a job and my son, i thought he was my shadow. Krishna says we haven’t done anyting bad. Jai shouts at her, if you are not wrong then why hasn’t Ganga told me she’s a smoker and Vicky is a gambler.

Pronita then shouts saying Krishna’s job requires her to smuggle drugs.  Krishna fights her case saying this isnt true, Pronita says its in the press. Ganga shouts at pronita to get out their family matters, Ganga steps foward and says we want to live this life.

Ganga says what we do at home is our fake life, we prefer our life like this, afterall it is our life. Jai in a hush tone that my children have grown up so much that they are talking to their father like this, i raised you up, i helped you walk, why didn’t you say leave me i can walk?ever since you were little i never let anything effect you. Jai then says i am outdated aren’t i? and fights his tears. He then walks off fighting his tears more, Pronita follows. Jai walks down the woodland Lonely area and thinks of Ganga mostly, he sits on the bench, a sad version to meri duniya plays and it rains. He takes off his glasses and thnks of Vicky, Ganga and then Krishna. Jai looks up and says Bani please talk to me, i couldnt bring your children on the right path, Pronita then shouts Mr Walia look after yourself, Jai tells her to go as he wants to be with Bani. Pronita says Bani is feeling the same pain, if you cry she can feel the pain too. Jai says i have to go and leaves.


Ganga and the others tell Meera about them being exposed and then Krishna says she’s more shocked that Meera knew from before. Krishna says i should have told you before hand. Meera says Jai is old fashioned and she wants her children to learn to live their life. Vicky tells Meera that they aren’t her children she tells him to shut up, she tells everyone to tell her the truth all the time. Meera says now that Jai knows the truth he must be in pain that’s why maybe he has blamed himself and gone from the place. Meera drums it in the kids mind that no one should know that she is involved in the plan. Ganga and Krishna leave. Meera stops Vicky and says are u mad, betting?! then she says you will ask me about betting before hand, i will tell u what to bet on. Meera says i have to save myself more then these kids.