Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee Tv

October 23 Episode

Pronita says Jai is completely broken, he thinks he is a failure, but Jai Walia isn’t, he just trusted his children, you can see him depressed. He needs me today, but i am here with him i cant do anything. Pronita then says Mr Walia is thinking of what and how Meera would feel but its because of Meera that their children are like this, how can she tell Jai the truth and she cries more. Baba then says there is light at the end of the tunnel. God has reunited you with the children, so he will put them on the straight path. Meera is pacing up and down a room waiting for Jai, everyone tells her to relax he will come, he then enteres all rejected. Meera asks God to help her look after Jai. There’s a depressing tune on in the background and everyone asks what happen to Jai, did the car break down? Meera almost in tears asks where was he?

Jai tells Aditya to do him a favour and says to take his name out of everything he owns, he is as good as dead, all that is needed is the last rites. Aditya then ask what happen? I am your friend you can tell me. Jai says i am not related to anyone in anyway, “everything is a fraud” Daadi calls Jai and Jai says she is your mother and she calls me her son, then Jai says my children don’t call me their father. Jai tells Daadi yes he is drunk, daadi tells him to calm down as they are asleep. Jai laughs and says i saw a new side of them today. All three children enter the house and Jai moves to one side. Everyone is shocked, Aditya says you are meant to be sleeping. Jai says to Meera, this is the truth, whatever you saw before hand was all a lie, this is the truth. Meera acts like she’s totally shattered and asks for the truth, so Jai tells the truth about spotting them.

Jai says now which father would like to live after seeing this. Ganga says we are sorry but what’s wrong with us trying to live our life. Meera then SLAPS Ganga on the face. Ganga stares at her in disbelief.

This segment kicks off with Ganga nursing her cheek. Meera says you gave your father back chat, how can you talk to him like that he did everything for you, you are alive because of him, he spent all this life raising you, not only did you hurt Jai, you hurt me too. He is your father but he wants to die today, is this the pay back we get? Meera then turns to Jai and says i am hurt too, i hang my head in shame too becuase of these kids. Meera says today i will not leave these kids, Jai stop her and says tell these children that i do not want to see their faces.

Meera then says if anything happens to my husband, i will not leave you kids. Everyone leaves, Meera sighs. Meera says she slapped Ganga to save them all. Vicky says “mom that was great” Meera tells the kids to follow her words in the future, meantime go to your room, so it looks like you are sorry. Meera then talks to Bani and says what can i do? I cant hack anything other then your picture in this house, i will eliminate everything of yours in the house.

Now everyone comes back and Aditya says look for Jai he seems to have gone in the car. Pronita is at the Atharva and Krishna graves and says i will wait for Mr Walia here today. Today i will tell him what Meera is like.

A car pulls up at the graves and suna suna plays in the background softly. Pronita hides and Jai walks up slowly.

Jai then talks to the graves and says i lost today, the responsiblity your mother left me with i failed at, please tell Bani i am sorry and to forgive me. Pronita wipes her tears and says its about time i tell him  the truth. She takes a step then takes a step back when she sees Meera approaching Jai. Meera offers Jai support and he sort of snubs her off. Meera says i am at fault too, I Am sorry Jai. We cant give up, they are our children, they are Bani’s children, Bani must be looking at us, we cant let Bani down, have faith everything will be alright. Pronita seems mega cheesed and Jai walks back to the car and does a 3 point turn and leaves. Meera phones Ganga and says she controlled Jai, so now its her turn to carry on the game. Meera talks to the childrens grave and says i have no other way, Bani you are watching too right? Everyone is under my ruling, why fakeness is everyones truth and ends the conversation with ‘God Bless’.

Meera serving everyone at the table and Jai sittin alone in a corner thinking. Meera tells him to eat and so does Adi.

Ganga, Vicky and Krishna come to meet Jai and say we know our mistake please forgive us.. we thought we had grown up but we havent. Meera indicates to Ganga to get on her knees..

Ganga does so, Ganga says we were wrong, you always wiped our tears and we misbehaved. The reason they all lied was so that Jai wouldnt be hurt. Krishna says she will not go for that job and Vicky says he will earn money the right way. Ganga ends the speech by asking for forgiveness.

Jai silently nods as if to say he has forgiven them. Ganga says we will never hurt you. Ganga then says today is mothers day can we have a party in Meera’s name. Meera then walks off…

Jai speaks up and says you have hurt meera more.. go and pacify her.

the children follow meera to the room and meera says JW is soft hearted a little tears will always break him. Ganga then says we lied to Jai saying we will stop partying but how can she stop.. Meera says live this life for a few days then she will make a situation where they can do what they like.

Vicky gets a call sayin the person hu he hit on the head wants to take him to the police. Vicky says he thought he paid him off. His friend on the other line says arrange for more cash..

Vicky then tells Meera what the phone call was about. If he doesnt get the money then he would be in jail and the betting habit would be out.

Meera tells him everything will be okay. Ganga says today there is a party what can she say if they need Vicky or Meera?  meera says handle it.. nothing will happen

Mothers days party commences and Varun wishes Rano a Happy Mothers Day and gives her a gift.. same with Vidya and Raashi.

Adi notices that meera is missing and ask about her.. Rano asks Krishna and Ganga if they know where meera is.. then Ganga says we dnt know.

Raashi goes to investigate upstairs.

Meera and Vicky are at the pub and asks the man if this much money is okay to shut him up.. he then asks for 10 Lakh and Meera gives the money to him. He gets happy.. then Meera gives another 20 lakh.. the 10 lakh was to shut him up and the other 10 lakh so her children can do what they like in the pub.. and it would be his responsibility if anything happens.

Meera says if you open your mouth then i can do anything to close ur eyes forever

This segment then kicks off with Ganga wondering where Meera is.. Jai tries to call meera . Jai then asks Ganga if meera said anything to them..or Vicky for that matter.

Meera then walks into the house with Vicky behind her. Jai goes up to meera and asks what happen? Meera says she went to the ‘Rave’ club. She went to give back the money Vicky won in the betting Ganga n Krishna silently snigger to themselves.

Then she says she went to cancel Krishna’s job. Jai smiles to himself and Adi says you shouldve told us atleast.

The three mothers, Rano, Raashi and Meera cut their cake and feed their children.. well they get fed  lol.. and a new version of Kasamh se blares thru the speakers sung by Nihira Joshi.

Jai calls Meera upstairs.. and she goes up. Jai then gives Meera a gift (how much jewellery can a person get!) she says its beautiful. She asks why she got a gift. Jai says you are the best mother, you bought my children on path.. you sorted everything. I am the luckiest husband alive and i mean it..(u wont say that in a few months)

On the other side Pronita is at the mandir praying.. she says I, a mother ,have come to another mother today.. she asks for Her blessings.

Baba tells Pronita that everything is set.. Jai will now know the truth.

Jai puts the necklace on Meera.. Jai says its the beaty inside you that makes the necklace shine.

Meera gets a gift saying happy mothers day and it has a CD.. Jai and meera both watch it..

Its a CD of now Meera looked after the kids, Meera wonders who sent this. Jai is happy watching it.. Meera then feeds little Vicky.. then it goes black (lol i thought my TV went!!)

Then you see Meera at the pub giving the extra 10 lakh so her children can have a free life (part 2).. Jai is super shocked and so is meera.

An surprise Jai asks Meera, its you, and tries to deny the fact. With an sorry face, Meera tries to tell Jai its an lie but with Jai’s hard glare she stops.Meera admits to Jai and confess the truth that it is her. She tells Jai what ever you see on the screen is truth. Jai asks Meera why did she do this to his kids and him. 
She tells Jai i have went to the club with Vicky, not to return the money but to close the mouth of the manger with the money, so he can shut is mouth up for rest of his life. Meera confesses that she knew about the kids already for an long time.Jai is like what? Meera says yes Jai infact it is me who as saved the kids from you, meera says

Jai says you have ruined the kids, what was the reason? Meera says the reason was Bani, she is the person who I hate in my life. Meera says I hate Bani Jai. Because of my hatered for Bani, that why I sent Ganga and Krishna on the wrong path.I knew Ganga was attending parties, smoking, drinking etc, she says I never stopped Ganga or Krishna.

Meera says I love Ganga and Krishna as they are my own daughters.
Jai tells Meera i couldn’t think of what sort of woman you will turn out to be.He asks Meera what kind of woman are you?

Meera tells Jai I am the woman, who never gotten her husband’s love, who loved & married the man, but he never could have become hers becuase he loved Bani.Basically Jai gets to know about how much meera hates Bani and see her true colors.

Meera says i am still with you today had it been another woman they wouldve left, i bought up my sautans children. Jai says i will tell the kids the truth Meera says they wont listen i have strung them along nicely. They will not belive you even tho you are their father.

Meera then tells him dont even think about divorcing me as over 50% of the property is mine and the other property i will take anyway.

Jai asks if she knws the meaning of love she says she does and gives a speech.. she wipes her tears and then says i dont feel alone i have my children.. i will not leave you.. nor will i ever let u leave me. I am Meera Walia, your childrens mother and Walia Industries owner.

Meera goes to touch jai and Jai pushes her back (quite alot!) Jai says dont touch me.. i will bring my children back on the right path.. you started the game, i will finish it… they have my blood in them.. i will make sure they are Walias again.

This segment then starts with Ganga and Krishna is laffing then Jai cmes down and says i know the truth. He tells Ganga that she will not be allowed to leave the house – shes grounded.

He tells Krishna that that she cant work anywhere and Vicky has to wrk as a clerk in his office.

Ganga says you cant do that, you are old fashioned.. we need freedom.. its my life. Jai tells her to stop backchatting and then Ganga says have you ever asked us if we wanted anything, how we want to live our life. Ganga continues sayin we need our freedom.

Krishna then comes in saying shes right, we have to ask about everything, everyone questions us. Thats why she wants that job so she can spend the money the way she wants to “do you get that”

vicky then says i want to get to the top fast. Ganga says whether you like it or not, we want to live our life

Meera is packing her bag as a fake thing. Ganga tries to stop her and Meera says Jai is blaming her for everything that has gone wrong, and says the reason he thinks i did this was becuase krishna and ganga are Bani’s children.

Meera cries saying Bani was her best friend and its best if she leaves the house as she doesnt want to hear insults from Jai.

Ganga says dont worry you live here, we wont let Jai do anything for you. Krishna speaks up saying we wont leave you alone you helped us when we needed you.

Ganga makes Meera promise that she will not leave the house.. Krishna and Ganga leave.

Meera then shows how a little bit of tears can save her.

Jai is driving and he remembers how meera adimitted to hating Bani and derailing his children then the backchat he got earlier. He keeps pressing eccelerate and then stops at the edge of the cliff.. everything flashes beofre his eyes and then he reverses the car and goes foward.. he is about to commit suicide and Pronita in yellow is infront of him