Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 5 February 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 5 February 2020

Nivedita shouting on Prerna. She asks Prerna to keep her fake tears safe. She says I regret to trust you, I fought my mum for your sake, she kept saying you are a gold digger, you aren’t right for Anurag, I kept on convincing her,

Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 4 February 2020

she also loved you, she agreed, you broke Anurag’s heart, when did you decide this, when you realized that Mr. Bajaj is very rich, your heart isn’t clean, you have no courage, how will you meet Anurag’s eyes, you don’t care about your mum, one who isn’t concerned for mum can’t be concerned for Anurag. Prerna says I don’t want to talk.

Nivedita says you know what is dad going through, you gave him Rajesh’s place, he is seeing Anurag’s shattered, you cheated all of us. She insults Prerna. She says you sold yourself for

this luxury. Prerna says let it be, you won’t be able to understand, don’t talk to me. Nivedita says I want to know why did you do this, I have to talk. She sees the decorated bed and gets shocked. She says how can you be so ruthless, I thought you have emotions, I was wrong, you didn’t think of Anurag, you know he planned your honeymoon here, you are here with Mr. Bajaj. She cries and says thank God, I have seen this bed, not Anurag, else he would have shattered, you are inauspicious, I will curse myself for the day when you came to our house. She goes. Prerna cries. She says how did Mr. Bajaj think this. She calls him. He takes the call. He says you will be bored in the room, go and explore Zurich, I will send the car, I will need time to come. He disconnects. Prerna cries and says how shall I explain you Nivedita, why I did this, why I married Mr. Bajaj, I did this for Anurag.
Anupam asks what did I do, I just want you to be with me, you didn’t have food, we will have food, you matter to me, why are you angry on me. Nivedita says really sorry, I met Prerna, I have seen her suite, its decorated for wedding night, she loves Anurag, why is she doing this, she left Anurag alone. She gets Mohini’s call. Mohini asks where can Anurag go. She asks servants to find him. She says Anurag is not here, did he call you. Nivedita says no, he would be there, he isn’t a kid, find him. Mohini says he was in his room at night, he isn’t here since morning, did he do anything. Nivedita says he won’t do this, I will call his friends and call back, don’t take tension.

Anupam asks is Mohini’s doubt true. Nivedita says he won’t do this, I will never forgive Prerna for this. He says call the police and ask them to find him. Prerna comes to a church. She lights a candle. Her hand burns a bit. Anurag says be careful. She runs to him and hugs.

She says I can’t live like this. Main to tere….plays…. She says I did this for you, take me home, please, I thought I will handle this, but I can’t. He says stop crying, look into my eyes, you see love, right, our love will always be the same, it will never end, don’t take stress. He kisses her. He disappears. She looks around and says I know why this happened, even then I can’t explain myself, Anurag find a reason to move on, just hate me. Shivani goes to answer call.

Veena asks her to disconnect if its Prerna. Shivani answers. Mohini asks where is Anurag. Shivani says we don’t know. Mohini says call Prerna and ask her, I didn’t get him, everything happened because of her, she will never stay happy. Veena hears her and cries. Mohini says Prerna’s life will be ruined, maybe Anurag will never trust anyone’s love, I curse Prerna, she will never get love, she just wants money, she got money. She throws the phone and cries. Veena says Mohini isn’t saying wrong, Prerna will never stay happy.

Nivedita asks Rahil where is Anurag. Rahil says I don’t know, maybe he had committed a suicide. She asks what, have you lost it, I will not leave Prerna. Anupam asks her to listen. She cries and hugs him. Prerna gets Shivani’s call and thanks her for calling. Shivani says sorry, I didn’t call for you, where is Anurag. Prerna asks where is he. Shivani says he is nowhere, Mohini is worried. Veena says Prerna is dead for us, disconnect the call. She takes the call and scolds Prerna. Shivani cries.

Prerna sits crying. Mr. Bajaj comes to the hotel room. He looks around and calls Prerna. He asks where are you. He comes to her. She says you think I m happy with this marriage and would be ready to spend the night with you, this is just a deal, you won’t get anything else than my loyalty. He asks why do you think that I like to share the bed with you and come close to you, you are just a deal for me. She says you can’t hide this matter. He says get habitual to hear me at once. She says I don’t want to listen, keep your cunning mind and thoughts to yourself, why did you decorate the bed, don’t get my body and soul in between this, you have no right, just Anurag have a right on me, I will never be yours, don’t think about it. Anurag enters Prerna’s room. He sees her red dupatta and saree.

Naina….plays….. He thinks of her. He recalls their old moment. He says I m not able to spend time with you, I have a surprise for you. He gifts her the saree. She says its pretty, did you buy it. He jokes and hugs her. He says I thought this will suit you, when will you wear this and come. She says no, I will wear this on the next day after marriage, I will make sweets he says I m Bengali man, make Rasgullas for me. He says I don’t know making it. He says its a big problem, what will happen now.

She cries and says what will I do then. He says you go to kitchen and keep window open, call me, we will make it together. They hug. She says you will be the world’s best husband. He says because you deserve the best. She says you too. FB ends. Anurag recalls her. He sees the decorated bed. He recalls Mr. Bajaj’s words and cries. He recalls coming to meet Prerna. Servant says sir and madam have gone to Switzerland on their honeymoon. FB ends. Anurag cries.

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