Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 4 February 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 4 February 2020

Zurich. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna reach a hotel and walk in. The man asks them to enjoy their honeymoon. Prerna thinks now I m Mrs. Prerna Bajaj, I wish I could stop this. Veena throws things. Shivani asks her to stop.

Made For Each Other Monday Update 3 February 2020

Veena takes Prerna’s clothes out and dumps. She burns it. She says Prerna has cheated me. The women look on. Veena scolds them and asks them to come in to see the drama. The women leave. Veena shuts the door and cries. She says they have come to enjoy, how did I not understand that Prerna kept us in darkness, I lost to my children. She cries.

The lady shows the room to Mr. Bajaj and Prerna. Prerna slips. Mr. Bajaj holds her. She says don’t touch me, I can manage. He says you were falling, I saved you, don’t worry, I won’t touch you

with any intention, there were many rasams where I could take advantage, please don’t fall down, else I will think you want me to touch you, I have many meetings here, enjoy till then. He goes. Ishq di…plays… Prerna thinks of Anurag and cries. She says so sorry Anurag, you were always with me to wipe my tears, I feel suffocated here. She runs out thinking of Anurag. She thinks of her marriage with Mr. Bajaj. She goes in the balcony area and looks around. Jeevan ki….plays… She says I can’t live like this Anurag.

Anupam compliments Nivedita. She says Zurich is such a beautiful place, my mood is nice. Mr. Bajaj asks how are you. She says its good Anurag isn’t here, you use people like toys, you snatch their things, you want to defeat business rivals by involving someone’s would be wife. He says its a wrong place to create a scene. She says I will create a scene in the meeting as well, I will tell them how much you fell down to defeat my brother, you can’t break him, I m with him. He says how touching, do what you want. She asks don’t you have any guilt.

He asks how is Anurag, did he come back from hospital. Anupam asks what does he mean. Nivedita asks how do you know about Anurag’s accident. Mr. Bajaj says don’t be shocked, ones I like and ones I hate, I have their info, I will tell you why Anurag’s life has become a pet project for me, I have a meeting now. Anupam says everyone has some humanity, you are behaving like nothing happened, Anurag loves Prerna, she loves just Anurag, you won’t get peace, you snatched happiness of two families, you won’t get a place in hell. Mr. Bajaj says I m in Zurich right now, its quite beautiful. He goes. Anupam says Prerna made a big mistake by marrying him.

Prerna says I know you are far, at least I know you are fine. Nivedita thinks of Anurag. She says its happening because of Prerna, not Mr. Bajaj, why did she do this, I have to find Prerna. She goes to the reception. She asks about Mr. Bajaj’s room. The lady says sorry, we can’t share info about the guests. Anupam comes. Nivedita says I understand, I m the manager for the international business conference, I m here to personally invite Mr and Mrs. Bajaj.

The lady says okay, let me just check where he is staying. Anupam asks what are you doing. Nivedita says I have to talk to Prerna and know why she did this, did you see Anurag’s state, I have to ask her, Anurag planned his honeymoon here with Prerna, she is here with Mr. Bajaj, I will not leave the person who hurts my brother. The lady says Mrs. Bajaj is staying in presidential suite, I will have to call her before letting you go inside. Prerna keeps the flower and diary inside the bag. She doesn’t answer the call. The lady says she isn’t picking the phone, maybe she is busy. Nivedita says thanks, I will go and invite her. The lady says we will require some special permisson. Nivedita says Anupam, handle her. Anupam says she is going to washroom, we are happily married. He thinks Nivedita will make me land in jail. Nivedita comes to Prerna.

Anurag sees engagement pics and recalls Prerna. Khali khali…..plays…He throws his ring. He cries. Prerna smiles seeing Nivedita. Nivedita says you lost the right to call me Di, the day you cheated Anurag, I felt I have started knowing you, I started liking you, I told you to come to me if you have any problem. Prerna asks how is Anurag. Nivedita asks don’t you know, even an enemy doesn’t do such a bad thing, Anurag loves you madly, he is ready to die for you, he fought with Komolika, Navin and Ronit just for you, he was so happy that he was marrying you, he said he will do as you say, you have ruined his dreams and life. They cry.

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