Made For Each Other Thursday Update 6 February 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 6 February 2020

Anurag asking why are you doing this, we promised each other, I can’t live without you. Prerna thinks he can never get away from me and get finished if I tell him the truth, he has to move on in life, when he hates me so much, he can move on, he loves me. He says I love you, I know you love me. She cries and says but I love Mr. Bajaj. He gets shocked.

Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 5 Feb

Nivedita asks how will we find out Anurag. Mr. Bajaj says he is in my room, he needs a doctor. She asks what did you do with him. He says I m trying to save his life. She says I will not spare you if anything happens to him. Anupam says we won’t leave you. Mr Bajaj says he isn’t hurt, he is unconscious, he has spoilt everything in the room. Prerna says I love Mr. Bajaj. Anurag says no, you are lying, you can’t.

She asks what, there is sindoor and mangalsutra, its of Mr. Bajaj’s name, I m his wife, stop this melodrama and leave, your mum knew that nothing is imp to me than money, Mr. Bajaj has money, status and everything, what will happen by love, it doesn’t do anything. He says enough, you are a fraud. She says it was a deal for me, I don’t regret it, I did what was right for my future, who follows loyalty, I have learnt it from my dad, he was loyal, what did he get, your mum calls him a servant, what about us, he spent his life with loyalty, what about our childhood, it got sacrificed, we had nothing,

Shivika and I used to like Nivedita’s clothes, during pandal, we had no right to go inside for Darshan, Moloy got us to VIP side, I decided to not live that way, I tried to trap you, you got trapped, I just wanted money, then Mr. Bajaj’s entry happened in our lives, he is a very impressive man, I was ready to marry Navin, Mr. Bajaj is handsome, he is the most eligible bachelor, he wanted to marry me. Anurag slaps her.

She asks what would I get there, I didn’t wish that same life, I went to Mr. Bajaj, I didn’t had to waste time with Mr. Bajaj like dance in rain. He gets angry and says I can’t believe this, you are same Prerna whom I loved. She says now please go, before my husband knows you are here. He says I will go, I hate you, I loved you, you deserve this, you and Mr. Bajaj are same, he breaks families and you are same, you broke me, my love….. Prerna says finally, you accepted that Mr. Bajaj and I are a good couple.

Anurag says listen, you spoke a lot, I heard it, last question, I feel you can’t do this, the Prerna I loved, I know, she can’t do this, did you do all this just for money. She says how shall I explain that I did this just for money, if I said that I did this for love, none will believe me, I can tell you the truth, I did this for money. He says if anyone gets more money than Mr. Bajaj, would you go to him. She goes.

 Nivedita knocks the door. Mr. Bajaj opens the door by the card. Prerna asks Anurag to leave and stop following her. He asks her to answer him. She asks why are you here. He says I didn’t meet you before marriage, what did you do, Prerna listen to me, stay with me, I won’t let you go away. She asks what’s this.

He says madness, don’t you understand, you saw my love, you will see my madness now. She asks him to go out. Mr. Bajaj, Nivedita, Anupam and doctor come there. Mr. Bajaj says sorry for the trouble. Anurag goes to him. He says I didn’t snatch anyone’s rights, but I will get what’s mine. You ruined my business, its enough, I will take my rights back. Mr. Bajaj says you are helpless by heart and love. Anurag says I will get my rights back by love or hatred. He goes.

Anupam and Nivedita go with Anurag. She says thank God, we got to know this after marriage. Anurag says I want to be alone for sometime. Nivedita and Anupam go. Anurag thinks of Prerna’s words. Kuch raaste….plays… Prerna thinks what will Anurag do now. Anurag thinks Prerna has to return to me. Anupam says Anurag has lit fire, how can he. Nivedita says he never lost his temper and believed in relations, he is changing, he doesn’t care for time, he will just get pain.

He says I have seen this pain in Prerna’s eyes. She says you are like Anurag, you are clean hearted, so you have seen that, it wasn’t pain but fear, she lied to Anurag that she loved him, and now she is with Mr. Bajaj, she will never be happy now. Mohini is on the way. She sees Veena arguing with the veg vendor. Mohini pays him money. She asks him to look at Veena and Shivani’s face, they just know to loot money and happiness, they both are thieves.

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Made For Each Other Thursday Update 6 February 2020