Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 25 March 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 25 March 2020

Maasi asking Mr. Rishabh to come for aarti. Pandit calls everyone for puja. Anurag sees Prerna with Kuki. Everyone attends the aarti. Pandit asks the bahu and son to do the aarti first. Maasi says yes, Prerna and Rishabh will do the aarti. Servant comes in between. Mr. Bajaj’s clothes spoil. He says I will change and come. Kuki goes to Anurag and gets him for aarti. Everyone looks on. Kuki signs Anurag and gives him the aarti diya stand. Prerna says kids have pure heart, start the puja with Kuki, I will just come. She goes. Anurag and Kuki do the aarti together. He recalls Prerna. Mohini and Moloy do the aarti. She cries. Nivedita and Anupam also do aarti.

Prerna comes to Mr. Bajaj. He says I was cleaning the clothes, and messed up the room, sorry, I wanted to change. She says sorry, I locked cupboard so that Kuki doesn’t lock herself in, you could have called me. He says its fine, I didn’t wish to disturb you, don’t think I care for you. She asks do you have a problem if anyone thinks good about you, you helped me mum, its natural, I appreciate it, what’s there to hide, 99% people think you are wrong. He says of course you are in that 1% people. She cleans the stain off his clothes. Music plays… He gets away and says sorry, I should change. She says you said you like it. He says no, I will change, please leave. She says keys are there. She goes. He says Prerna is Kuki’s mom, that’s it, I shouldn’t like her. Tanvi and others do the aarti. Prerna and Mr. Bajaj come and do the aarti. Pandit asks Prerna to give aarti to everyone. She goes to Anurag.

Mr. Bajaj comes there. Kuki comes. They take aarti. Anurag goes. Mr. Bajaj goes to him and says don’t do anything kiddish, you don’t try to fix broken things. Anurag says so you understood that I made the servant spill the sauce on your clothes. Mr. Bajaj says I can give you a big defeat. Anurag says no, you snatched my most thing thing. Maasi says Anurag’s passion for Prerna’s love, he wants to get Prerna back. Tanvi says it will be good for us. Mr. Bajaj says aarti is over, we can talk now. Anupam takes Anurag. Mohini gets angry on Prerna. Nivedita says let it go, its a good day, Anupam is talking to Anurag. Prerna hears Anupam asking Anurag to think about Mr. Bajaj’s threatening. They see Prerna. Anupam says if anything happens to Anurag, you will be responsible, Mr. Bajaj may harm him, ask him to come with me to police station. Anurag says don’t drag Prerna in this, please come with me.

Prerna calls Mr. Bajaj. He comes to her. She asks did you threaten Anurag. He asks who told you, Anurag is a cry baby, he is blaming me for things which I didn’t do. She asks did you threaten him or not. He says yes, I just reacted, you know what he said. He calls Anurag. He says he didn’t say why I threatened him, I have to tell you something. He asks where are you Anurag, come back and meet me. Anurag says jp road. Mr. Bajaj says we will talk when he comes. Pandit asks her to get modak. Mr. Bajaj says I will get it. Maasi asks what happened to him. Anurag calls Prerna and asks are you fine. She says yes, what did you tell Mr. Bajaj that he threatened you. He says I told him that you are mine. She says anyone will threaten you if you say this.

He says I don’t want you to get dragged in this, he told me that he won’t be good to anyone he knows, he doesn’t like me, he wants me to stay away, else he will be bad to me, its a great threat, you won’t understand, I will come and talk. A biker passes. Anurag stops on the road. He turns and sees a speeding car. He says Mr. Bajaj’s car…. Prerna says he went to get modak, pandit wanted it. Mr. Bajaj hits Anurag. Anurag shouts Prerna…. Prerna drops the phone in shock. Mr. Bajaj stops the car and thinks what did I do. Shivani sees this and runs to Anurag. Prerna cries. The people help Anurag. Shivani gets shocked seeing Anurag and shouts. Prerna runs on the road to reach Anurag. She falls down and shouts Anurag. Anurag gives his hand and says Prerna…. Shivani asks him to open his eyes. Shivani asks who did this. The man says that man did the accident and still enjoying AC air in his car.

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