Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 24 March 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 24 March 2020

Prerna arranging things for puja. Maasi asks Mr. Bajaj why does he look nervous. He says not at all. Anupam plays music and dances on the bed. Nivedita wakes up and beats him. They dance together. Dhagala lagli….plays…. He lifts her in arms. They smile. Mr. Bajaj asks Maasi to forget it and be good. Mohini and Nivedita come. Mohini gives the aarti plate. Maasi asks Tanvi why did she wear these clothes on puja day. She says maybe Rishabh is influenced by Prerna, he asked me to behave well with Mohini. Tanvi says maybe he is trying to be good, as everyone knows he made that attack on Anurag. Anurag sees Prerna. Maasi says Rishabh can never do this. Anurag smiles.

Tanvi says mom, I see before I speak, I told you, love triangle, Anurag is staring at

Prerna, its happening in front of Rishabh, won’t he do anything. Mr. Bajaj comes to Anurag and says the way you are staring at my wife is making me uncomfortable. Anurag says I understand, I also felt uncomfortable when you married my would be wife, now that you are at my home and sent goons to kill me, lets fight man to man. Mr. Bajaj says we will fight man to man after the puja, its our matter, I keep friendship and enmity with total honesty. He goes. Anupam looks on and asks what’s happening.

Anurag says nothing, I just have Prerna in my mind, look at her. Mohini and Nivedita see Anurag. He says I will do Bappa aarti with Prerna. Anupam asks what, this puja is between couples. Anurag says yes, Prerna was not even my friend, we did aarti together, last Ganpati.
FB shows pandit saying about couples performing puja. Moloy says if there is a fight between couples, can they do puja together.

Mohini asks pandit to start puja with Anupam and Nivedita. Nivedita and Anupam do the puja. Prerna comes to give the file. Moloy blesses her and asks her to come for Darshan. She says I can’t, you have big guests. He says everyone is same in front of Lord. Moloy and Mohini do the aarti. Mohini gives aarti stand to Prerna. Anurag holds it and does aarti with Prerna. FB ends. Anurag says we did aarti together, what relation we had, it happened during Ganpati, then we did puja in pandal and also on Diwali, fate is bringing us together, it means we are together with distance, we will be connected, soul mates, we are soulmates, many Navin, Komolika and Bajaj may come, none can separate us.

Maasi says its Rishabh and Prerna’s first Ganpati puja, I want them to do it together. Anurag hears her and says Prerna and I will do this together. Mr. Bajaj looks for some papers. Tanvi comes to call him for aarti. She says mom wants you and Prerna to do aarti together. He says I will come, I got some papers from office. She asks shall I help. He says yes thanks, its a spreadsheet. She tries to come close. He says stop it, I have looked that side. She thinks he didn’t feel anything when I was close. Prerna comes. He asks her for some papers. Prerna helps him. Tanvi asks him to come soon. She goes. He sees Prerna and goes. She gets the papers and sees him gone. Anurag sees Mr. Bajaj coming.

Rishabh thinks of Prerna. Maasi asks him to come for puja. Anurag thinks Prerna and I are the couple. Mr. Bajaj attends the call and gets angry on someone for a big mistake. Anurag says relax, you are shouting, you are lucky that I heard you, your work was incomplete, I wasn’t killed. Mr. Bajaj asks are you mad or you always misunderstand. Anurag takes away his cigar. Mr. Bajaj gets angry.

Anurag says I have heard you well, you had sent goons and couldn’t kill me, your goons got caught, hire professionals next time, until then I will wait to expose your true face, you are successful but have machine fit inside, you are heartless and cheap, I won’t let you be with Prerna. Mr. Bajaj warns him to stay away from his personal matters. Anurag says you can’t do anything. Mr. Bajaj says I m not good to everyone who know me, you don’t know me, it will be better if you don’t anger me, I can’t be good to you then. Anurag says stop giving false compliments to you. Mr. Bajaj says its time for puja. He goes.

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