Made For Each Other Thursday Update 26 March 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 26 March 2020

Shivani getting shocked seeing Anurag. Prerna shouts Anurag and runs. Everyone looks on shocked. Prerna’s saree end catches fire. Anupam throws water on it and blows it off. Mohini and everyone look on. The lady asks who is Anurag. Maasi says don’t know. Tanvi says I also heard it. Prerna runs on the road and falls down. Anurag says Prerna. Shivani asks who did this. The man says he did this, he is still enjoying the AC air. Prerna takes a taxi. Shivani asks the men to help. She says the man who did your accident will take you to the hospital. The people knock on the window and say open the door, come out. She gets shocked and thinks he is Mr. Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj leaves.

Nivedita asks what happened, Anupam was telling me something. Mohini says I don’t know

what happened, that selfish girl Prerna ran out in such a way like her dear person is in need, Maasi was also calling her out. Nivedita says I m sure something serious happened, Anupam also said her saree caught fire. Mohini asks did Mr. Bajaj meet with an accident. Shivani asks the people to get some taxi. The taxi driver is drunk. The man says this drunk driver can’t drive. Nivedita says Mr. Bajaj would be fine, he is one of those people who won’t die soon, Prerna loves her mum a lot. Mohini says I feel something bad happened. Nivedita says you know Anurag isn’t happy and you are feeling so, I have seen Mr. Bajaj and Prerna doing aarti together, did you see Anurag’s face, he doesn’t listen to me, he was saying he is alive just because of Prerna. The man gets taxi driver out and drives the taxi. People put Anurag in the taxi. Shivani takes Anurag.
Nivedita says I wish Anurag didn’t meet Prerna, he loves her a lot and can do anything. Mohini says your heart is true and you love your brother, I also love my son, I knew Prerna isn’t a right girl for Anurag. Prerna reaches the accident site. She gets shocked seeing the blood and asks about the person. The man says that guy’s name was Anurag, the girl with him was calling him by this name. She cries and asks where did they take him. He says city hospital. She thanks the man and asks driver to take her to the hospital fast.

Shivani gets Anurag to the hospital and asks nurse to call doctor, start treatment soon. Nurse asks her to do formalities first, its an accident case. Doctor comes and asks nurse to arrange blood. Shivani begs him to save Anurag. He asks her to let him examine, he will make him fine. He goes and treats Anurag. Shivani cries. Taxi driver asks for money. Prerna says I have no money, keep these bangles. Driver says no need for this, I wish the person you are worried for, gets fine. Prerna runs inside and asks for Anurag. Nurse says he isn’t here. Prerna says check again, its an accident case. She checks the register. Nurse says I told you, there is not such case. Prerna goes. Shivani comes to the desk to fill the form and do formalities. Maasi says Prerna forgot all relations and left for Anurag, when Rishabh knows this, he will be angry. Tanvi asks will he think from Prerna’s point of view and forgive her. Maasi says women have jealousy and even men are jealous, when its about a wife who loves someone else, its an ego issue, Rishabh has a big ego, he will not leave Prerna, when he knows Prerna was not in her senses, even when her saree got caught, what will he do, Rishabh will divorce her. Tanvi asks who will tell him. Maasi says I will tell him and then act that sorry, I didn’t wish to tell you.

Prerna thinks of Anurag and cries. She hears Anurag and runs back. She sees Anurag. Nurse says Anurag Basu, a married lady came and was madly asking about her, maybe she is his wife. Shivani asks was her name Prerna. Nurse says sorry, I don’t know. Nurse says its an ICU, stay out. Doctor asks are you related to him, sign on the form fast. Prerna signs. He says you are his wife, you signed on the wife’s place, Mrs. Basu, Anurag is critical, we will operate him, his condition is bad, if anything happens to him, we have your consent for the surgery, we have called a senior surgeon for him, keep courage, we will try. She asks him to save Anurag. Prerna sees Anurag and cries. He holds her hand. He says Prerna….. She says I m here with you, you have to get fine, I m here with you. She cries.

Doctor asks her to leave his hand. Prerna says he held my hand. Doctor says he is unconscious, how can he hold your hand. She thinks we are soulmates.

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