Destined by Fate October Teasers 2023


Destined by Fate October Teasers 2023

Sayuri regains consciousness and realises that she has lost her child. Below are Starlife Destined By Fate October 2023 Teasers.

Starlife Destined By Fate October 2023 Teasers

Sunday 1 October 2023

Episode 182

After Rishi’s villainous move, Krishna is determined to give him a befitting punishment. When Sayuri swears to Kusum, she tells Sayuri about Rishi’s vicious deeds to her.

Monday 2 October 2023

Episode 183

Parveen Bhai meets Rishi outside the Choudhary mansion and demands back his money. In the meantime, Sayuri informs Krishna about Rishi torturing Kusum.

Tuesday 3 October 2023

Episode 184

The Bhai Dooj rituals begin on a grand note at the Choudhary mansion. However, Krishna thrashes Rishi and exposes his dark secrets in front of the family.

Wednesday 4 October 2023

Episode 185

The cops arrest Rishi. Elsewhere, Rashmi portrays arrogant behaviour in front of Indu while Saroj drowns in guilt. Later, Sayuri and Krishna schedule a trip.

Thursday 5 October 2023

Episode 186

Nakul asks Rashmi for a break from the relationship. Rashmi blames Sayuri for Nakul’s decision. Meanwhile, Sayuri faces an attack.

Friday 6 October 2023

Episode 187

A stranger arrives with a balloon, mentioning the impending threat to the Choudharys. Upon seeing the joy on Rishi’s face, Krishna feels he is up to some mischief.

Saturday 7 October 2023

Episode 188

The Chaudharys face numerous anonymous attacks in different instances. Although Rishi remains in jail, Krishna suspects his involvement in the threats.

Sunday 8 October 2023

Episode 189

As the Choudharys remain tense, Yash brings the attacker before them. Later, Kusum and Yash decide to go for a coffee, but she gets stranded on the way.

Monday 9 October 2023

Episode 190

When Sayuri arranges a date for Yash and Kusum, Rishi takes advantage of the situation and abducts the latter. Later, Sayuri meets with an accident when she tries to rescue Kusum.

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Episode 191

Nakul informs Krishna about Rishi’s demise. Meanwhile, the news of Sayuri’s miscarriage devastates the Choudharys.

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Episode 192

Sayuri’s brain fails to process the tragic news of her miscarriage, and believes a teddy bear is her newborn baby. Later, she demands a grand welcome into the house.

Thursday 12 October 2023

Episode 193

To make Sayuri happy, the Chaudharys decide to welcome her along with the teddy. Yash informs the family about Rishi’s parents accusing Krishna of Rishi’s murder.

Friday 13 October 2023

Episode 194

Saroj is shocked to overhear Nakul and Krishna’s conversation about Sayuri’s inability to conceive. Elsewhere, Nakul desperately wants to end Krishna and Sayuri’s misery.

Saturday 14 October 2023

Episode 195

To quell Sayuri’s agitation, Krishna agrees to bring toys and clothing for the baby. Further, the police inform the Choudharys that the complaint against Krishna is invalid.

Sunday 15 October 2023

Episode 196

The Choudharys face a tough time comforting Sayuri after the doll gets burned. Meanwhile, Yash Jindal encourages Kusum while they are on a video call.

Monday 16 October 2023

Episode 197

Sayuri regains consciousness and realises that she has lost her child. Later, Sayuri plans to start a new life with Krishna while the latter hides the truth.

Tuesday 17 October 2023

Episode 198

The Choudharys arrange a grand party at their mansion on the occasion of Kusum’s birthday. Soon, Yash attends the celebrations and interacts with Kusum.

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Episode 199

The Choudharys are excited as Yash goes down on his knees and proposes to Kusum for marriage. Furthermore, Saroj gives the green signal for their wedding.

Thursday 19 October 2023

Episode 200

Krishna announces that Yash-Kusum’s wedding will take place on the same day as Rashmi-Nakul. However, Rashmi is agitated as she dislikes the idea.

Friday 20 October 2023

Episode 201

Sayuri and Krishna come across a holy woman in the market who reveals an alarming piece of news to them. What could it be?

Saturday 21 October 2023

Episode 202

Krishna and Sayuri bring gifts for Kusum and Rashmi from the market. Later, Nakul tries to talk to Krishna about changing his wedding date.

Sunday 22 October 2023

Episode 203

Rashmi learns about Nakul failing his task, while Krishna undergoes an emotional outburst. Later, Krishna and Sayuri share a romantic moment in the rain.

Monday 23 October 2023

Episode 204

Saroj hopes to prevent Sayuri from sitting for the sacred rituals because it is not fertile. Later, to fulfil her wish, she does something unexpected.

Tuesday 24 October 2023

Episode 205

The Choudharys and the guests are pleased as Sayuri prevents a mishap from occurring. Later, Krishna, Nakul and Yash relish their quality time together.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Episode 206

Krishna tells Sayuri the truth when she expresses interest in learning about her pregnancy. On the other side, Rashmi has plans to ruin the happy times.

Thursday 26 October 2023

Episode 207

While Yash requests Krishna and Sayuri to change the wedding dates, Nakul breaks up with Rashmi. Furthermore, she attempts suicide and is rushed to the hospital.

Friday 27 October 2023

Episode 208

Rashmi gets discharged from the hospital and is taken back to the Sharma house. Meanwhile, Yash and Kusum head out to spend quality time together.

Saturday 28 October 2023

Episode 209

As Nakul asks Rashmi to make amends, Saroj offers Krishna a protection bracelet as a remedy. Later, Rashmi begs Nakul for a second chance.

Sunday 29 October 2023

Episode 210

Dadi Mausi asks Saroj to break Rashmi and Nakul’s marriage for the sake of the family’s well-being. Meanwhile, Rashmi spills the Mehndi and creates chaos.

Monday 30 October 2023

Episode 211

Rashmi grows anxious as Krishna decides to check the CCTV footage. Meanwhile, Saroj gets disappointed when Rashmi calls a Mehendi artist for her.

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Episode 212

The Choudhary family celebrate Rashmi and Kusum’s Mehendi ceremony. Later, Rashmi creates a ruckus when her appointed Mehendi artist leaves the ceremony.

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Destined By Fate Upcoming Episodes

Mithu’s naming ceremony pooja starts. Saroj comments that Indu and Bhanu are shamelessly attending a ceremony even after so much happened yesterday. Sayuri tells Kanha its good that their daughter’s naming ceremony is happening on auspicious navratri day. Panditji selects a ka words and asks them to select a name with Ka. Bhanu, Tej, and Dhanraj select different names. Kanha and Sayuri don’t like them. Nakul asks Kanha and Sayuri to write their selected names on a plate. Kanha and Sayuri write Kiara on their plates. Everyone are surprised. Bhanu says Kanha and Sayuri think same. Kanha and Sayuri congratulate each other. Chaman watches from a distance and hopes for a happy life like Chaudhrys after executes her plan. Nakul clicks family selfies.

Saroj and Daadi Mausi wait for doctor’s report. Doctor assistant brings report. Servant questions him. Assistant says he got a medical report for Saroj Servant asks him to give it to him as there is a family function happenig inside. Assistant says she will give it only to Saroj. Servant says even he is a loyal servant and even is doctor trusts him. Assistant gives him report. Servant walks towards Saroj and seeing her busy wiht family keeps it on a table to give it to her later.


Chaman gets her aide Chintu’s call and she describes how she is enjoying here. Chintu reminds her of their plan. Chaman says Chaudhary won’t even know why she is here, and keeeping her love for Kanha aside, she will execute her plan. Chintu asks her not to forget him and inform him when to enter Chaudhry house. Chaman then enjoys gulab jumuns and wipes her hands with a lab report kept aside. She throws report on floor. Saroj gets doctor’s voice note that his assitant handed over lab report to her servant. Saroj questions servant who informs that he kept report safely. She asks him to give the report right now. Servant finds report missing.

Sayuri finds report on floor and is about to open and read it when Saroj snatches it from her and shouts how dare she is to read her lab report. Sayuri says there is no name on it. Saroj continues to humiliate Sayuri. Bhanu confronts her for insulting Sayuri always. Dhanraj warns Saroj to maintain her dignity. Saroj continues to shout. Kanha asks whose report is it and what is written in it. Saroj gets tensed. Kanha reads report headline and stands fuming recalling Saroj’s wish to perform his and Mithu’s DNA test.

Kanha is shocked to read medical report. Sayuri and others ask Kanha what is written in this report. Kanha says Saroj without informing anyone got his and Mithu’s DNA test done. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Sayuri shattered and says Saroj can’t do this after giving answers to her questions. Kanha confronts Saroj that she was lecturing on not touching anyone’s stuff uninformed, then why did she get his and Mithu’s DNA test without informing him. He says he knows that Mithu is his biological daughter whether Saroj accepts it or not. He introduces Sayuri, Mithu, and Kuku as his family and says he doesn’t have to prove it to anyone. Indu tells Saroj that her behavior shows that she is not feeling sorry for her heinous act.

Kanha tells Saroj that if she doesn’t accept his children and Sayuri wholeheartedly, he will leave from this house. Dhanraj supports his decision and asks Saroj to burn the report and prove that she loves her son. Saroj stands silently. Chaman Bahar takes letter from her and burns it. Kanha asks why did she do this. Chaman apologizes him and says she couldn’t see whatever was happening her, he should value his mother as she lost her mother and misses her. She says a mother loves her children and will forget whatever happened. Kanha asks Saroj if she will bring the report again or accept his daughter unconditionally.

Daadi Mausi supports Saroj and says it was her mistake and she will not repeat it, she will accept Mithu wholeheartedly. Kanha insists Saroj to speak. Saroj promises to never raise this topic again. Kanha warns that if this topic arises again, he will leave home with his family. In the evening, back in room, Sayuri feels disheartened with Saroj’s behavior and asks Kanha why don’t Saroj love her daughters unconditionally. Kanha says one has ton compromise in life and their daughter has many other relatives who love her.

Sayuri finds Chaman Bahara talking to someone over phone and asks whom she is talking to. Chaman gets nervous and says since doesn’t have anyone, she was talking to herself. She apologizes for interfering in her family issue and requests her to not send her away from her. Sayuri promises to protect her from goons and says she and Kanha have decided something for her. Chaman feels happy thinking soon she will gain everyone’s confidence and rule over Chaudhry house.

Rashmi requests inspector to let her make a call. Inspector says whom she will call as her husband refused to talk to her. Rashmi says if he helps her, she can help him catch a real culprit who helped Ravi. She pleads him to let her make a call fro her toddler son’s sake. Inspector gives her phone and

asks her to hurry up. Rashmi calls someone and scolds him/her for picking call late, asks if he/she arranged her bail, and orders to execute plan B. Her aide disconnects call. She angrily tries to throw phone away, but seeing insepctor returns phone to him and thanks him. She thinks she doesn’t know when she will get out of jail, she doesn’t have any option than executing her plan B.


Kanha asks Sayuri if she spoke to Chaman. Sayuri says yes and says Chaman requested not to send her away, so she promised Chaman to let her stay here. Saroj tells Daadi Mausi that whatever the results of the report are, she has to bear Kanha’s daughter forever or else Kanha will leave home with his family. Chaman hears their conversation and thinks she can manipulate Saroj easily. Nakul notices her and asks why is she peeping into Saroj’s room. Chaman denies and says she was just passing by. Nakul calms down. Kanha and Sayuri walk down. Chaman notices them and starts acting and pleading Nakul not to beat her. Naul confused asks what is she saying. Kanha asks what is happening. Nakul says this girl is shouting without a reason. Chaman continues her acting. Sayuri assures her that she is safe here and takes her to her room.

Sayuri tells Chaman that she and Kanha have decided to shift her to staff quarters. Chaman continues pleading not to send her away from here. Sayuri asks her to relax and goes to prepare lemonade for her. Chaman imagines stabbing Sayuri with her hair pin and hopes if she can do that. Sayuri offers her lemonade. Chaman starts her drama again and holding her feet pleads her not to send her away. Sayuri sits dumstuck. Kanha walks in and asks what is happening. Sayuri says she doesn’t want to shift to staff room. Chaman says she will stay in any corner of this house and doesn’t trust anyone else other than them. Kanha says she will stay with their loyal servants who are working with them since years. Chaman requests him to keep her as maid.

Bahar’s aide Tingu thinks if Bahar forgot him so easily. He calls her. Bahar cries and says Chaudhrys are planning to send her out of their house. She then laughs and says she trapped them with her web of lies and got a baby caretaker’s job there. Tingu says she became an aaya then. Bahar says there is a maid for that, she just have to look at kids; she will stay here and execute her plan. Tingu asks her not to forget him. Bahar says she can forget anyone but not his friendship. Tingu reminds how they met in childhood and are friends since then.

Sayuri hesitates to give her 2 daughters and Rashmi’s son’s responsibility to Bahar. Kanha says she can’t handle all 3 children together, he would be busy at work, Saroj and Daadi Mausi in household chores, and sevants in their own work, so she should trust Bahar and give kid’s responsibility to her. Saroj also opposes Kanha’s decision. Daadi Mausi says he shouldn’t even let a stranger stay at his house and should send her out first. Kanha says she can’t doubt an innocent girl’s intentions as they saw how her life was in danger. Sayuri back him. Dhanraj says everyone won’t be a thief, they should trust some. Family agrees to keep Chaman as a baby caretaker.


Sayuri asks Nakul if he has any objection that she and Kanha took a decision for Arjun along with their daughters as they don’t differentiate between children. Nakul says he doesn’t doubt their decision, earlier Indu and Bhanu used to take care of Arjun and he is happy that Sayuri and Bahar will take care of Arjun. Sayuri seeks his opinion regarding Bahar. Nakul says once he feels she is an innocent girl and again he feels he has heard her voice before. Sayuri says they found her near a village which he wanted to visit for business, maybe he must have heard her there. Their discussion continues when Nakul gets Rashmi’s call repeatedly from inspector’s number. He informs Sayuri that Rashmi insists to meet him often. Sayuri speaks to inspector who informs that Rashmi’s physical and mental state is unstable, so they should meet her once. Rashmi hearing Sayuri’s voice pleads to meet her once.

Kanha gives instructions to Bahar about handling babies. Chaman feels good hearing his voice. He introduces Chaman to Kuku and asks her to shake hands. Kuku doesn’t even smile. Kanha cheers her up by recording a live vlog. Sayuri visits Rashmi and asks why she is calling Nakul often. Rashmi pleads her to get her out of jail as she wants to stay with family. Sayuri confronts her for her sins. Rashmi says their lives are in danger and someone else had hired Ravi to harm Sayuri.

Rashmi pleads Sayuri to get her out of jail and promises to never make a mistake again. Sayuri says already gave her many chances for her baby’s sake. Rashmi says she didn’t do anything and it’s someone else who hired Ravi and tried to harm her, she should be careful as her life is in danger. Sayuri warns her to stop her drama as it will not affect her and walks out of her jail cell. Rashmi warns her that if she doesn’t get her out of jail, she will.. Sayuri asks what will she do, if she tries to harm her family again, she will not keep quiet. Rashmi thinks its enough of good behavior, now Sayuri will see her villainous side.

Sayuri returns home. Kanha asks where had she been to. Sayuri says Rashmi was calling Nakul often, so she had gone to meet Rashmi. Kanha says she need not explain as some relationships can’t be forgotten. He gets a call from office and asks Sayuri to go to kids. Chaman notices Kuku playing with a teddy and demands it. Kuku refuses to give her toy. Chaman angrily snatches it and tears it in pieces, leaving Kuku shivering in fear. Sayuri walks in. Chaman acts as dancing and entertaining Kuku. Sayuri asks what is she doing. Chaman says she is trying to cheer up Kuku with her fly dance. Sayuri asks Kuku if she likes Chaman. Chaman threatens Kuku to say yes. Kuku runs away from there.


Sayyuri gets confused. She notices toys thrown on floor and thinks Kuku never does that. She bends to pick toys. Chaman gets tensed and says she will do it. Sayuri bend to pick a toy near bed and finds torn teddy. She thinks Kuku wouldn’t do that, who must have done it. Chaman tries to provoke Sayuri against family that her family hates her children. Sayuri warns her to not speak more than required and not speak ill about her family.

Daadi mausi insists Saroj to find out if Mithu is really Kanha’s daughter. Saroj says she will not or else Kanha will leave her house, she will live with this pain forever. Sayuri enters and says she doesn’t have to do that. She gives Mithu’s DNA report and insists to read it. She recalls meeting a doctor and getting a DNA report from him. She tells Saroj that she wants Mithu’s grandma shower a love she deserves and leaves from there. Daadi mausi insists Saroj to read the report, herself reads it, and congratulates her that Mithu is Kanha’s daughter. Saroj fears whatever wrong she did to Rashmi will be exposed.