Kindred Hearts Monday Update 9 September, 2019


Kindred Hearts Monday Update 9 September, 2019

Priest starts doing havan with Arjun. Arjun is doing rituals and looking at fire of havan. Jia thinks I hope my plan works. Nisha thinks whats her plan with this? Kaki and Chinni are there too. Arjun looks at fire and starts recalling how he and Jhanvi were surrounded by fire in last birth and how Jhanvi got shot.. how she fell on him and died and how it was Nisha who shot them.. he gets angry and throws things away. He grabs Nisha and says I asked you leave then how you came back? he takes burning stick and threatens Nisha but Jia takes him away.
Jia brings Arjun to room, Arjun says I wont spare her.Jia hugs him and says calm down, I am with you, relax. Arjun hugs her and calms down. Jia thinks its time to make him remember everything. Jia says you came to talk to Nisha, what

happened then? Arjun says I scolded her then.. I.. fainted. Jia says try to remember what happened? you take Nisha’s side when you wake up, you say that I killed you, Arjun says what? Jia says do you remember trying to take Baba’s sign on papers? Arjun says I dont remember anything. Jia says Nisha is playing with your mind and that Priya is involved too. Arjun says what is happening, Jia says just try to remember.
Nisha says to herself that Jia is clever, she made Arjun remember things using his weakness fire, I have to talk to Arjun. Chinni and Kaki comes there, Kaki says you cant go, Jia is talking to Arjun.Nisha says this is my house, she goes to Jia’s room.
Jia asks Arjun if he doesnt remember anything? he says no. Jia makes him remember how he brought them home.. Nisha comes outside room and asks Jia to open door. Chinni and Kaki stops her. Jia hears Kaki’s scream and comes out of room. Nisha have hurt Kaki on foot. Jia and Chinni takes her from there. Kaki is limping. Priya comes to Arjun’s room with Nisha. Arjun strangles Priya but faints.
Jia asks Kaki what Nisha did? Chinni says Nisha hurt her with burning stick, Jia says we have to tell Arjun, we dont have to bear this pain. Chinni says Nisha will make you like you are lying. Kaki asks Jia to go and check up on Arjun, Jia leaves.

Priya makes Arjun sit on wheelchair and says to Nisha that we cant do his treatment in this house, I will take him outside of house to do his session. Nisha says you are right, you know what Arjun means to me right, Priya nods. Nisha says I will handle Jia. Priya leaves with Arjun. Jia comes to Nisha and asks where did you send Arjun with maid? Nisha says to hospital. Jia says what are you doing with Arjun? Nisha says you are not part of family, stay away from my Arjun, see what I did with Kaki? Jia says I want to show your real face to Arjun. Nisha says you didnt get Adi, you wont get Arjun of Baba’s property, Jia says I know why you have brought Kaki here for property only. Nisha says yes I want to throw Kaki and Chinni out of Arjun’s life and I can throw them out of world too, you know its easy for Nisha to do it, tell that oldie Kaki to stay in limits, she leaves. Jia thinks I have to find out where Priya took Arjun.

Priya brings Arjun to room, they are wearing bathrobes, Priya hypnotizes him that Jhanvi killed him. Arjun opens eyes and they both laugh. Priya says Nisha and Jia have made me mad, I have to say you are playing with Jia and Nisha both, you use them both to your advantage. Arjun says soon we will live luxury life, I just have to win Jia and Nisha’s trust.Priya says whats the plan? Arjun says keep doing what you are doing, I will be with Jia and Nisha both. Priya says how you thought all this? Arjun says Nisha have done so many sins so I can eat up her property, and that Jia tried throw me in fire so I turned things around.

Priya asks how do you know about Adi so much? Arjun says story started.. flashback shows Nisha meeting Arjun and got shocked, then how Jia thought he was Adi, how she told him about Adi and Jhanvi, then I researched for Adi and Baba helped, flashback shows Baba showing Adi’s box to Arjun, how Arjun found Adi’s personal diary in box, he read how Adi and Jhanvi broke teej’s fast by hiding from Nisha.. Arjun says to Priya that Adi had fun, he had two wives under one roof, I am learning from him how to handle two women, Nisha killed him.. Jia told me. Priya says how? Arjun says she called me in mandir, started fire there and how Arjun saved her from fire, how he made her believe that he is Adi and remembered everything.

Arjun says I played them both and used their knowledge of past birth against them. Arjun says my friend Babblu, I had to hide everything from him, he thinks I am Adi. Priya says he knows about this? Arjun says I will tell him on right them but you know Jia took me to meet Kaki and Kaki took my test, it was written in Adi’s diary so I passed the test, then I went to Nisha, then fainted and she brought you. Priya says Nisha is a fool, she believed my words easily. Arjun says Nisha thinks she is controlling my mind but she doesnt know that I am going to eat up her whole wealth and property. They drink wine and celebrate. Priya asks whats your plan? Arjun says I will fool Jia easily, keep Nisha in dark and play, I will open up my cards slowly. Priya thinks Arjun is clever, if I stay with him then I will earn from him and Nisha both. Arjun thinks Priya must be dreaming of money too, I know everything.

Jia says to Kaki that Priya took Arjun and havent come back. Nisha comes there. Jia asks where is Arjun? Nisha says what I am doing with you? where I took him? I am bored of your questions, I fail your tricks, you wanted to be in Arjun’s good books but you are Arjun’s killer. Chinni asks her to stop it. Nisha says my daughter is with you too. Jia says Arjun will be with me too, I will bring your and Priya’s real face infront of him. Nisha says once Baba signs on property papers, Arjun will be mine and I will throw you people out of house, Kaki can go to mandir then. Jia asks her to mind her business. Priya brings Arjun there. Kaki says thank God you are fine. Arjun says dont worry, I am fine. Jia asks Arjun where were you? Arjun ignores her and asks Nisha if she is

fine? did Jia do something bad again? she says I am fine, he says I will take rest, he leaves. Jia takes Kaki and Chinni and leaves too. Nisha smirks. Priya gets call and says what? I am coming, she turns to leave but Nisha stops her. Jia sees them. Priya says my mother is ill so I have to go to Nagpur. Jia leaves from there. Nisha says to Priya what about Arjun? Priya says nothing is more important that my mother, she leaves. Nisha says how will I manage Arjun now? Jia and Kaki doesnt leave any chance to plot against me.
Jia comes to Nisha and says maid left and you are so worried? Arjun comes there. Jia says you can hire another maid, Nisha says dont tell me things. Jia says you dont get to decide what to do with Arjun. Arjun thinks woman is woman’s enemy only. Nisha tries to leave but Jia says you cant go to Arjun. Nisha says leave me, they both try to push each other away but they fall from stairs. Arjun says they went far too much, he comes to them. Nisha says she pushed me from stairs, Jia says she is lying. Arjun asks them to stop it, he looks at them both, he comes to Jia and holds her foot. Jia thinks Arjun you cant be with Nisha. Nisha thinks Arjun shouldnt have sympathy for Jia, how will I handle him without Priya. Arjun says to Jia that if you look at Nisha with evil eye then I wont spare you. Nisha smirks, Jia is confused with his behavior. Arjun extends his hand to Nisha and says come with me, she is useless, dont waste time with her, Nisha takes his hand, Jia is hurt. Arjun makes Nisha stand up and says Jia doesnt have shame, Nisha winks at Jia, Arjun takes Nisha with him. Jia is in tears.
Kaki says to Jia that I cant believe Nisha pushed you and Arjun took her side, what game she is playing. Jia says Arjun just listens to her, I dont know what game she is playing, Arjun was coming to save me but Nisha started her drama. Chinni says Arjun didnt do right. Jia says its Arjun’s mistake, he is doing what Nisha is making him do. Chinni says Nisha just wants property from Baba. Kaki says I dont care about property, I just dont want Arjun to get separated from us again, what if Nisha hurt us. Jia asks her to not worry. Kaki says Adi is with us but not ours, God please protect my family. Jia thinks.

Arjun comes to his room and starts eating biryani. Door knocks, he hides biryani. Nisha comes inside and sees Arjun glaring at Jia’s picture. Nisha thinks why he is looking at her picture? Arjun says what are you doing here? Nisha turns to leave but Arjun grabs her hand. Nisha thinks Priya is not here too. Arjun says you could have called me, Nisha asks why you are looking at Jia’s photo? Arjun says Priya have asked me to keep looking at enemy Jia’s photo, she killed me in last birth. Nisha says you should beware of this Jia. Arjun says why you are so scared of her? Nisha says no I am scared for you, I got you now and I dont want to lose you, you faint at anytime, I dont want her to take advantage of your situation. Arjun thinks I am taking advantage of you both. Nisha says Priya is not going to be here for two days so you should stay in this room so Jia would stay away from you. Arjun says I thought this is my house, she says it is. Arjun says then I shouldnt be scared of anyone, she cant do anything. Nisha thinks he is stupid. Arjun says we are not scared of her, why you want to be protected from her? this is our house, I know how to handle that witch. Nisha thinks Arjun is flying too much, I have to keep an eye on Jia and Arjun. Arjun thinks how it will be fun to play the game and Priya will comeback when I call her back, he smiles and says good night, Nisha leaves.

Nisha says to herself that I will sit outside Arjun’s room’s door so that Jia cant go to him. she sits outside his room and says I will stay here all night.
At late night, Arjun comes out of his room and sees Nisha sleeping on couch, she smirks and makes noise. Nisha wakes up. Arjun says I was thirsty, Nisha says I will bring it. Jia comes and says I will bring it. Arjun says you shot me in last birth and now you can poison my water so I will bring it myself, Jia says whatever and leaves. Nisha goes to bring water. Arjun messages Priya that plan is working, Nisha is waiting for you. Priya messages to let her wait, this game is interesting. Arjun messages that you know next step.

Nisha is taking water for Arjun. Jia comes to Nisha and asks if she is scared? you are sitting outside Arjun’s door so I cant get to him? Nisha says if he needs anything then he can tell me. Jia says I will find out what you are doing. Nisha says I am just taking care of him. Jia says take care of yourself too, you can get ill, Nisha glares at her and leaves.

Priya calls Arjun and says Nisha has been calling me so I will call her and keep you on line. Priya calls Nisha, Nisha says I have been calling you. Priya says my mother is in ICU so I was busy with her. Nisha says I hope she gets fine soon, I can transfer as much as money you want, you have to take care of Arjun, you can bring your mother here, Priya says she cant travel, anything can happen so take care, she ends call. Arjun smirks and says now its time for Jia.

Arjun comes to Jia and says I am sorry. Jia says you keep taking Nisha’s side. Arjun says Nisha is messing with my mind, she is doing tricks to make me forget things. Jia says you say that I killed you. Arjun says I am sorry. Arjun says to Jia that you were with me on every step in birth, you wont be with me in this life? Jia says I want to help you but I want cooperation from you, Arjun says yes, what is it. Jia says will come with me to hospital tomorrow? Arjun gets tensed.

Jia asks Arjun to come with her to hospital tomorrow, he gets tensed but agrees. Jia smiles and leaves. Arjun says I will fool them both. He sees Nisha outside his room, he wakes her up and says I am thirsty again, she is irritated.
In morning, Arjun says to Baba that lets go out today. Nisha says no you are ill, you shouldnt go out. Jia comes there and says I am going out, Baba asks about Kaki, Jia says she went to mandir, Jia hints at Arjun that she is leaving, she leaves. Arjun says I am going too. Nisha says you cant leave house, he says why you are so miffed? Priya calls Nisha and says I have mind peace medicine on your shelf in your room, give it to Arjun, Nisha says okay and ends call, she goes to bring medicine, Arjun leaves. Nisha comes back and doesnt find Arjun there,

she says if Jia took him? she tries to call him but he doesnt take it.
Jia and Arjun are in car, Arjun says Nisha has eyes on me like eagle but I came out with you. Jia says I have taken appointment from best neurologist. Arjun says you are still same, you take care of everyone still. Jia says your clothes and style have changed. Arjun says but I still take care of family. Jia smiles and says I am happy that you are back. Tu hi meri aashiqui.. Ae dil hai plays, Jia says you remember this song? he nods and smile. Song tumho toh hai plays. Jia smiles and says do you remember this song? she recalls how once Jhanvi and Adi sang that song when they were in car. Arjun says this was not our song. Jia says you dont remember this song? if you remember everything then how you dont remember this song? it was such a important part of our life and you dont remember it? Arjun thinks one song messed with my plan, what to do, Adi didnt write about this song, is it related to their death day? as everything was written in it. Jia says you forgot? Arjun says I dont want to remember day when my Jhanvi got separated from me, you are testing me? she says no sorry, I was just remembering. Arjun says dont say sorry. He thinks I have to win her trust otherwise she will keep taking my test, if I win Jia’s trust then Nisha will be scared to lose her Adi and I will be able to get her wealth, I have to stop taking Baba’s sign on property only then I will make my plan successful.

Jia and Arjun comes to hospital, Jia goes inside.Priya calls Arjun and asks whats going on? Arjun says Jia and Nisha fought for me, let me make my plan successful, I will make Baba sign property papers but winning Jia’s trust is important as Baba trusts her. Priya asks whats his plan? he says I will tell later. He ends call. Nisha calls Arjun but Arjun says she keeps clinging, he doesnt take call. Arjun sees a hot nurse and ogles at her, he strikes with a man in cast, he strives with his cast hand, man says cant you see where you are going? Arjun says I was looking at more good sight, man says I wont spare you, Arjun hits on his injured hand and says I wont spare you, he leaves. Man curses and says he is mental.
Nisha says to herself that how dare Arjun not take my call, I have to find out.
Jia gets Kaki’s call, Jia hears Baba’s screams, Kaki asks her to come home. Jia says I am coming, Kaki ends call.

Baba is shouting and throwing things here and there. Chinni and Kaki tries to calm her. Nisha thinks my medicine worked on Baba, now Jia will come. Jia comes there. Nisha asks where is Arjun? Jia says he was not with me, you should be worried for Baba. Jia tries to calm Baba. Arjun comes there too. Nisha says I told you to not leave without telling me, Arjun ignores her and goes to Baba. Arjun hugs Baba and calms him down. Baba cries, Arjun feels a little emotional. Arjun makes Baba sit down and gives him medicine, Arjun says you are fine, take rest. Nisha says Arjun I want to talk. Arjun says Baba needs rest, you all leave, he glares at her.Jia leaves with Kaki and Chinni. Nisha huffs and leaves too. Baba sleeps.

Nisha asks Jia where she took Arjun? Jia says you can think wrong. Nisha says I will find out truth. Arjun comes there. Nisha asks where were you and why you were not taking my call? Arjun says I went to sunbath in park and slept there, I am not a school kid, I had to go there as per doctor’s advice. Nisha says next time tell me and then go. Arjun says I want to eat sweetdish, I wish I could get kheer, he leaves. Jia thinks, Nisha thinks too.

Jia and Nisha comes in kitchen.Nisha says what are you doing here? I want to cook. Jia says I remember how nice you can cook,I have to cook so let me work too. Nisha says this is not your house, you know how take rights of others. Jia says we all know about rights, if it was not about property then you wouldnt be running behind Baba. Arjun is hiding and watching them. Nisha puts sugar in kheer, Jia asks her to be careful, Nisha asks her to make her sweet kheer, she will make her bitter. They start cooking, Arjun says why they are not fighting and pulling each other’s hair. They are both busy in making kheer. Arjun is bored and thinks nothing is happening. Nisha and Jia both serve kheer in bowls. arjun says Nisha snake wont spare her easily, she would bite her. Nisha and Jia makes kheer in kitchen. Jia takes her bowl and starts leaving but Nisha throws pebbles in her way, Jia slips on them and whole kheer bowl spills. Arjun squeals silently. Nisha smirks and says seems like Arjun wont be eating your kheer.. she steps on pebbles too and slips, she spills all her kheer too. Arjun laughs silently. Jia laughs and says seems like Arjun wont be eating your kheer, your sugar was less, my kheer is still remaining in pan so I will give him that.

Chirag comes home. He says mom, see I am here. Nisha sees him and hugs him. Chirag says hi mom. Nisha says hey, what happened to your hand? why it has cast? he says I had small accident and some fool hit me too. Nisha says take rest and dont talk to useless people Chinni, Kaki and Jia here, only one person is useful for us here, its Arjun, I will make you meet him. Arjun sees Chirag and thinks if he sees me then he will tell Nisha that I went to hospital and not to park, he hides behind couch. Nisha looks around for Arjun. Chirag says no problem, I will meet him later. Nisha asks him to go and rest.

Arjun tells Jia that Chirag saw me in hospital. Jia says oh God what if he tells Nisha that you were there. Arjun says we will be done. Jia says come with me inside.

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