Kindred Hearts Tuesday Update 10 September, 2019


Kindred Hearts Tuesday Update 10 September, 2019

Nisha says to Chirag that dont talk to anyone here, Kaki will tell you that Chinni is your sister and will emotionally blackmail you so dont talk to them. Chirag says Chinni is really my sister? I always wanted a sister. Nisha says just stay away from them, they are bad.Chirag says they didnt look bad, you keep away from me and want me to stay away from people too, Nisha says understand me too please, go take rest, I dont want you getting in problem so stay away from them, he says okay and dad.. she asks him to go and rest. Chirag leaves. Nisha says he is emotional fool like his father.

Arjun comes to kitchen to eat kheer. Chirag comes there, Arjun puts flour on his face so he cant see his face. Arjun says I am Arjun. Chirag says mom said I can talk to you only. Arjun thinks he is Nisha’s son? weird son.

Arjun is sitting in garden. Chirag comes there. Arjun hides his face behind newspaper. Arjun tries to run but Chirag says you are Arjun? Arjun makes weird face and says I have allergy, he leaves. Chirag says this man is something.

Jia says to Kaki that I cant believe Chirag is Nisha’s son, Chinni says and Arjun had to meet Chirag in whole hospital. Kaki says its good to see us enjoying, Nisha didnt even let us meet her son, he didnt even come to meet Chinni, he is her brother. Chinni says I dont care about Nisha. Jia says we should think about how Arjun is trying so hard to remember things, but Nisha is toying with his mind, we have to do something.

Arjun is sitting in lounge. Chirag comes there and finally sees his face. He says how dare you in my house? Arjun says let bygones be bygones. Nisha comes there. Chirag says this is the man who bumped with me in hospital and misbehaved with me. Nisha says but you went to park? Arjun says someone fainted in park so I took her to hospital. Chirag says he is mental, he misbehaved with me. Baba gets angry and slaps Chirag, all are shocked. Baba says person like Adi can never be liar and bad. Baba coughs. Arjun asks Baba to calm down. Nisha smirks. Arjun makes Baba sit down.Kaki says Baba have got life back after recognizing you Arjun. Jia smiles. Arjun says you accept me as Adi? Baba says yes, you wanted property? give me papers, I will sign them. Nisha smirks. Arjun and Jia gets tensed. Baba says I will sign papers, give them to me. Kaki is tensed too. Jia asks Baba to not take decisions in hurry. Nisha says Baba is taking decision after thinking,who are you stop him? she asks Baba to sign and gives him papers. Arjun sees Baba about to sign property papers and thinks I cant let Nisha succeed without my mission being successful. I have to stop this oldie.

Jia asks Baba to not sign on property papers in haste. Nisha says how dare you go against Baba? he is signing on his own will, she gives papers to Baba. Arjun says one minute baba, you dont have to sign on these papers, Nisha is stunned. Baba says really? Nisha says Arjun? Arjun says Baba doesnt to be under pressure because of this Chirag. Jia thinks I knew Arjun would support his family. Nisha thinks Arjun destroyed everything, Arjun tears property papers and throws them in air, Nisha is angered and says what you did? Nisha thinks if Arjun is remembering his memories? he started thinking Jia as killer but now this. Arjun asks Chirag to say sorry to Baba. Chirag says I wont say sorry to this oldie, he glares at Arjun and leaves. Nisha leaves too. Jia thanks Arjun and hugs him, she says

you great by showing place to Nisha, I am proud of you. Arjun thinks Nisha is going to rip me off now. Jia asks what happened? Arjun says I have to handle things, he leaves. Jia smiles.
Chirag says to Nisha that poor Arjun is a servant and misbehaved with me? and you asked me to say sorry to Arjun? dont you care about me? Nisha says I did everything for our future, you have to bow down sometimes. Arjun comes there. Nisha says Baba was signing property papers and you stopped him? she is about to hit him but he says your work didnt happen so you will beat me? Nisha takes breath and says property papers are important for us and you stopped Baba, now Jia will take advantage, she will make Baba on her side. Chirag asks who is this oldie? I had to say sorry to him. Arjun slaps him and says he is my father from last birth, you have no manners? Nisha says why didnt you make him sign papers? Arjun says I cant snatch Adi’s property like this, I was helping you get that property but I cant cheat like that, I will win his trust and then take whats my right, then no one will question about Baba giving me anything, he leaves.

Chinni says Nisha wants to take Baba’s property, Jia says I know. Arjun asks to rest, Baba says if you sign property papers then it will go to Nisha as she is Adi’s wife and people dont know about my rebirth. Jia says I have a plan, we can tell Nisha that on Baba’s birthday, he will sign property papers, then we will have time to know what she is doing with your mind. Arjun thinks Nisha will not spare me if I follow her plan. Jia says there is time in Baba’s birthday. Arjun thinks when is Baba’s birthday? Jia says its not very far away, Chinni says there is time in his birthday, Jia asks Arjun if he remembers Baba’s birthdate? he says I cant forget that, Jia says then tell when is it? Arjun spills water on him and goes to clean.

Chirag says to Nisha that Arjun and Baba insulted me. Nisha says Baba used to insult me but I am still taking care of Baba because Arjun have point. Chirag says I dont understand anything. Nisha says everyone got against me, Jia trapped Adi in last birth, Chinni my daughter is against me too, Chirag says I always wanted a sister. Nisha says Kaki and Baba made her against me, Jia was Jhanvi in last birth, she made everyone against me. Chirag says she looks cool, her tattoo is cool, Nisha says she destroyed my life, I lost Adi because of her. Chirag says then why didnt you get punishment for her? Nisha says because it happened in last birth, Baba could have signed papers if you kept your mouth shut, he says I am sorry, she leaves. Chirag says Kaki, Baba, Jia and all others made my mom hurt, they are my enemies and I will take revenge from them.

Arjun comes to his room and takes out Adi’s diary, he tries to find Baba’s birthdate. Nisha comes there. Arjun hides Adi’s diary. Nisha says what were you doing in Baba’s room with Jia? Arjun says Jia was making Baba against us but now I have made Baba agree to sign property papers on his birthday, Nisha says its not that far away, you remember his birthdate? Arjun says I can never forget it. Arjun is hiding diary behind his back, he asks Nisha to give water, she turns around, he throws diary behind curtain, Nisha looks around, she goes near curtain. Arjun thinks if she sees diary then I will be gone, I have to do something.. Arjun slips on her, Nisha asks him to handle himself. Arjun says thank you Jia.. I mean Nisha. Nisha thinks maybe Arjun is mingling new and old memories, he needs session from Priya soon. Nisha asks him to go, he leaves.

In morning, Arjun sees Nisha sitting outside his room. He says she is clingy. He acts like sleeping, Nisha comes there and thinks everyone is asleep so I can take Arjun to Dr. Priya. She hears his phone buzzing, she takes it and sees Priya calling him, she is stunned. She takes phone and comes out of room. She takes call, Priya says tell me whom you are dreaming about? Nisha says why you called Arjun? Priya is shocked and says he is my patient so I was checking up on him, Nisha says you could have called me, Priya says this is not normal treatment, I wanted to know what he remembers from past life. Nisha says your mother is ill and you are still worried about patient, how is she? Priya says she is still admitted. Nisha says I couldnt come to meet her, tell me the hospital name, I am coming there with Arjun. Priya is stunned, Nisha says Arjun needs treatment so I am bringing him. Priya says you dont need to come, I will comeback soon, Nisha says just send me address. She ends call. Priya says today our truth will come out, I dont have hospital or mother to show to Nisha, what to do.
Nisha wakes Arjun up and drags him out of bed. She says lets go, he asks where? she says just come, he says atleast let me change out of shorts, she says you have 2 minutes to get ready and leaves. Arjun says what she is upto now.

Nisha and Arjun are on their way.
Priya says I don’t even have jia’s address. Arjun plays songs. Chiragh calls Nisha. He says mom where are you? She says I am out. He says mom get out of that car. I fixed something in it. I thought Jia would take it. Nisha is dazed. She says Arjun.. We have to get out of this car. The brakes are fail. Nisha says do something please. Nisha says do something please. Chiragh says mom please get out of that car. The car is moving towards a truck. Arjun dodges it. Nisha is scared. She says please do something. Arjun dodges all the cars. Arjun falls of the car. Nisha is scared. Her door is locked. Nisha says Arjun.. The car is going in the jungle. It hits something. Arjun falls in bushes.

Arjun looks everywhere for Nisha. He says
has she died? Nisha has falled from the car. She is falling from the cliff. SHe says I am here arjun please sae me. She is holding a stem. Arjun says where are you? He looks for her. Arjun says give me your hand. He tries to pull her up. Arjun says you stupid woman. God is giving you this punishment. Now keep hanging here and realize how it feels to hang between death and life. Today my second life’s mission is completed. Nisha says what are you saaying. You have a misunderstanding. Jahvni killed you not i.. Please listen. I didn’t kill you. Nisha says please save me. Arjun says why are you hanging here? Come come. He pulls her up. She says adi came out. Arjun says I don’t know why I said all that. Nisha says I am taking you to Priya… You need one session. Arjun says but we need to go to hospital. Nisha says we will get it done from Priya. Arjun says no you always think about me and my family. You need treatment. Nisha says Chiragh did all this.

Chiragh says mom you are back. Nisha comes in and slaps him. She says you got life in anger. Because of Arjun I am safe today. He says thanks for saving my mom Arjun. Arjun says it was my duty. Nisha says why did you have to do this? He says I did this to teach that jia a lesson. Nisha says you are so dumb. This isn’t a movie. Arjun says calm down Nisha. Nisha says I can’t tolerate all this. God has sent me to protect you don’t worry. Nisha says I want signatures on the property paper. Arjun says calm down. It will be taken. Nisha says they are taking babasa in their team. arjun says don’t worry everything is yours. Nisha says I will tell you what to do next. Arjun says yes tell me your plan I will mix it with mine.

Arjun comes to Jia. She says calm down no one should listen. She says we have the proofs. We can send Nisha to jail. Arjun says she will lie and say that she this is false. Jia says we should talk to Priya she might tell Nisha’s truth to us. Arjun says not a good idea. Jia says hold my hand and feel my nerves. Do you feel my heartbeat. The song hawayen plays in background. She says its gone. She plucks the prick from his skin. He says lets go.

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