kindred hearts Tuesday Update June 18th 2019

Adi is looking at moon from his office. Jhanvi comes there and says is a lot to see in this darkness, Adi says there is nothing but darkness here. Jhanvi says look at moon, he is far away but keep sending light to earth in this darkness. Adi says even moon become half and fade […]

kindred hearts Wednesday Update June 19th 2019

Adi comes to baba’s room with box, she recalls how Jhanvi suggested him to link memories with things and keep putting in box so baba will remember memories when he look that those things. Baba wakes up and says i wanted to say something but i dont remember. Adi says i have brought things, there […]

kindred hearts Thursday Update June 20th 2019

Jhanvi comes to Adi’s holi party, she asks peon where is Adi? he says Adi comes first everytime, dont know where he is now. Jhanvi thinks where is Adi? Adi enters party with determined face. Nisha and Jhanvi both are searching for him. Kaka looks at Adi miffed. Nisha spots Adi and smiles. Jhanvi is […]

kindred hearts Friday Update June 14th 2019

Nisha shows her broken sacred thread. Kaki sees it and says this is bad omen, Nisha acts like hurt. Kaki says why did this happen? Kaka says its nothing big, it happened by mistake. Nisha aarti diya blew off, Kaki says i pray that Nisha and Adi’s couple remain safe and doesnt break. Nisha says […]

kindred hearts Saturday Update June 15th 2019

Nisha says to Adi that you wanted family be united and now wants to break it? you are hypocrite. Adi says i wont leave anything for tomorrow, i will do everything today and wont leave chance for you, he holds her hand and says i will tell truth to everyone today, i am ready and […]

kindred hearts Sunday Update June 16th 2019

Adi comes in Jhanvi’s house, Jhanvi thinks its Maa and showers rose petals on him, Jhanvi is shocked to see Adi there. Maa comes there after him, they invite Adi in party. Nisha comes in mandir of house and says to God that if you are with me then i will serve you gold laddo, […]

Kindred hearts Zee World: Summary, Full story, casts, teasers

Zee World brings you all a compelling series titled “KINDRED HEARTS”. ( Replacing This Is Fate) on 4th June at 19 : 00 CAT. Read Kindred hearts Zee World Full story below. Kindred hearts Zee World Plot summary / Full story  Kindred hearts on  Zee World is a series that follows an unplanned relationship between […]