Jodha Akbar Update Tuesday 17 November 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Tuesday 17 November 2020

Jalal says i love you to Jodha and says you would not understand it because it is different language, Jodha says as far as i know it means you love me, Jalal is stunned and says i tried to surprise you and you know it before, Jodha says women have art to know what is going on around them, when you were learning this word, i listened it, Jalal says you surprised me, Jodha says i liked your way, one thing is proved that you are not old in love but dont know about other things, Jalal says will prove in game.

Jodha Akbar Update Monday 16 November 2020

all Mughal family gathers to play game, Jalal says first women will have shooting competition, Hoshiyar prays that Ruks should win else Ruks will beat me, wives starts going one by one and shooting the target, Ruks goes, shoots but it doesnt hit target, Ruks is angry, then Jodha goes, she fires but misses target too, Ruks smirks, then Salima goes, she fires, it hits the target, all smile, Jalal says to Salima that you won, great shot, he gifts her small gun and says british man brought this for me, Ruks thinks why i cant get in good books of Jalal.


Polo game of Mughal men is about to start, Jodha is worried that Salim has not come, Hamida says i asked him to come but seems like he didnt listen to me, Jodha says whats need of all this if Salim doesnt come, Salim enters ground on his horse, Hamida says i knew my grandson will not disappoint me, Murad recalls how Haidar’s uncle showed him his horse’s open seat and says Salim must have done it so that you fall from it, fb ends,

Murad thinks i didnt expect this from you, i will not leave you, Birbal is umpire, Jalal is captain of his team while Salim is captain of his team, Jalal says to his team that its about our respect so we have to win, polo game starts, Jalal does goals, then Salim goals, /murad is not happy, he doesnt pass ball to Salim, Salim says cant you listen to me, Rahim says he is right, we are a team, Murad says i am not servant of anyone, i will not let my enemy win, Salim says i am captain you have to listen to me, Murad says you are forgetting that i am going to be captain of whole India, Salim is irritated, game continues, Murad goals so the young team wins. Jalal smiles, Salim says great Murad, Murad says yeah but remember i won the match point and didnt let my seat fall, all hugs Salim and Murad, Jalal comes and says i am happy to lost to you guys, he hugs his kids.

Jalal is having hot message on bare back, Jodha comes and does his massage, she ask are you in pain, i told you that you have gone old, jalal says you are right to some extent, as per bet, i will do what you want, Jodha says first tell me that you lost purposely, i know you very well, Jalal says i also know why you gave this idea of game to make brothers one, your intentions were great, if i had won then they would have started fighting and you would have lost and i cant see you losing, our happiness lies in happiness of our kids, Jodha says in that sense you won, Jalal says so i can ask anything from you? she nods, he ask her to claim her love by saying in English, Jodha comes closer to him and says I LOVE YOU, she shyly smiles, Jalal caresses her face and smiles.

Salima comes to Hamida and says i have made kheer(sweet dish) as Salim and Murad, they like it alot, i will make them eat together, Hamida says this is great idea to make them brothers again.
Salim is practicing sword fighting, Murad comes there, Salim unintentionally puts sowrd on his neck, Murad says why did you stop? did you remember that slap? if you raise this sword on me then what will happen to you, Salim says i am not afraid of punishment, i dotn attack empty handed person, Murad takes sword in his hands and says now have figh, they start sword fighting, Salim hurts Murad’s hand, his hand bleeds, Salim says you are responsible for my punishment of not meeting Anarkali, and i will never forgive you for that, you can become king or whatever you want, Jodha comes there and says Salim what you did, Salim says it was practice and its not my fault, thank God its just practice else it can be his head too, if he want to become king then he has to defend himself, he can go to jalal and complain about me, he leaves, Jodha thinks that i thought they will become brothers again but they are ready to kill each other

Jodha recalls how jalal punished Salim, how Salim said she could have changed relation, she says what can i do, if i change religion then i will break Jalal’s promise otherwise Salim will be hurt, Jalal comes there and what are you doing here? you seem lost, Jodha says nothing, Jalal says its not easy to be queen of India, how can i help you? Jodha says how you take decisions? Jalal says before you came in my life, i used to use my mind but now i take decisions from heart as heart never do injustice, i am lucky that you are with me, i will never want you to change religion, this is not my stubborness but its for betterment of people, i cant force anyone to change religion, this will be not liked by God too.

Voice over says days were passing, Jalal ws preparing to attack Iran otherside Salim and Murad were rifting apart. Murad says to Salim that i have Qadir’s dadi is ill, he cant go to Punjab, Muard says i cant give him leave, Salim says nothing will happen if he doesnt go, Murad sys i am handling Punjab’s matter, dont involve in it, SAlim says Qadir will not go there, Murad says dont forget i am next to king, my decision is that Qadir will go to Punjab, Salim holds him from collar, Murad says it will not be good for you, Salim says what will you do? Daniyal says enough, Qadir says leave it Salim, dont fight with your brothers, i will go to Punjab, you are here to see my dadi, Salim leaves, Daniyal says Salim is insulting more day by day. Hamida and Jodha sees all this, Hamida says phuphi that problem is not solving, Phuphi says if Jalal go against Iran then we will have to see big war.


Ruks likes a dress, she says i have made for other wives too, Ruks says you will make for me only as what i like i dont give it to others, seller says people are taling about Jodha, if she had changed her religion then all problems would have solved, she is very stubborn, Ruks says enough, how dare you talk like this about Jodha, Jodha is doing right, she will not change religion and i am with her, seller leaves, Hoshiyar says i didnt understand anyting, you said to Salim that she should change religion, ruks says this is politics, if jodha changes her religion then game will finish, Salim says will think that she loves him, Jodha should remain Rajvanshi so Salim would think that i love him only.

Fazal tells Jalal that some countries are coming to our side, Jalal ask priest that i want give rights to my people, have you prepared statement letter, he says yes, he reads statement that no country shall involve in matter is which not related to religion and is about rights of people, for betterment of people, king can give decision and all priests will have to agree to it. Priest says all big priests have agreed to it, Jalal says by this statement, i wanna prove that i will not tolerate any involvement in my decision for my people, now its time to send letter to Iran that we dont accept them as our kings now, we will attack them soon, they will know that we are not afraid of anyone except God, on new years eve, Iran’s king will be mourning.

Salim thinks that why the one i love is made away from me, relations are sold here, Anarkali comes there and looks at him, Salim thinks that you are away but in my heart, Anar thinks that its difficult for me to be away from you but i cant profess my love because of Mann bai and cant meet you because of Jalal, Rabba is pyar plays, she looks at him sadly, Salim points at her heart and points at her, she is stunned and looks down, she hides herself behind pillar, sneakingly looks at him, Salim says your one sight is enough for me, i will come here daily to meet you.
Iran’s king gets to know that Jalal is making friends against us, he is preparing soldiers too, one soldier says maybe Jalal is preparing for war against, king says he cant do war against us, if he had guts then he would have Salim next king, send letter to him that dont do friendship with our enemies else it wont be good for him.

Jodha comes to Jalal and makes him wear coat, he ask her to talk, she says i hav nothing to talk, she is about to leave but her Dupatta get stuck in bed, she thinks its jalal and ask him to leave her, Jalal ask her to look, she find dupatta stuck in bed and takes it, she says sorry, Jalal says you scolded me without any reason so you will have to bear punishment now else i wont talk to you, Jodha says ok dont talk to me, i am leaving, Jalal says stop, i was just joking, i am sorry, she laughs on him, Jalal says i was miffed and now i am pacifying you, i will not talk to you now, Jodha says ok i am sorry, Jalal smiles, she rests her head on his shoulder.


Moin (sharif’s father) is hiding somewhere, priest tells him that Jalal is ready to do war against Iran, Moin says i wont let it happen, i will stop it by sending a gift to Jodha, a dasi comes there, he says to Dasi that we have to stop war so you have to do some work, she agrees, he gives her gift, she is about to see it, he stops her and says dont touch it, it has poison, your mistake can kill you, this should go to Jodha, she leaves, Moin says Joda just touch it then she will be finshed then religion problem will end too so there will be no war, jalal should also bear pain of losing someone won.

Jodha is takes bath, she is wearing jewelry, Jalal comes there and caresses her hairs, she finds Jalal there, turns to see him and gets shy, Jodha says its not good to come in bathroom like this, Jalal sys to Jodha that i wanted to meet you and got to know that you are in bathroom so came here, he comes closer to her and says you smell nice, Jodha ask you have some work? Jalal says why cant i come without work to meet you, Jodha is shy and says i have some work, i am going, Jalal says you will go like this? he drapes dupatta around her head, she smiles shyly and hugs him, then throws water on him, he runs behind her.

Jalal comes out and finds dasi(Moin’s) comes there, Jalal ask why are you here, she says i have brought gift for Jodha, Jalal leaves.
Anarkali gets gift which Salim has send, she think. Dasi comes to Salim and sys Anar has returned gift and has send letter, he reads letter that i cant accept your gift, i am sorry but i am sending something for you, he sees that Anarkali has send ghungroos, he further reads letter that you remember you wanted take ghungroos from me in childhood, i never wanted to wear these ghungroos but now i have to wear them daily, i have sent these to you so that you always remember that i am dancer and we cant have relation, just forget me, Salim is stunned and says i can never forget her.

Iran’s ambassadors says to representative of countries that Turkey and India have become one, they are ready to attack us, we will not leave them. Jalal says to his ministers that its time to make Iran learn lesson, we will have war and new king of muslim countries will be Turkeys king. otherside Iran’s ambassador says we will tell Jalal about our power in war.
Jodha says to Salima that Salim is still miffed with us, Salima says everything will be fine. Ruks thinks that these problems will not solve till Jodha changes her religion.
Dasi is coming to Jodha’s room, Moti stops her and ask what is it? she says Hamida has sent gift for Jodha, Moti checks it is a shawl and takes her to Jodha. she brings to Jodha and says Hamida has sent gift for you, she sees that its a beautiful shawl, Ruks likes it alot, Jodha says you take it then, Ruks says no but it is your gift, Jodha says its mins so i am giving it to you, Ruks thanks her, Jodha ask Moti to take this shawl to Ruks’s room, Moti takes away shawl, Dasi is tensed. Dasi thinks that i have to inform Moin about shawl not sent to Jodha. a soldier stops her and ask her to take food to Murad’s room, Dasis worried but takes it.
Ruks ask hoshiyar why all loves Jodha? Hoshiyar says whatever i answer, you wil beat me, she laughs and says now that shawl is mine, call some Bandhi, she will drape shawl around me.
Hamida is worried that our relations with Iran is not going good, i wanted princess Khanum to marry in Iran but now its not possible, Salima comes there and says we have decided that Jodha will talk to Murad, she will make him understand, she has a big heart, you see the shawl which you sent to Jodha, Ruks likes it so she gave it to her, Hamida says i didnt send any shawl, Salima says this means there is some problem, i will check it, she runs. Ruks ask Bandhi to drape shawl, Salima is running to her room. Hamida comes to Jalal. Ruks says to Hoshiyar that shawl will look nice on me.

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