Jodha Akbar Update Wednesday 18 November 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Wednesday 18 November 2020

Dasi is bringing shawl to Ruks, she is about to drape around hr when Salima comes and says stop it, this shawl has something, dasi who is holding shawl falls down and s bleeding from nose,

Jodha Akbar Update Tuesday 17 November 2020

Ruks says this shawl had poison? if i had touched it then i would have been her place, Jalal comes there and says poison is very effective, from where did this shawl came? Salima says this shawl came for Jodha, Jalal says this means it was for Jodha, he says i know which dai brought that shawl, she must be in palace only, he goes to find her. Moti comes to Joda and tells her that someone conspired to kill you, the shawl which came to you had poison, Jodha is shocked, Jalal comes and ask are you fine? she says yes, Jalal says someone wanted to kill you but i wont leave that dasi, i will find out who did this, he ask Moti to be with Jodha, he leaves. Moti says dont know who want to kill you, Jodha says dont know.

All soldiers and ministers are finding the dasid, Dasi is hiding in palace, she says i should leave the palace before they know about me, she finds soldiers searching and thinks that maybe Ruks died, i have to run away, Jalal comes in garden, soldier tells him that Dasi is not found, Jalal says she must be in palace, soldier says one dasi is going towards gate, Jalal says let her go, i want to follow her to know who is behind her, dasi comes out of palace, she comes to isolated place of Moin.
Moin says to his men that today will be celebrations, prepare for it, Jalal must be mourning, one man tells him that dasi has come who took shawl to Jodha, dasi comes to him, Moin says i will gift you, you did great by killing Jodha, dasi says sorry but Jodha is alive, Moin is stunned, Jalal with ministers comes to isolated place, Moin says to dasi that i will kill Jodha one day but i will reward you for your bravery, you did great by klling Ruks, he kills her and smiles, he says you were witness to my deeds so i cant let you live, Jalal comes there, Moin is stunned and ask his men to attack Jalal, Jalal and ministers fights with them all, Moin is running from there, Jalal runs behind him, they come out, Jalal grabs him, Moin ask him to forgive him this time, i will not do mistake again, Jalal says you have gone beyond limits, i will kill you to prove that whoever cast evil eye at my family, i will not leave him, Jalal kills him by drowning him in river.

Jodha is waiting for Jalal, Salim comes to her room, he ask are you fine? i got to know that you were attacked by poison? Jodha says i am fine, he says i was with Ruks she is in shock, Jodha says it could have been fetal, she says i am worried for Jalal, he went behind that dasi, Salim says dont worry for him, he is alone enough for whole force, Jalal comes there, Jodha ask where were you? Jalal says i punished the real culprit, he was Moin, the father of culprit, i killed him and proved that nobody can cast eye on my family, he wanted to take revenge for his sons death and also he was with Iran’s king so he wanted to kill Jodha and end this religion changing matter, i liked it that Salim you were with your mother, SAlim says as prince it was my duty, he leaves, Jalal says now i got to know Iran’s king is behind all this os its time to answer him.
one man comes to Hamida and gives her letter of Adijan(counrty)’s king, she reads the letter and is disturbed.
Jalal comes to haram and ask where is letter, he ask to read the letter, Salima reads letter, it says Adijan’s king is sorry to tell you that we Jalal’s daughter Khanum’s relation cannot be made with his prince, all are shockes, she further reads that Jalal is helping enemies of Iran, Iran is our respected country, we cant make relation with country who is agains tIran, its sad that Jalal is doing all this for hindu wife, Jalal says enough, he says to Khanum that i will find good groom for you, Khanum says i am not worried, i cant marry in family where you are not respected, you do what you want, Jalal says great my child, i will make Iran learn lesson for his deeds, he ask all to come in court.

Jalal says in court that its a serious matter, first Iran’s king asked Jodha to change relation then he attacked Jodha then he broke Khanum’s relation so i announce war against him now, he says Murad, Daniyal and Salim will come in war too, Salima says what he want to do? Jodha says dont know, Jalal ask Todar to send letter to our friend countries that be ready for war, i want Iran to regret the time when he asked Jodha to change relation.
Jodha says to Jalal that dont you think someone should stay here when you go to war and also three brothers are not in talking terms, Jalal says i want to lessen rift between them, like you made them pl;ay game, i want brothers to fight for each other in war, Jodha says i dont think it will help, you asked SAlim to work under Murad, i know Murad has higher position but Salim wont like to work under him, Jalal says Salim has great warriro skills so i want Murad to leanr things from him and in this process their animosity will be removed to, you trust me? Jodha says you have taken decision so it must be right. Phuphi says to Hamida that this si not right, Hamida says Jalal is not doing good by going for war, now i have to become Marium Makani and have to stop things.
Ruks ask Hoshiyar to bring sweets as jalal is going on war, he ask what? Ruks says Jalal is going on war because of Jodha, she si stubbron to not change her relaion and Jalal have to fight for her, i pray that she remain stubbron so people will realize that she is real cause of problem, her respect will be decreased.
Hamida meets ambassadors of Iran, she says i thought to meet you once, he says you know our relation is old, Iran is always good friend of India, we had good relation with Mughals but its sad that Jalal is ready to war for a hindu wife, all know what we have done for Mughal in past, Hamida says i also dont want to break relation, i remember your help, i will talk to Jalal, i dont want to end this friendship of years.
Jalal comes to Hamida. she ask him to look at his father’s picture, he was brave but good hearted too, Jalal says i miss him, Hamida says i called you here to talk something important, she shows him biography of king Humayun, she says i will tell you incident, you were 2 years old, Iran’s king saved your and father’s life, from that time we have god relation with him, its your duty to extend friendship of your father with Iran, Jalal ask is this marium Makani speaking? Hamida says i am your mother first, Jalal says i remember how Iran helped us in difficult time, but i cant bear injustice, he stopped me from making Salim king, he forced Jodha to change religionm Hamida sys wae is not good for anyone,m why you wanna do it, Jalal says he has started war and i will end it, and you know we cannot force anyone to accept Islam, its against rules of Islam, i will fight with him and nobody can stop me, i have always agreed to you but i will not listen this time, he leaves. Hamida is worried and says if you dont listen to me then i have only one way.

Salim says to Qutub that Jalal has ordered me to work under Murad, i didnt like it, is he not confident about my skills in war? Qutub says if has doen this then there must be reason behind it, they come in market, Salim finds Anarkali buying things in market, he smiles seeing her, he grabs her from behind and hides her, she is stunned to see him and smiles a little, they share eyelock, she says you shouldnt have come here, i need to go, he grabs her and says i didnt come to meet you but fate wants us to meet, i didnt see your face so fate made me meet you, why did you write to forget you, i cant froget you, the day i forget you, i will die, she stops him and says dont create problems for me, Salim says my problem is that i love you and i cant do anything, she says i liked it that you went to meet Jodha, he ask how do you know? Anar says i know everything about you as i care care for you, he says i liked it that you keep eye on me, you care for me, she smiles shyly and is about to leave but he pushes her closer and says let me see you before going please, she turns and looks at him, he smiles.


Jalal says to Jodah that i will soon leave and then i will not spend time with you, Jodha says you will soon return after winning, Jalal holds he hand and says i have done wars which i knew i was right, Jodha says dont worry,m God is with them who are on right path, i am sure that you will win this war, Jalal says this war is your test too, she ask how? Jalal says when i go to war, i want you to take charge of here, you have to take decisions like me, you have to do justice, Jodha says i will be responsible, Jalal says if a problem comes where you cant take decision then you have to be strong and take tough decision, when i am in war, i want you to take care of my nation, i am on right path, problems will come but i will overcome them and win.

Murad is discussing how they will go in war, Murad says we should go in boats, Salim says we should by walk, Murad says then our soldiers will get tired, we should go on camels, Murad says i am responsible to think about all this, Salim ask how many wars did you do? i know more than you, Murad says but i have faith on my soldiers, Salim says i have grown up with those soldiers, ask them if i am write or wrong, Murad says i will make my own force, who will fight according to me, Salim says you dont know anything about war, dont know how Jalal made you captain, Murad says enough, you have to work under me and have to follow my orders, Murad grabs him by shoulder and says i know to make you follow my orders, Salim angrily looks at him and pushes him away, Murad attacks him, they hlds each others collars,

Daniyal ask them to stop it, Salim says you crossed the limits, Jalal comes there and pushes them away, he ask what you guys were doing, he gives sword to them and says kill each other, he says i am stunned that you both are my sons, if you fight with each other then who will fight with enemies, my enemies will win without doing anything, how can you forget that they have cast evil eye on our family and we have to answer them, Murad says i am sorry Salim, he ask them to leave, both leaves, Hamida comes there and is tensed, Jalal is worried.


Hamida is sadly sitting in her room, phuphi comes to her and ask what are you doing here, see weather, it seems storm is going to come, Hamida says i want to stop this storm, she tell Phuphi something to stop war (muted). vouce over says Hamida was tryng to stop war and her try will bring another storm.

Jodha is praying to Kahna, Hamida comes and saves Diya, Jodha greets her and says you are an example, for you praying to God and Kahna is same, Hamida says you are right, i want to ask something, Jodha ask what? Hamida says you said that praying to God and Kahna is same? you agree to it? Jodha says yes, Hamida says maybe i am asking you alot but its important, i want you to change your religion, accept Islam, Jodha is stunned, she says Ammijan you are saying this? you stopped me from doing this, Hamida says your Ammijan stopped you but today Marium Makani is asking you to change it, i have responsibility to bind my family and today my family is breaking, brothers are fighting, father and son are fighting, our relation with Iran is also changing, many would die in this war, with this one decision of yours, everything will be fine, please accept Islam,

Jodha says but what Jalal will say? Hamida says he will get miffed with you and me but think that by changing your religion, everything will be fine, Salim will get throne, Khanum relation will be made again, we will have good relations with Iran, people will not die, you mother is asking for something for first time in life, she ask jodha to save her family, i am folding my hands infront of you, Jodha says your hands are to give blessing only, not to beg, she kisses her hands and cries, she looks at Kahna and says dont worry Ammijan, i will accept Islam, Hamida hugs her, Hamida says i knew it you will not disappoint me, she says i will prepare for this ceremony, dont tell this to anyone, she leaves, Jodha is in tears.

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