Jodha Akbar Update Monday 16 November 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Monday 16 November 2020

Jalal ask Salim to say sorry to Murad, Salim ask i dont? Jodha gets worried, Salima says to jalal that Salim is elder or Murad, let it go, dont ask him to say sorry, Jalal says this is my court and decision will be mine only, he ask Salim to say sorry or else bear punishment,

Jodha Akbar Update Sunday 15 November 2020

Salim says give me punishment, its nothing new for him, you have always given me punishment, i have always bear it and will bear it now too but i will not say sorry at any cost, Jalal says if you are habituated to punishment then bear it, Jalal says your punishment is that you are not high level minister, your salary is halved and you are not allowed to go to that dance bar again, you will not bear that dancer because of whom you slapped Murad, Salim is shocked, Jalal leaves the court. Daniyal thinks that i wont let any dancer snatch Mann bai’s right, she has right over Salim, Jodha is sowrried.
Birbal thinks how to solve problem between two sons, Shama comes there and ask where is haidar these days? Birbal says i dont know.
Jodha comes to weighing balance, she recalls how priest Badri said that son-father is written in Jalal’s fate, Jalal comes there and says seems like storm is coming, let go inside, Jodha says storm has already come and nobody can stop it, Jalal says but.. Jodha says your words cant give me peace, you promised me that you will act as king and father both then what happened? where is balance between fatherb and king? you said that nothing will happen to you r family because of politics, cant you see both brothers are standing against each other, you didnt give justice to anyone, Jalal says i will set everything right on time, Jodha says when will that come? when one will kill other, when they will go totally against each other, Jalal says i know i did mistake but dont cry, i cant see tears in your eyes, he hugs her and says i promise i wil answer the one because of all this is happening.

Salim comes to dance bar, soldier stops him and says its Jalal’s order that you cant meet Anarkali, Salim says nobody can stop me, he goes inside, Anar opens door, he smiles looking at her, they share eyelock, he is about to come inside, anar closes door, Salim says open it, i wanna talk to you, he cries, Anar says i cant go against Jalals’s order, please leave, Salim sys dont do this, only you are with me, all have betrayed me, dont do this, i wanna talk to you, please for god sake, open door, she doesnt, he leaves in tears. Zil comes to Anar, anar says i cant see Salim in pain, she hugs her, Zil says we cant do anything, he says is king’s son and you are just dancer.

Scene 2
Voice over says that Iran’s king had strong personality, he was respected by all countries, his one order can make anyone die, Iran’s king says to his soldiers that i am Jalal changed his decision and didnt make Salim new king but he didnt make India the Islamic nation, he has given opportunities to hindus, one minister says that Jalal has collaborated with other countries against you, ambassador says Jalal is so much afraid of you that he changed his decision, he will never go against Iran, king says i know and i will make sure, he is our control.
Ruks comes to SAlim and says dont worry, i will talk to Jalal, Salim says dont talk to that egoistic king, Ruks says i am your mother, i cant see your pain, i wanted you to be my son, i didnt give birth to you, i am not your mother, Salim says dont say like this, you have always been there with as mother, Ruks says if i was in Jodha’s place, i would have changed my religion for you, i will talk to Jalal, you dont worry, she smirks and things that Jodha is gone now.
Murad says to Daniyal that i still remember that slap, i always respected Salim and what he did.. Rahim comes and says you didnt do good, you could have solved matter with Salim, you should have not gone to Jalal, Murad says he slapped next king, Rahim says that Saim has right on this throne? Murad says why i cant be next king? i have fought war too, i work hard more than him, Rahim says but he is elder son of Salim so he should be king, Murad ask are you jealous with me? Salima says comes and sys Murad you are wrong, you should know that he elder and he has right to become king, Murad says you always take Salim’s side, make him learn respect too, he leaves.
Salim is drunk, Jodha comes there, she says you did by coming here, Salim says where can i go, Jodha says i know what Jalal did was not that good, i talked to Jalal.. Salim says great, when wife hurts then husband comes to cover up or vice versa, i dont need all this, you wanna show that you cant bear my pain, that you love me alot but if you have loved me enough then you must have changed religion by now for me, you must have accepted Islam, Jodha is shocked.

Salim says to Jodha that if you loved me then you would have changed your religion, you would have accepted Islam, to be true, i didnt want you to change religion but now when everything is losing from my hands then i am thinking that wish my mother would have left her religion for me, i ahve also done aarti and pooja with you, my mother cant do anything for me, Murad is my brother, i lost everything, i never wanted this position but Jalal insulted me, tell Jalal that i am not going to follow his orders, he can make Murad next king and i will what i want, he leaves, Jodha is in tears.
Jodha comes to Hamida and says what to do, i cant see Murad and Salim fighting and otherside Jalal is harsh on Salim, Hamida says i am also worried about Murad and Salim but i would say that do what Jalal is saying, you know Murad has given this position for time being, atfer Iran is being handled then Salim will be given position back, Jodha says but Murad can get angry on this, Hamida says brothers should not fight, Salima comes and says she sis right, we have to do something to make them friends again, Jodha says what can we do? Salima says only you can save their relation, you have to find some way, i am with you Jodha thinks.
Anarkali is looking at moon and recalls how Salim was crying and asking her to not do this with him, he cant live without her, Anar says i am sorry but i cant meet you, i dont want you to go away from Jalal more by not following his orders, a arrow is being thrown in her room, she checks letter attached with it, its Salim’s letter, it says that i know you dont wanna meet me because fo Jalal but i will wait for you at lakeside and if you dont come today then i will go very far from here, Anar says what to do, i cant break Jalal’s order nor Salim’s heart.

Murad drinks wine and says to Haidar’s uncle, what are you saying that i have given this position for time being only? Jalal just used me? uncle says yes, Jalal gave yu next king’s position just to cool down Iran, now he will find some way and then give this position to Salim, Murad says why this cheating with me? uncle says youa re not less, why you are not being made king? you are complete Muslim, you are Jalal’s son, you are capable and warrior then why you want be king? Murad says i will not leave anyone, uncle ask him to not gt angry, you have to think for future, think that if we Jalal agree that you are more capable and you should be king instead of Salim, then you will become king, irritate Salim to prove this to Jalal, Murad says i will provw that i am better than Salim.
Jalal comes to Jodha and says you seem to be in thoughts, i will come some othertime, Jodha stops him and says did i ask you to go? he looks at his potrait and says you are loving my picture, Jodha says you dont get time so i have to see you in pictures, Jodha says i am thinking to have choghan(game, polo) match with old and young generation, Jalal says whom you are calling old? Jodha says you are old now, i know you will not agree to match and if you agree then you will lose it, Jalal says i will play it and will win, what will i get? Jodha says if you win, you will get whatever you want, Jodha says if you lose? Jalal says then i will give you whatever you want, and also there will be shooting competition in ladies, he says i have to prepare so leaving, he leaves, Jodha thinks that i hope this binds my family.

Salim is waiting for Anarkali by lakeside, he thinks that she will not come and will break my heart too, he turns to find Anarkali coming there, she greets him, he smiles broadly, they share eyelock, Rabba is pyaar mein plays… Salim says my mind was saying you will not come but my heart knew that you will break Jalal’s wall and will come, Anar says why did you write letter? if anyvody had seen you then Jalal would have punished again, Salim says i am bearing Jalal’s punishments from childhood and i cant break my relation with for that, i know what yu feel for me that is why you have come here breaking all boundaries. they sit, Anar says i have come here so that i dont get blamed for one more thing, Salim ask what? Anar says you were sent away from Agra in childhood because of me, i didnt want you to go away again because of me, for God sake dont force me again like this, dont put blame on me for sending away Agra’s king, she starts leaving, he holds her hand and says please stop, Anar says i had reason to come here but dont have reason to stay here, she takes off her hand from his hand and leaves, Salim says nobody can stop you anar from meeting me neither Jalal nor me.
Ruks ask Hoshiyar to bring out her sword, she wants to win competition to get reward.
in court, Jodha thinks that Salim is not here, but i hope his game idea will work, Birbal says some special people has come to meet, British people come in court, Birbal says he is Philips, William and james, they have come from british palace and want to have good relation with India, Jalal welcomes them one soldier translates Jalal’s words into english, philips says we are happy to be here, Jalal says we wil be happy to have business relation with Britain, he will discuss in detail later, Jalal ask to show them room, they leave, Jalal says i announce there will polo match, one team will be of Princes and other team will be of ours, team A include, Daniyal, Murad, Rahim, Qutub and Salim and team B include me, Maan, Fazal, Todar, Aziz, the team who will win will get reward, ladies will have competition of shooting, he ask all to come tomorrow for game.

Ruks is practicing shooting, Salima says to Jodha that this is great idea, Hamida says yes when they play together, they have to become team and in between game, they will forget their bitterness, Jodha says i hope so, Jalal and Murad have agreed for game but dont know Salim will come or not, Hamida says dont worry about him, Salima says to Ruks that you are not able to shoot at right target as you were not in practice, Ruks says i will win only, she thinks that i wont let Jodha win this time.

Scene 4
Hamida calls Murad and Salim, they come, she says to Murad that tomorrow is polo match, she says to Salim that you must have got the news, how will you practice, Salim says i dont want to participate, Murad says i will play it, Hamida says what has happened to you both, you used to love each other, one position has made you enemies? she says to Salim that for me, you have to take part in competition and win it too, Salim says i will think and will let you know, he leaves, Murad says i will take part and will win too, he leaves.
Fazal says to Jalal that we are preparing to attack on Iran, Jalal says to send letter to Mirza to make way from Kabul to Iran so we can attack, british people come there, they greet Jalal, Jalal ask did they like India? if they are uncomfortable here? they says India is very peaceful country and they love hostility in palace, Jalal invites them for polo match between royals, they say they will love to come there, Jalal ask do they like polio? he says yes i love it, Jalal ask what they use for muhabbat?(love), translator says they say love for muhabbat means if they like game then they will say that they love this game, Jalal ask how to pronounce other person, i mean i wanna ask how to show love in their language, translator says you would says “i love you”, Jalal tries to learn it, he learns, birbal leaves with them.
in morning, Fazal says to Jalal that one more country has come our side, Jalal says this is good, now Iran will see that it was not good to go against us, Jalal says now we will concentrate on game.
Jodha is getting ready, Jalal comes there, he smiles looking at her and says you are looking very beautiful, he says i wanna say something, Jodha says are you afraid or competition, Jalal says i cant be afraid, he says i wanna say I LOVE YOU, jodha doesnt understand it.

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