Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 26 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Sunday Update 26 April 2020

jalal comes to jodha, jodha prepare his plate for dinner, jalal looks at her and says i hope food is not spicy as you, jodha says eat it and then say, hamida says to ladies that we should leave them alone, they all leave, jalal ask why this generosity? Jodha says everyone has different way to show their happiness, jalal ask which happiness? Jodha says you fulfilled your promise by allowing me to follow my religion, jalal says but.. Jodha shuts him up saying dont you know that one should not talk while eating, jalal says eat with me,

jodha says i will bring another plate, jalal says eat in same plate with me, jodha remembers moti’s words and says i dont eat this food, jalal says ok i will eat what you eat, bring another plate, jodha dumb stuck but goes to get it, she brings food of her, both looks smilingly at each other, jodha sits in front of him, jodha says 1st i will taste, jalal says you prepared it and i trust you completely, jodha is impressed, jodha says i am thankful that.. Jalal says your thankyou is accepted, he eats food and compliments it saying daily you prepare food for me i like your this quality, jodha says if hamida didnt took my side then. Jalal says then i would be with you jodha is stunned, jalal says i gave you words and i follow my words you know it(ishq hai wo ehsas plays)

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