Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 25 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Saturday Update 25 April 2020

Ruks is informed about jodha cooking for Jalal by Hoshiyar .. Hoshiyar tells ruks that otherwives would be jealous once they learn the jodha was cooking for jalal ruks tells hoshiyar that ruks never waited for jalal but it was Jalal who waited for ruks always.

jalal is going when papers falls on him, its jodha’s papers who says weather is very good with this beautiful moon, jalal comes and says beautiful looking at jodha, she says yes moon is beautiful, jalal what moon? He looks at moon and says its time waste looking at moon, jodha says one get peace looking at moon, its really peaceful, jalal sits there, jodha ask why you are sitting here when its waste of time jalal says i have right on peace also, jodha is learning mughal’s religion, jalal says i didnt ask you to learn it, jodha says i like to learn about different religion, jalal ask so what did you learn, jodha says with anger and hurry nothing can be rightly done, with slow and thoughtful move everything can be done even snake can come out from hole, jalal says subhanallah, jodha says in jalal’s voice now dont says i like your this talent, they have hearty laugh, jalal says true i would have said it and in this way only. Ruks thinks today jalal made me wait so much where is he? ruks sees them talking and is burning in jealousy.

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