Jodha Akbar Monday Update 27 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Monday Update 27 April 2020

Jodha comes to hamida and greets her, she says thanks to hamida and says whom should i trust not you. Hamida says jalal, yes he is protecting you when he gave you right to change religion or not as hubby’s decision is important in this matter, jodha says but you protected me also,

hamida says 1st religion is humanity, you saved rahim, moti and jalal, jodha says you were always there with me, hamida says if i werent there jalal would fullfil his promise, jodha is thoughtful.

Scene 3
jodha comes in kitchen and says today i will make food for jalal, she make different dishes, moti says its good if wife prepare food for hubby, love develops, jodha gives her a look, moti says if husband wife eat in same plate then love would grow more, jodha ask her to shut up otherwise will burn her, salima comes and talks mandir fiasco and says i am happy that you are preparing food for jalal, jodha says its wife’s duty, moti smiles, salima says i never saw so generous on jalal before.

Ladies says that you talked good about jalal thats why she is making food for her, hamida says i want to see her presenting food to jalal.
Ruks says what value she has now preparing food for jalal, make his nights colorful, maham should have seen it, she ask hoshiyar when maham is returning from her visit to other state? He says cant say anything

Scene 4
jalal discusses political issues with adka and says we have to control rajvanshis to make india one, servant informs that jodha is waiting for you on dinner, jalal that means she..

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