Gangaa Thursday Update 2 December 2020


Gangaa Thursday Update 2 December 2020

Sagar runs out in fear saying there is some lady in the room. Soon, ghunghat wali mata ji comes out. Kashish hugs Krishna, while the nurse enjoys. Ganga recognizes her, and questions why is she here, she calls her as fraud and not a real one. Ghunghat wali mata ji turns around and throws a doll in Krishna’s feet, she tells them that Amma ji came to her dreams pleading so she came over and found this doll under her bed.

Gangaa Wednesday Update 1 December 2020

Madhvi gets to her feet, saying her husband is already in hospital. She agrees that he didn’t get unwell because of Bhasam but because of this doll, she believed someone is doing a black magic over their family. Sagar tries to stop Madhvi, Ganga also insists on Madhvi not to trust her as she is a fraudulent. Madhvi wasn’t ready to understand. Ghunghat wali Mata gets annoyed and turns
to leave, Madhvi apologizes her and asks about any ailment. Ghunghat wali mata says watching the hair of this doll, she can tell it has been done by a woman who is teasing them all.

Ganga denies any truth, Ghunghat wali mata wants time to recognize the soul. She says either it has to be the one who is yet not born. Kashish counters what is this rubbish. Madhvi scolds them all, as she would do whatever she can to save her husband. Sagar shuts everyone, and tells Ghunghat wali mata to leave their house. Madhvi tries to stop him, but Sagar decisively stops her. Ghunghat wali mata hushes them up, there was a sudden blow of a whistle which everyone hear. Ghunghat wali mata shouts at the soul to leave this place, as she can’t let her ruin them all. She then says this soul is taking someone’s name, and hears its Krishna. Krishna runs towards Ganga out of fear. Sagar comes to drag the lady away and takes her across the corridor; not ready to hear anything from her.

 Outside the house, he warns her to return. Ghunghat wali mata warns them about their destruction, as the evil soul will ruin their family.
Madhvi comes to the study room, remembering about Niru and her moments together. She brought tea for Niru, and he used to say he always wait for this tea time in the study. There hasn’t been a single day in so many years that she didn’t get tea. Madhvi replied it’s like breathing for her, as this is the most beautiful time of her life. Ganga comes to her with a cup of tea. She requests on Madhvi to sit down and have this tea. Madhvi denies. Sagar comes there, and says doctor called them to hospital.
In the hospital, doctor informs them that Niranjan is out of danger. Krishna goes to meet Niranjan, doctor says they have to keep Niranjan under observation for one more day. He got weak and it seems difficult for him to survive for another six months even. He says only a single person would be allowed to stay, and suggests they should let Aabha stay at home. She would be needed after discharge.
There, Yash and mother plan something else for the Chatervedi family. They were happy that Aabha is alone at home.
In the hospital, Sagar and Ganga try to send Madhvi home, she would be disturbed in front of Niru. Madhvi agrees, and asks Ganga to stay here as she would take care of Niru well. They all leave. Ganga comes in the room. Niru asks Ganga if everyone has left, then sits up. She was concerned, Niru denies either reading or sleeping. He requests her to bring Kachori for him. Ganga forbids. Niru says Madhvi was here and wouldn’t have fulfilled his wish, but he know Ganga would; there is really good Kachori availbale nearby.
On the way, Madhvi was thinking about doctor’s words. Krishna was asleep. The car stops at once, Sagar goes to check the car, the engine got hot. Madhvi tells Sagar there is no water in the bottle, he goes to get some. Someone was spying on the car, Krishna was asleep. Madhvi was afraid of the strange place. Suddenly Madhvi watches blood drops over the car mirror.

Krishna wakes up at once and find the doll in the car. She screams out of fear, Madhvi brings her out of the car.
In the hospital room, Ganga brings kachori for Niru and shares how she brought them stealthily. Niru relaxes her while Ganga smiles watching him enjoy eating and clicks a photo of Niru. Niru asks if she would blackmail him with the photo, Ganga says she has never seen him like this so she decided to keep it always. Niru gets serious, if after he has left? Ganga was speechless.

Sagar comes to Madhvi and Krishna who were running away. They take him to see the doll, Sagar looks inside, then takes the doll outside. He looks around furiously, wondering who did this. Madhvi insists it’s the same evil soul. Sagar says there is someone tearing him.

Niru qualifies one day everyone has to leave. Ganga sits beside him, saying he must always stay near his Ganga else who would take care of her. Niru holds her hand, then says he has something to gift her. He hands her a watch, saying this was gifted by his father when he gave him his first salary; along with his responsibilities. He tells Ganga that now, none of his sons are as responsible as Ganga is. Ganga returns the watch, saying he would always be responsible for this house; only when all of Niru’s teeth would be gone and he would sit on wheel chair with his shawl then she would take the watch. Niru promises to get her a new watch by then, because until then Ganga would also have lost one or two teeth. Ganga hugs Niru, determined not to let him leave and fight till her last breathe for his life.
Sagar was going to see who it is, but Madhvi doesn’t let him go. They get into the car and drive away. Yash comes from behind a tree. At home, Sagar asks Madhvi to go and sleep. They hear Supriya cry, Pulkit, Sagar and Madhvi hurries, along with Aabha. Supriya says someone had grabbed her neck while she was asleep. Aabha notices the mark on her neck. Sagar suggests she might have rubbed while sleeping. Madhvi was tensed. Aaba smirks before leaving. Pulkit tries to make her relax. Aaba clutches a glove in her hand.
On the phone, Ganga asks Sagar who would try to grab Supriya’s neck. Sagar says he himself doesn’t understand this, as Madhvi’s trust over the evil soul has increased.

Ganga tries to convince Sagar that Madhvi is really tensed, and can belief anything that is visible to her. She says they would speak to Madhvi tomorrow, as they all need Niru’s happiness at this time. Sagar thanks her, for her understanding and support. She goes to sit beside Niru.
During late at night, Aabha places cameras in everyone’s room. Prabha gives her a thumbs up through the camera, she was determined to destroy them all in a single week. She would revenge Ganga for Sagar pushing her out of their house. She would attack Ganga in a way that would be unavoidable.

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