Gangaa Friday Update 3 January 2020


Gangaa Friday Update 3 January 2020

The next morning, Madhvi was upset about all the recent developments. She gets a call from Prabha, and recognizes her as Ghunghat wali mata ji. She asks why Madhvi so tensed is, someone has troubled her family. She knows how much that evil soul is troubling them, but it won’t leave them till she breaks its magic. She insists to let her come and break its magic, else it would destroy their family.

She spots Aabha pushing Ruhi, then hints Madhvi about it. Supriya and Madhvi run towards her. Madhvi was tensed and shares this with Ghunghat wali mata ji. Prabha now watches Aabha cut a shirt, and says there is something wrong in balcony for sure. Madhvi goes to see the shirt badly torn. Madhvi invites her at their place. Prabha points at how Sagar pushed her out of their house. Madhvi takes the responsibility, and was ready to do anything. Ghunghat wali mata ji instructs her about something, Madhvi

Ganga comes to Sagar at home. She informs Sagar that Niru is fine but doctors want to keep him under observation for a while. Madhvi comes downstairs, and speaks to them both. She says she has a right to think about her husband, and she has decided that they both can’t stay in this house.

Pulkit and Supriya were also shocked to hear this, as Madhvi announces her decision. Sagar wonders why she is saying so. Madhvi allows them to stay in the outdoor room, as until the evil soul is here they can’t stay here. Ganga asks her not to take any decision in rush, they can speak about it. Madhvi decisively shouts that it’s her final verdict. Sagar was stubborn, that they won’t leave. Madhvi takes a bottle and break it over the stairs, deterring to hurt herself if they don’t agree.

Aabha was coming downstairs and stops there, enjoying. Ganga agrees to stay in the outdoor room and asks her to keep the glass down. Madhvi asks them to go outside first, Ghunghat wali mata ji arrives at home. Madhvi gets to her feet, Ganga thinks it’s because of her brainwashing that Madhvi is saying all this. Madhvi calls her inside. Ghunghat wali mata points at them both. Madhvi says till they don’t leave, Mata ji won’t enter. Prabha cheers under the veil. Sagar and Ganga leave the house. Prabha cheers that she has broken the back bone of this family already.

Ganga was struggling to clean the fan of outdoor room. Sagar watches here, then brings a stool for her. Sagar looks towards her, then thinks he would tease her for sometimes in revenge of all those years she teased. Ganga curtly thinks he should have helped her, then coughs while cleaning the fan. Sagar ignores her deliberately. She smiles looking towards him and slips, Sagar holds her in his arms. They share an eye lock. Ganga smiles, Sagar smiles back; with a jerk Ganga realizes she had been day dreaming. Sagar finds a box with their childhood photos. He wish they hadn’t grown up.

Ganga finds a photo of Niru and Madhvi’s wedding, both smile watching the photo. Sagar sits there, wondering what happened to Madhvi as she is the most intelligent woman in the world. Ganga says Niru was ill because of that Mata, as he had eaten that powder before falling ill. Sagar says nothing would be of any use, they should only take care of Nirandar now. Sagar gets a call from hospital, he informs Ganga that Niru is being discharged as he is much better now. He leaves the room, Ganga thinks for a while then takes Sagar’s phone in hands thoughtfully.

At night, Ganga keeps a hand over Kashish’s shoulder. Kashish asks why she called her so late. Ganga asks for her help to keep an eye over this mata, as they need to unveil her reality. Kashish says someone has deliberately trapped Madhvi, Madhvi has given a lot of money to Mata. Ganga says tomorrow Niru is also returning, Kashish must be vigilant and let that Mata not to win. She then warns Kashish to be careful.
The next morning, Mata was doing Pooja. Sagar and Ganga come in, Madhvi stood beside Mata ji when she watches them there. Prabha smiles watching Ganga and Sagar, she then asks Madhvi to bring her husband as she wants to know where that evil soul resides.

Ghunghat wali mata ji shows the diyas to Madhvi, then remembers Aabha pouring oil in them. She said there are six people in this house. She is connecting this sixth diya with a straw to stove that would burst upon lighting. She will cover the stove with red cloth, and everyone would consider it as a pious book.
During the Pooja, Sagar asks Madhvi what this all is. Madhvi puts Sagar to silence, as she would speak to Niru by herself when he comes home. Ganga notices the red box and asks Kashish about it. Kashish says Mata ji said it is something that can control the evil soul. Prabha sends Madhvi to get hot milk. Ganga notices the straw connected diya to the red box and points towards it, but Madhvi scolds her to get the milk. Ganga goes towards the kitchen and notices kerosene bottle lying outside.
Maharaj says he didn’t bring this kerosene, only Amma ji’s food is made over stove but she isn’t home and kerosene isn’t needed. Mata ji now asks Madhvi to begin lighting the diya. Supriya follows. Ganga wonders who must have brought it here, then asks Maharaj ji about the stove. Maharaj ji couldn’t find it in the kitchen. Madhvi asks Sagar to call Ganga outside, Mata ji asks Kashish to light the diya. Kashish denies being a member, Mata ji forces her to light the diya as she lives here. Ganga gets the game at once, then hurries outside towards the hall. Kashish was just about to light the last diya, when Ganga hurries towards her crossing Ghunghat wali mata ji. Madhvi comes to help mata ji, Ganga puts the diya off at once. Madhvi goes scolding Ganga. Ganga says she was just helping Kashish who could have burnt because of her. She insists on Madhvi that this Mata wanted them all to burn alive. Madhvi calls Ganga crazy, Ganga says she would never be buttered by what this Ghunghat wali mata speaks. She says she found kerosene bottle in the kitchen, and Amma ji’s stove is also missing. She actually wanted to kill them all alive today, and says there must be Amma ji’s stove under this red cloth.
Ghunghat wali mata interferes that she was never insulted so much at anyone’s house. Madhvi was apologetic. Ghunghat wali mata says she was doing this only for her family, she had no benefit in all this. She wasn’t ready to help her anymore and turn to leave. Ganga stops her way not ready to let her leave until she discovers what’s under the red cloth. She goes to remove the red cloth when they hear Niru slipping over the door. Everyone run to him. Niru looked fresh and assure he is fine. Niru asks about Ghunghat wali mata ji, Sagar prevents Ganga from telling him. Madhvi explains this Pooja is only for his health and requests him to let her finish it. She asks Pulkit to take him upstairs. Madhvi gets to Prabha’s feet apologizing her. Ganga holds her up, boasting she would apologize when she will remove the red cloth. Prabha laughs under the veil, as Ganga finds a pious book under it. Madhvi was offensive, Ghunghat wali mata politely says she only want good for them, and takes a leave from Madhvi. Madhvi stops her, Ganga was thoughtful; Ghunghat wali mata agrees to stay. She thinks that Ganga would never get to know how that stove turned to book; and recalls when they had run towards Niru she pointed at Aabha to be quick. Aabha replaced the stove with the book. Madhvi gets Ghunghat wali mata seated for Pooja again.

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