Friday Update on This is Fate 1st February 2019

Karan asks to look into the washroom which girl he is with. They were shocked as he opens the door, it was Preeta. Preeta asks what happened. Prithvi was annoyed as he had been with Preeta all along, and leaves the room. Sarla goes behind Prithvi and apologizes. Prithvi smirks and asks Sarla how she even thought about him in such a way. If she feels he only shows off to be a nice man; if this is how good is paid. She called him a devil and insulted him, this is enough now. He breaks this relation with Preeta right now. Sarla was left speechless now. Sarla was ready to get to her feet, but Prithvi leaves.
Preeta questions Karan he lied about her accident and then blamed Prithvi. Karan says he has seen Prithvi with another girl here today. He asks Preeta when she came here. Preeta says about half an hour ago. Karan says he had seen Prithvi a long time before with another girl. Preeta tells him to stay out of this matter of Prithvi and her life, her life is going really smooth. Karan says the proposal isn’t good for her, it would ruin her life. Sarla comes into the room and slaps Karan, she was furious and cries that she trusted Karan but he is childish and never takes matters seriously. It is because of him that they lost Prithvi’s proposal for Preeta today. Preeta tries to calm Sarla down and takes her to sit on the bed. She says Karan was only over protective about her, he is very caring towards her and her family. Sarla understands, then joins hands to Karan in apology for slapping him but Prithvi has broken the proposal. Preeta was shocked. Sarla regrets; she boasted to Deepak for finding the best guy in the world for Preeta.

Now what she would reply to her relatives and neighbors, and what would happen to Preeta.
Prithvi tells Sherlin he has broken the relation with Preeta. Sarla insulted him so badly, and they accepted what that Karan said. He can’t bear his insult for long. Sherlin reminds him about their future plan and says if he marries Preeta he can do with her whatever he wish to. And this will clear her way to trap Rishab as well.

At home Sarla accuses herself for causing all the problems. Karan thinks about Sameer’s words. He wonders if he was jealous of Prithvi and took him wrong. He comes to apologize Sarla, that it was because of him that Prithvi broke the proposal. He will apologize with Prithvi and make everything perfect again.
Sherlin gets a call from Kareena that it’s her Sangeet after three days. Sherlin was dancing with Prithvi. After the call Prithvi was happy takes Sherlin for celebration. He says he is happy to have won over Karan today, Preeta must be feeling unlucky to get two broken engagements. They will no more get time to spy on them anymore.
Karan and Preeta go to leave in the car together. Preeta says he doesn’t want his head down, but he must apologize for the wrong he has done. Karan

calls her complicated. Preeta says he interferes a lot in her life. She shared with him that Sherlin isn’t a good person, but she blamed her for the right. Karan stops the car and comes out saying he has changed his mind. Karan says he couldn’t risk for not telling them about Prithvi’s reality. He had to do this all, he can’t take a 1% risk taking her. Preeta says she only understands this proposal is the smile of her mother, it’s her family’s hope. Couldn’t he call her once? Karan says she didn’t call him back once. Preeta says she wasn’t idle, and had to do a lot at home. Her family will have to bear a lot if this proposal is broken. He doesn’t value relations. Karan stops her saying he is going to join her important relation. Preeta warns if he doesn’t genuinely and properly apologize Prithvi, their friendship is broken. Karan stops the car with a jerk and realizes it was only a day dream and that he had lost concentration over driving. Preeta consoles Karan that she understands he did it out of friendship, his intentions were right. Anyone can have a wrong judgment at any time. Karan thinks Preeta is really nice, he has caused a great trouble in her life still she is positive towards him.

Sherlin pours a drink for herself happy that she will get married soon. It will get Rishab’s neck in her hands, she will do whatever she wish for. She asks for celebration and brings him a drink. Prithvi says nothing can make him happier but the thought that she will marry Rishab in days. Sherlin asks if he won’t miss her? Prithvi says their relation is more serious than that boring Rishab. Sherlin says she loves his insecurity towards her. Prithvi says he is really sure about their relation and their love. Sherlin gets closer to Prithvi, he holds her by her waist.
Karan and Preeta reach outside the house

Prithvi and Sherlin were intimate with each other. Preeta and Karan reach Prithvi’s house. Preeta says they will return if he isn’t home. Karan thinks this means he would really have to bend in front of him. Prithvi was irritated by the ring of doorbell. Sherlin goes to check the door, but Prithvi stops her saying she isn’t at her house. He silently sends her inside. Karan asks Preeta to call him, he will go where Prithvi is. The door opens. Prithvi was thoughtful and asks why they are here? If something is left? Prithvi thinks this means he was right, Karan came for apology. Prithvi says nothing is left for anything to be said. But it seems someone doesn’t want them to get married. Sherlin was happy about Prithvi. Preeta apologizes Prithvi for what happened in the hotel. Karan says it

was all because of him, he is sorry. Prithvi signals Sherlin to get behind, then invites Preeta and Karan inside. He apologizes as there is servant at home right now. Then asks Karan what he was saying. Karan says Prithvi just said he likes Preeta, he must as she is the best. Preeta was moved by his act and words. Karan says he might have seen someone else there and thought it was Prithvi. Prithvi asks how Karan could think like this, and even Preeta’s family trusted him because they trust Karan more than him. Preeta apologizes from her family’s side. Karan feels bad. Prithvi says he accepts their friendship, but forbids Karan to interfere in his friend’s life to such an extent. He must take care from now on. Karan says he will take care. Prithvi says it seems there is no misunderstanding now, it’s his right to be forgiven now. He says he was so angry and must go to Sarla and apologize for breaking the proposal. He goes inside to pick his phone. Preeta and Karan were both upset.Rishab asks Rakhi if it’s important. Rakhi asks what the problem is, and insists on him to take Sherlin to shopping. Rishab says he is ready to give her the card and driver, she can go by herself. Rakhi asks if he means she is short of money. Rishab finally agrees. Rakhi tells him to call her here.
Sherlin was excited about Prithvi’s straight forward reply. She was irked at Rishab’s call and cuts the call, she didn’t want to speak to him but Prithvi. Prithvi confirms the door was locked. He comes in and boasts about insulting Karan well. Sherlin was happy that today Karan has paid for everything. But she doesn’t want the destruction of Karan but Rishab. Prithvi promises to work well for destroying him. Rishab’s phone bell rings again. Rishab says Rakhi wants him to take her out for wedding preparations and shopping. Sherlin says she is always ready to go anywhere with him. Rishab asks where they can meet. Sherlin gives him time to meet at Bandra. She was happy that they are so close to accomplish their plan. She leaves for market, while Prithvi goes to show his acting to Aroras.
Outside, Prithvi asks Preeta to come along him. Sarla must be happy to see them together. Preeta holds his hand, Karan was upset about it. Karan was lost in some thoughts. Prithvi tells Karan to go and play cricket, he can only be successful in that very game. He leaves with Preeta.. READ NEXT/SATURDAY 2ND ON THIS IS FATE