Saturday Update on This is Fate 2nd February 2019

Sherlin hides behind the couch as Prithvi’s mother comes in and goes to drink water. She heads to run with her shoes in hand when the phone bell rings and Prithvi’s mother turns around. She couldn’t hear who was on the call and moves on. Sherlin wonders if this lady had to return just now. Sherlin thinks she is getting late because of this lady. She thinks Prithvi is careless and didn’t tell her his mom is returning.
At home, Sarla cries in temple that her Preeta’s life was filled with happiness. But why this all happened to them, she must be punished for all the wrong. Shrishti brings the tea and takes Sarla to sit with her. She asks how it is. Sarla smiles as it’s very tasty. Shrishti says her children are so lucky, because she is the best mother. Sarla cries as she isn’t a good mother, she hurt Preeta. Shrishti asks if she must have been sad had Shrishti called him the worst. Dadi asks what if Karan had said was right? Shrishti says it must have been just, whatever she said to Prithvi. She tells Sarla she is a very brave lady. She and Preeta feel safe with her here. Sarla asks if Shrishti wish she keep on crying whole day? And smiles.

Karan wonders if there can be a girl who doesn’t like Karan Luthra. His hotness doesn’t effect this girl, and she has chosen such a wrong person. He wonders why they are friends after all the differences. Its all because of Rishab that he became friend with such an old fashioned girl. He wonders why he did all for Preeta only.

Karan feels curt that he made such huge attempts for Preeta but she can never be happy with him.
There, Preeta was moved by Karan’s act just for the sake of her mother. Karan was upset about Prithvi holding Preeta’s hand. He stops the car with a jerk and questions himself why he feels bad about him holding Preeta’s hand. Why if affects him? He wonders if it must be his mother in the hotel. Who calls his mother as Darling? He decides to get rid of Preeta’s thoughts, but wonders how?
There, Preeta thinks Karan still considers Prithvi as wrong, still he went against his judgment for her mother. How would she ever be able to forget this about him? She and Prithvi pass smiles to each other. Preeta feels bad for being helpless in front of Karan today.
Karan thinks at least

Preeta felt bad for him for apologizing. As he pulls up the car Sameer was about to get hit. Karan scolds him for wanting to die. Sameer asks Karan why is he so angry? Karan asks Sameer if you murder someone, if you get jailed or hanged. Sameer asks if it’s Preeta; as Karan is always upset about him. Karan stops at once from speaking, then asks why must be waste time over Preeta. She is already marrying Prithvi and hands the car keys to him to park it.
Sarla was waiting for Preeta when she arrives. Prithvi comes to apologize Sarla. Shrishti was happy that he finally apologized. Sarla apologizes Prithvi in return for suspecting him. She promises to never commit such a mistake ever. Preeta thinks she needs to stop Sarla but can’t, Sarla and Prithvi are both angry over Karan. Prithvi says it was Karan who fed Sarla against him, he called Preeta to meet his mother but his mother had gone downstairs when she arrived. And all that happened then, he was enraged and left. Sarla again apologizes. Shrishti asks Sarla if she would beg for the proposal from him, she should stop apologizing. Sarla scolds Shrishti saying she made a mistake, it’s not about begging. Preeta tells Sarla that Prithvi has understood already, and it’s being too much. Prithvi was curt over Preeta for not wanting her mother to get down in front of him. Prithvi, but asks Sarla to rejoin their proposal. He assures to make his mother up again and fix the date for wedding as well. Sarla was happy and sends Shrishti for some sweets. Preeta was moved that her wedding means a lot for Sarla. Sarla calls Shrishti for sweets and miss Janki. Prithvi asks about Janki. Sarla says she was a little conscious but again slept; doctor said she can get conscious at any time. Sarla appreciates Rishab for getting the best doctor for her. Prithvi asks to meet Janki. Sarla was happy to have got Prithvi, she was confused why Karan did this all. Preeta thinks Karan cares a lot for them, and Prithvi came here only because of him. She feels bad for Karan.
Kareena and Kritika were selecting jewelry. Rakhi brings a pile of boxes together and was elated for all the happiness. Karan asks about it. They tell him about wedding date fixed after three days. Karan wonders how he would stop this super speedy development. He heads towards his room. Kareena wonders why he always stay so lost. Rakhi says he must be tired only. Kareena thinks he was upset and doesn’t want Sherlin to marry in this house. She holds Preeta responsible for all that.
Bee ji brings Prithvi into the room and herself goes to open the window. Prithvi curses himself for not killing Janki at the right time. He asks Bee ji what she feels if it was accidental, or may be some enemy did this. Bee ji says they have never wronged anyone, it could be by mistake. Prithvi says he won’t spare the one responsible for all this. He suggests may be someone has hit her hard on her head. Bee ji says she feels Janki must have run to get out of the room when there was fire and must have been hit. Prithvi insists this must be any enmity. Bee ji doesn’t accept and asks Janki to get up. Prithvi smirks that they are a little for simple. He decides to kill Janki, none would suspect him? He wish this old lady leave the room for only five minutes.

Rishab comes to pick Sherlin up. The driver hands him some medicines. Rishab turns the car to Preeta’s house, he explains getting the medicines to Preeta’s house is important. He got them recommended for Janki. Sherlin seems upset, but then consoles herself thinking that Prithvi must be there to handle. She wanted to see them get to his feet first. Rishab says Sherlin is strange, she either is upset or smiles by herself. Sherlin says she is really happy about going to meet Janki, she is nice. Rishab says everyone is nice at Arora’s house.
In the room, Karan was upset about losing their battle against Sherlin. He wonders why can’t he decide what he wants, then says Preeta is really nice girl. READ NEXT/ SUNDAY 3RD ON THIS IS FATE