Friday Update on My Lost Home Zee World


Shabd is sitting on the bed with his laptop. He shouts out for Mahi. She comes running to him and he inform her that his college buddies are coming. Mahi scolds him and tells him that she was scared and thought something happened to him. Shabd says she gets scared always and shows her all his friend and describes their college days. Mahi says he is so excited and it seems he wants to go back to college. Shabd takes her closer and says he doesn’t because she wasn’t there then. And she asks him to show her all his friends. Meanwhile, Cherry is sleeping and hears some noise and gets up. She calls for Jeet but he is not there. She goes to the bathroom and says she know everything is written with lipstick on the mirror. She thinks if Jeet is threatened her and asks herself if he can do that. She gets scred due to something and runs out. Jeet comes in. She asks where was he? He says in library and goes to sleep. Cherry thinks if Jeet is trying to fool her or is it someone else? He didn’t show anything on her face. She thinks If he is trying to trick her into accepting her crime?

Mahi comes and brings tea for Shabd and sees him still sleeping. Shabd tells her not to wake him up as he is having a very sweet dream. Mahi asks him to tell her about the dream. He tires to tell her while hugging her and she doesn’t allow it. He tells her that if she wants to hear it, it will be in his style. Mahi agrees. Shabd says he was dreaming about them both being at a very romantic spot with Tipu. A confused Mahi asks who Tipu is. Shabd says that Tipu is a very small child that will be their kid. Mahi asks if he will name their child Tipu? Shabd says Tipu will be his nickname and that he have tons of names thought of for their child. He asks Mahi if she have thought of any? Mahi says she haven’t and there is time left for it. He says they need a kid within the next year. Then he starts worrying about all this stuff he has to do before the kid comes.

Soni comes back home with Durga from the doctor and the doctor said everything is fine and not to worries. She adds that the doctor say the delivery is normal and gave her prescriptions for her strength. Mr. Khurana tells Soni that they are very grateful to her to give them Veer’s child and tells her to relax. Jeet sees her walking off. A blackmailer calls Cherry claiming to have evidence against her. Cherry tells Parmeet that she needs to meet him as soon as possible. Parmeet says right now will be difficult and then starts to tell her where to meet but Jyoti walks in. So he pretends that the call got cut off. He lie that it was Jyoti’s mother-in-law’s phone and that she misses her. He tells Jyoti that his mom is saying that Jyoti should come back to Canada. Jyoti asks Parmeet what he wants and does he really want her to come to Canada? She tells Parmeet to call his mom and tell her that they both will come to Canada. Parmeet is left stunned. Mahi on the other hand is feeding every breakfast and she makes Shabd eat two paranthas. Shabd try to go to work but Mahi keeps calling him reminding about things he keeps forgetting and he finally shuts her mouth and runs out of the house.

Parmeet and Cherry meet. She tells him that someone is threatening her and that she don’t know who he is, but she is sure that it is Jeet. Parmeet asks why don’t she just leave him. Cherry says that she want him to love her, but her real love is him referring to Parmeet. Cherry says Jeet is trying to scare them. Parmeet try to convince her that they should go away from them, adding that Jeet and Jyoti probably both know about them. Just then someone calls Cherry to threaten her. She says that the guy on the phone is Jeet. The guy on the phone says that he has just send a courier to the Khurana’s house that contains a very big evidence against her. Cherry is running back home while Soni is receiving it. Durga asks Soni who is it for. Soni is just about to open it when Cherry comes there and snatches it from her hands.

Cherry snatch the courier from Soni’s hand and tells her it’s her mail. Durga and Soni are stunned. Cherry opens the courier and find pictures of her and Parmeet together. Cherry is talking to herself getting all worried and wants to know who is blackmailing her. Jeet walks in and she starts putting away the pictures in a hurry. Jeet asks her what that is and Cherry says that they are just old pictures. Cherry wonders how to figure out if Jeet is behind this or not. Just then Jyoti walks in and tells him that the people he just had a meeting with are back. Jeet comes down and Cherry follows him and sees him signing the papers. Then the blackmailer calls Cherry up and tells her that now she should know that the blackmailer is not Jeet but him, his hat, leg and hands his show but in blur. He asks her to give him 1 crore rupees ( 10 millions) to leave her alone. Cherry says that she has to do something. While Soni, Mr. Khurana and Durga are eating, Cherry walks in looking completely lost. Then Parmeet walks in and sees Cherry lost in her thoughts. Durga asks her if she is not going to eat anything, then why is she eating here. The phone rings and Jeet answers it and gets no answers. Jeet wonders why people call when they are not going to talk. Cherry walks away and Mr. Khurana wonders what’s wrong with her.

Mahi asks Shabd if he invited his friends over. Shabd says that he didn’t invite them. Mahi says he should. Shabd says that they will come if they want to and asks her to not worry about it. Mahi tell him not to worry that she understand, and he probably don’t want to call them because he dont want to get embarrased because of her. Shabd says thats not the reason why he didn’t invite them. It’s just that they haven’t changed and didn’t think that Mahi will like them. Mahi says she will not have any problems with them. Shabd then replies saying that he will invite them for the evening.

Cherry is in her room and says that the blackmailer has not called probably because he has nothing against her. and then behold, the blackmailer calls her and Cherry gets scared. The blackmailer asks if she has arranged for the money. Cherry agrees. He tells her to come meet him somewhere at 11. He tells her not to try to outsmart him because the consequences will be very bad. He laughs and cuts off the phone and chyerry is scared. Mahi on the other hand is waiting and calls Shabd up. Shabd says that he is coming but needs to meet his friends before coming. He tells her to eat on time and he will come over eventually. Mahi tells him to ask his friends what they like to eat, so she makes their favourite food when they come over for dinner.

While Cherry is getting dressed in her room, Jeet comes there and ask her where she is going. she starts giving an explanation of where she is going and why. Jeet tells her to shut up nicely. Cherry walks out and Soni sees her. Soni then sees Jeet coming and asks him where Cherry is gone and tell him to eat dinner. He says he is not hungry and has too much work to do. Durga asks Soni if she gave Jeet his dinner and tells her to give him some juice to him so he is not empty stomach. Soni goes to his room and doesn’t find him there and wonders where he is. Cherry falls for the blackmailer threats and puts her life at risk to keep the truth hidden, she reaches the designated place and tries to find the guy. Jeet meets the guy and tells him that the work is done and thanks him for all his help. The person who is helping them is none other than Shabd. Jeet tells Shabd that Cherry is falling into their trap because of him. Shabd suggest Jeet to let him go and record her confession. But Jeet refuses that it’s too dangerous. Meanwhile, Cherry who is waiting for the blackmailer calls Parmeet up and informs him that she have not seen the blackmailer but he tells her not to worry that he is already inside waiting for the blackmailer and that he is going to meet his end today.