Saturday Update on My Lost Home Zee World


Everyone at Khurana’s house is worried about Jeet because they don’t know where he is. Just then Jeet and Shabd walk in and everybody sees his wonded arm. Mr. Khurana asks for an explanation of what is going on. Shabd and Jeet assure the family that it’s a small wound and it will heal. Durga asks where they were. Jeet says that they had Parmeet and Cherry arrested. Shabd says he will explain everything but Jeet needs to rest. Mr. Khurana asks how did Jeet get wounded. Shabd says that Parmeet shot him. Soni tells Jeet to not worry about anything but to go and rest. Everybody leaves from Jeet’s room after Soni and Jeet have an eye-locking session. Outside, Shabd tells everyone the truth and the Khurana family is left stunned when they hear the truth about Cherry and Paramjeet. Mr. Khurana says that Jeet and Shabd should have consulted him before acting out their plan. Jyoti says that she still does not believe that she married her brother’s killer. Shabd consoles her saying that the killers will get their punishment.

Cherry and Parmeet are at the police station. Parmeet tells Cherry that because of her overconfidence they are stuck here. Cherry tells Parmeet to not say anything in front of the police and assures him that the police does not have any evidence against them and that she is not worried at all. She tells Parmeet to keep quiet and leave everything else to her. Just then people come to take them and Cherry yells at Parmeet to keep quiet and nothing will happen to them. While Jeet is sleeping, Soni walks in. She sees Jeet restless in his sleep. So she comes to help him and stops. Meanwhile jeet wakes up and Soni tells Jeet that she came to see if he needed anything. Jeet says that he wants water. She pours him water and helps him sit up. Jeet drinks the water and Soni helps him lay back down and walks out of the room.

The Khurana family is at the police station listening to the recording and it is revealed that there is no evidence against Cherry, so they can’t do anything to her and the court will not do anything to Cherry. They say that even Parmeet can’t be punished because there is nothing against him either and for the attack on Jeet, he can also get out. Jeet asks the police to think of something so that Parmeet and Cherry get punished. The police says that one of them has to admit to their crimes and that Cherry won’t say anything, adding that Cherry told Parmeet to not say anything. Jeet says that he will make Cherry talk and that he knows how to make them both talk. Jeet tells the police that he can make them both talk but he will need their help. When Cherry and Parmeet refuse to reveal the truth, Jeet tries to get to the bottom of the problem and tells Cherry that she is very clever and does not leave any evidence, but Cherry did make a mistake.