Friday Update on Sacred Ties Zee World Update


EPISODE 122 – 124

Archanas parents celebrate their 32nd marriage anniversary. While Archana and her family are rejoicing, Archana is completely unaware that Manav and his family are arrested by the police because of Manjushas complaint. Manav and his family members are even beaten up by the police. Sulochana announces her engagement with Satish during the celebration. Archana breaks down and is reluctant to get into a relationship with Satish but Manjusha tries to convince her.

Manjusha compels Archana to get engaged with Satish for her mothers happiness. Even Satishs mother forces him to agree for this relation. Both Satish and Archana are reluctant but agree for the sake of their families. Then the people present at the occasion come to congratulate and bless Archana and Satish. But Archana speaks her heart out and confesses to everyone about her love for Manav.

Archana refuses to get engaged with Satish and admits that she still loves Manav. On the other hand, Manav is enraged with Archana and blames her for all the ill-treatment he and his family have experienced. Manav wants to cut all the ties with Archana. Even Savita blames Archana and wants Manav to part ways from her. Satish understands Archanas feelings and does not compel her to get into a relationship with him. Archana apologizes to Sulochana as she could not fulfill her wish.