Family Affairs September Teasers 2019 Starlife


Family Affairs September Teasers 2019 Starlife

Sarla’s abduction caused panic in the Family,will Raghav and Shivam find Sarla’s Kidnappers? Read on Family Affairs September Teasers 2019 Starlife.

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Starlife Family Affairs September Teasers 2019. 

Sunday 1 September 2019

Episode 105

A pandit tells Shanti about a prospective groom for Preeti. Shanti asks Kaushalya to prevent Riya from returning her scooty to Anupam. Later, Riya agrees to handover her salary to Shanti. Vyom apologises to Sujeev for his mistake. Preeti’s colleague asks her to deposit Rs. 25,000 in the account.

Monday  2 September   2019

Episode 106

Shanti asks Nimmi to apologise to Sarla for her misbehaviour. Sujeev refuses to get married. Ashok meets with an accident and Sonal informs Sarla about the same. A pandit informs Shanti that a prospective groom will be visiting the house with his family.

Tuesday 3 September   2019

Episode 107

The preparation for Navratri at Shanti Sadan is in full swing. Preeti is upset about Shanti forcing her to get married. Shivam tries to play a prank on Riya. Sarla hears Amit lying to his lender that she is dead. She learns that she got cheated by the foreigner. Raghav wants to get Riya a scooter.

Wednesday 4 September   2019

Episode 108

Nimmi confides her plan against Shanti to Preeti. Shanti confronts Nimmi when she sees her dancing in the house. Meanwhile, Sarla assaults her associate for deceiving her. Shivam and Riya’s boss tells them to achieve their targets. Shanti is worried about Sarla as her associate has kidnapped her.

Sarla is kidnapped on September Teasers Family Affairs 2019 starlife

Sarla is kidnapped

Thursday 5  September   2019

Episode 109

The family panics after reading the ransom letter. When Rani tells Prabha about Sarla’s abduction, she starts spreading rumors about Sarla. Bindu tells Ashok that Sarla has eloped. Raghav learns about Sarla’s abduction. Prabha creates a scene at Shanti Sadan, accusing Sarla of having an affair.

Friday  6  September   2019

Episode 110

Kailash urges Rani to accompany him home. Rani tells Amit about Sarla’s abduction. Shivam rescues Riya from the goons. The kidnappers carry Sarla to Ramleela. Amit makes an anonymous call to the police, claiming that Shanti is the kidnapper. Shivam gives Shanti a life-size image of Sarla.

Saturday 7 September   2019

Episode 111

Raghav gets a message published in the newspaper for Sarla. Amit finds a similarity between Sarla and the lady at Ramleela. The police trace Sarla’s phone. Rajinder and Bansi stop Amit from removing Sarla’s mask. Pari takes the bait set for her by Vyom and his mother. Shivam finds Sarla’s phone.

Sunday 8 September 2019

Episode 112

Vyom rebukes Pari for arriving unannounced to his house. The Shrivastavs perform puja at their house. Shivam tells Shanti that they have failed to find Sarla. The doctor asks Shanti to stop fasting. Shanti tells Preeti that a prospective groom will be visiting their house.

Monday  9 September   2019

Episode 113

Kaushalya asks Riya to help her in welcoming the prospective groom and his family.  Pari steals Preeti’s money. She insults the prospective groom and his family. They, in turn, get furious and leave Shanti Sadan.

Tuesday 10 September   2019

Episode 114

Shanti casts Nimmi out of the house and creates a major upheaval at their home. The kidnappers panic when they see Raghav and Shivam. Vyom asks Pari to marry him. Later, Shanti apologises to Nimmi. Nimmi gets furious at Riya. Shanti tries to provoke Raghav.

Wednesday 11 September   2019

Episode 115

Someone informs Raghav about an unidentified bag at the railway station; later he is shocked to find Sarla in it. Amit insists that Rani go to Allahabad. Vyom lies to Pari about Sujeev agreeing to their marriage proposal. Riya apologises to Kaushalya. Shanti slaps Prabha for insulting Sarla.

Thursday 12  September   2019

Episode 116

Prabha apologises to Shanti. Vyom’s mother scolds Makadi for neglecting his work. Shivam requests Nimmi and Preeti to support him. Sarla assaults Rajinder and his associate for kidnapping her. Sonal questions Pari on finding money in her purse.

Friday  13  September   2019

Episode 117 Family Affairs September Teasers 2019 Starlife

Preeti and Nimmi suspect Pari of stealing the money. Vyom plants a camera in his house. Preeti gets her money back from Pari. Riya decides to ride Shivam’s bike. Vyom’s plan is foiled as he gets stuck with Sujeev. Pari visits Vyom’s house. Makdi and Sujeev’s mother watch Pari steal from their house.

Saturday 14 September   2019

Episode 118

Preeti is in love with RJ Mohit Mir. Shanti is excited to receive Riya’s salary. Preeti, Shivam, Raghav and Riya handover their salaries to Shanti. However, Riya asks for Rs 30,000 to cover Shanti’s medical insurance. Raghav praises Riya for her idea. Shanti plans a funeral for herself.

Sunday 15 September 2019

Episode 119

Raghav gets angry with Shanti when she creates an uproar about her medical insurance. Avoiding being caught by Sujeev, Vyom escapes with Pari. Sarla tries to make Shanti visualise her future. Shanti manipulates Riya who then agrees to hand over her salary to her from next month.

Monday  16 September   2019

Episode 120

Sarla rebukes Rani for her lewd behaviour towards Amit. He assures Sarla that he will stay away from Rani. Meanwhile, Kaushalya warns Nimmi against using Riya’s saris. Amit tells Sarla that he has to repay the loan, while Rani eavesdrops on their conversation.

Tuesday 17 September   2019

Episode 121

Sonal helps Nimmi with her studies. Vyom tries to lure Pari into a trap. Shanti asks Nirmala to sing a bhajan and refuses to pay her. Rani asks Amit to come home as she is alone. Shivam defends his boss from the goons. Sarla visits a fraud sage and seeks advice to resolve her problems..

Wednesday 18 September   2019

Episode 122

The tantrik gives Sarla a magical scorpion to help locate her enemy. Renu and Prabha team up against Shanti. Rani helps Shivam steal the jewellery from Sarla. Ashok’s canteen gets shut down. Sarla releases the scorpion at the Shanti Sadan. Pari falls into Vyom’s bait. The scorpion stings Shanti.

Thursday 19  September   2019

Episode 123

Shivam gets a doctor for Shanti, while Sarla asks Rajinder to impersonate a tantrik and visit Shanti Sadan. Sujeev gifts Pari a diamond necklace and a ring. Amit clears his debts. Sarla stops Sonal from returning the scooty to Riya. Shivam gets into an argument with Riya.

Friday  20  September   2019

Episode 124

Shivam apologises to Kaushalya on Riya’s behalf. Later, Riya too apologises to Kaushalya. Shanti asks Riya to fast for Shivam. Shivam tells Riya that he is fasting for her. Ashok tells Sarla about Amit’s wrongdoings. Vyom’s mother asks Makadi to keep an eye on Pari.

Saturday 21 September   2019

Episode 125

The ladies gather at Shanti Sadan for karva chauth. Shanti gives a few presents to the women. Vyom and his mother plot against Pari. Nimmi gets another order to make a lehenga for a client. Shivam gifts wind chimes to Riya. Pari visits Sujeev, while Vyom and his mother watch them on the CCTV.

Sunday 22 September 2019

Episode 126

Tune in to one of the Top 10 celebrations of 2015. Sarla tries to prove her innocence to Riya. Vyom’s mother asks him to keep an eye on Makadi. Sarla gifts a sari to Shanti. Raghav tries to console Shanti. The Shrivastavs dance on the occasion of Karva Chauth. Kaushalya tells Raghav about Anupam’s ailment. Shanti pretends to be unwell.


Monday  23 September   2019

Episode 127

Shanti gives the mixer gifted by Shivam to Sarla. Nimmi finds out Kaushalya’s wedding anniversary date. Raghav learns about Ashok’s canteen being shut down. Shanti makes Riya perform all the household chores. Pari lies to Vyom about Sujeev being intimate with her.

Tuesday 24 September   2019

Episode 128

Sarla questions Pari about her whereabouts. Pari pretends to commit suicide to get rid of Ashok’s suspicions. Riya gets late for work as Shanti keeps her busy. Preeti gets selected in a radio contest. The goons humiliate Amit for giving them fake jewellery. Rani plants a camera in Pari’s room.

Wednesday 25 September   2019

Episode 129

Nagar’s wife tells Raghav about Ashok gambling in his canteen. Raghav tells Shanti about it. Rani shows Ashok the footage he has against Pari. Nimmi tells Preeti about her order. When Shanti and Raghav confront Ashok for gambling, he tells Raghav about Amit’s misdeed.

Thursday 26  September   2019

Episode 130

Sarla refuses to visit Shanti Sadan with Raghav. Riya’s job is at stake as she reaches late in the office. Preeti gets ready to meet RJ Mohit Mir. The goons give Amit Seven days to return the money. Riya completes the task given by her boss. Shanti decides to fix Pari’s marriage.

Friday  27  September   2019

Episode 131

Sarla beats Pari and stops her from going out. Preeti meets RJ Mohit. Sarla and Rani panic when they see a wounded Amit. Shivam advises Riya to quit her job. Sarla finds out about Rani’s theft. Pari lies to Sujeev about committing suicide. Amit asks Sarla for Rani’s property documents.

Saturday 28 September   2019

Episode 132

Rani tries to stop Amit and Sarla from selling her property. Kaushalya and Shanti question Preeti when she returns home. Kaushalya requests Shivam to help Sarla with his and Riya’s salary. Riya writes her resignation letter. Nimmi arranges a wedding anniversary trip for Kaushalya and Raghav.

Sunday 29 September 2019

Episode 133

Late in the night, Pari escapes from her house. Makdi disguises himself as a rickshaw-wala and gives Pari a lift. She lies to Sujeev about committing suicide and he rushes to stop her. Later, Sujeev decides to marry Pari. Makdi arranges a pandit for Pari-Sujeev’s wedding.

Monday  30 September   2019

Episode 134

Vyom takes photographs of Sujeev and Pari getting married. Shivam reminds Raghav about his anniversary celebration. Later, Rani tells Sarla about Pari missing from the house. Dadi agrees to send Kaushalya with Raghav to celebrate their anniversary. Sarla asks Amit to search for Pari.

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