Family Affairs August Teasers 2019 Starlife


Family Affairs August Teasers 2019 Starlife

Shivam-Riya get romantic,Sarla to finds out about Kaushalya’s plan of bringing the couple close, Read Family Affairs August Teasers 2019.

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Starlife Family Affairs August Teasers 2019

Thursday 1 August 2019


Shanti tells Kaushalya to prepare sweets on learning that the sweets sent by Riya’s family were not homemade. Shanti pretends to be forgetful. Meanwhile, Raghav and Kaushalya search for the money given by Riya’s father at the time of marriage. Nimmi suspects Shanti.

Friday  2 August 2019


Riya leaves with Lalli. Shivam follows them on his bike. Sarla’s goons try to rob Riya. Pari talks to Vyom about their marriage. Raghav calls up Shivam to reprimand him but Riya takes the call. Amit disguises himself as a woman and escapes from his creditors. Shanti falls ill.

August Teasers on Family Affairs starlife 2019 Sarlas goons try to rob Riya

Sarla’s goons try to rob Riya

Saturday 3 August 2019


Riya reaches home with her father and dadi bua. Shanti argues with the laundry woman. Later, she finds Kaushalya’s money purse in the bag. Anupam asks Riya if she’s happy. Rani sees Pari hugging Vyom and tells Sarla about it. Sarla rebukes her neighbours for prying into their life.

Sunday 4 August 2019


Kaushalya tells Priti and Nimmi that Shivam has gone to his friend’s house. Meanwhile, Sarla asks Rani to sleep in the corridor. Ashok confronts Sarla for being rude to Rani. Shivam and Riya spend some romantic moments.

Monday  5 August 2019


Sarla reprimands Rani for sleeping in Amit’s room. Amit refuses to spend his first night with Rani. Kaushalya panics as Shanti goes missing. She is surprised seeing Shanti return from the market. Shanti declares to cook her own food.

Tuesday 6 August 2019


Rani confronts Pari for insulting Amit. Amit asks Rani to not interfere in his family matters. Sarla allows Ashok’s sister in the house as she threatens to lodge a case against her. Shanti provokes Raghav against Kaushalya and Shivam.

Wednesday 7 August 2019


Pari tells Sarla about the situation at Shanti Sadan. Raghav is furious at Shivam for defending Kaushalya. Riya and Bunty tie a rakhi to Sahil. Kaushalya tries to find the money as Raghav asks her to return it to Renu. Nimmi finds the money purse, which Shanti slyly keeps in Kaushalya’s bag.

Raghavs furious at Shivam on Family Affairs August 2019 Teasers soapie

Raghav’s furious at Shivam

Thursday 8 August 2019


Rani asks her aunt to leave before Sarla arrives. Shanti tries to slap Nimmi, however, Kaushalya stops her. Shivam gets into a tiff with Riya. Amit wins money in gambling. Nimmi breaks into tears as Shanti decides to fix her marriage. Shanti stops Kaushalya from mending things with Raghav.

Friday  9 August 2019


Riya does not receive Shivam’s call. Shivam and Riya both tell their parents about their fight. Shivam assures Kaushalya that she will never face any problem because of Riya. Kaushalya tells Raghav that she didn’t commit any mistake by accepting the money from her bhabhi.

Saturday 10 August 2019


Pari plays out a drama to escape from an angry customer. Raghav is upset with Shivam for his misbehaviour. Amit brags about his wealth to his friends. Sarla finds her father’s photograph. Rani tricks Shivam into meeting Riya. Shivam falls short of money while paying for Riya.

Sunday 11 August 2019


Riya is worried for Shivam. Nimmi calls the radio show again, however, Shanti fails to recognise her voice. Kaushalya makes up with Raghav. Shanti tries to find a groom for Nimmi. Sarla rebukes Rani for going out without her permission. Nimmi is upset as Shanti shortlists divorcees for her.

Monday  12 August 2019


Tuesday 13 August 2019


Kaushalya is worried to see Nimmi upset. Rani spies on Sarla. Shanti is shocked when Shivam taunts her for talking about Riya. Shanti reminds the Pandit about her plan.

Family Affairs August Teasers 2019 Starlife Shanti plots against Riya

Shanti plots against Riya

Wednesday 14 August 2019


Shanti decides to gift a necklace to Sarla. Riya tells Bunty that she will be fasting for Shivam. Shanti tells Sarla about her plan against Kaushalya and Riya. She reminds Dadi Bua about Riya’s fast. Amit tells Sarla that he wants to start his own business.

Thursday 15 August 2019


Riya asks Lalli about the rituals for the Hartalika puja. Kaushalya decides to wear a saree of Raghav’s choice for the puja. While, Sahil unintentionally breaks Riya’s fast, Sarla forgets to fast for Ashok. Shanti succeeds in provoking Raghav against Kaushalya. Rani overhears Pari lying to Vyom about fasting for him.


Friday  16 August 2019

Episode 84

Pari goes out on a date with Vyom. Shivam arrives to take Riya home. Shanti convinces Kaushalya to wear Riya’s sari, to land her in trouble. Rani gets the duplicate key to Sarla’s room. Shivam refuses to accept the ‘nek’ of Rs 1000 from Lalli.

Saturday 17 August 2019

Episode 85

Sunday 18 August 2019

Episode 86

Kaushalya gets to know that Riya has broken her fast. Later, Amit refuses to attend the Teej celebration at Shanti Sadan. Shanti informs Sarla about her plan against Kaushalya and Riya. Sarla confronts Rani about lying to her. Shanti provokes Kaushalya who scolds Riya for breaking her fast.

Monday  19 August 2019

Episode 87

Renu tries to console Riya. Shanti confronts Shivam for insulting Kaushalya. Shivam apologises to Kaushalya. Later, Shivam scolds Riya for being disrespectful to Kaushalya. Shanti tells Sarla about her plan of ruining Kaushalya’s relationship with Riya. Sarla provokes Shanti against Kaushalya and Riya.

Tuesday 20 August 2019

Episode 88

Shivam misunderstands Riya and gets angry at her. Kaushalya tries to console Nimmi. Nimmi gets criticized by Raghav for speaking against Shanti. Ashok tells Sarla about Amit’s misdeeds. Rani manages to steal something from Sarla’s room. Riya goes through a hard time cooking alone.

Wednesday 21 August 2019

Episode 89

Riya apologises to Kaushalya for failing to prepare the food. Later, Kaushalya teaches her to cook. Raghav praises Riya’s food. Shanti tells Kaushalya that Riya will sleep in her room. Raghav tries to calm Kaushalya. Kaushalya is furious at Nimmi for provoking her against Riya.

Thursday 22 August 2019

Episode 95

Raghav praises the food prepared by Riya. Shivam is eager to spend time with Riya. Kaushalya escapes as the chandelier comes falling down during the bhajan program. Sujeev praises Kaushalya’s singing and gives her silver coins. Kaushalya wishes to get Nimmi or Preeti married to Sujeev.

Friday  23 August 2019

Episode 96

Shanti asks the Pandit to talk to the Sinhas about the marriage. Raghav calls a florist to decorate Shivam’s room. Amit and his friend decide to take over half of Ashok’s canteen. Raghav gifts a rose to Kaushalya. Kaushalya gives a mangalsutra to Shivam to gift it to Riya.

Saturday 24 August 2019

Episode 97

Shivam gets into an argument with Riya on their first night. Kaushalya is elated on seeing her photo in the newspaper. Sarla asks Amit to get her father’s photograph framed and sells off the original frame to a foreigner. Shivam gives Shanti her husband’s framed photograph.

Shivam picks a fight with Riya family affairs for august 2019 update

Shivam picks a fight with Riya

Sunday 25 August 2019

Episode 98

Sarla confronts Rani for ruining the goods. Kaushalya tells Riya about the Pitru puja. Sarla finds the stolen jewellery in Rani’s bag. Shanti accuses Kaushalya of stealing her sari. Later, Shanti is shocked when Sarla visits the house, wearing her sari.


Monday  26 August 2019

Episode 99

Riya and Shivam are welcomed to the office. Ashok’s canteens get taken over by Amit. Sarla calls the police, reporting theft of jewellery. The police arrests Rani for stealing Sarla’s jewellery, but Sarla takes back her complaint when the police seize the jewellery.

Tuesday 27 August 2019

Episode 100

Riya worries as Anupam’s health deteriorates, while Shanti eagerly waits for Riya. Ashok gets into a fight with Amit’s friends. Shanti asks Kaushalya to be strict with Riya. Makdi gets into a fight with Prakash when he asks for money.

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Episode 101

Riya is frustrated at being questioned by Kaushalya for coming home late. Sarla tricks a jeweller to make fake jewellery. She fights with Rani’s aunt for insulting her. Nimmi takes Kaushalya’s side and misbehaves with Riya. Preeti and Nimmi are worried about Shivam.

Thursday 29 August 2019

Episode 102

Kaushalya tells Shivam to ask Riya to give her salary to Shanti. Shanti asks Kaushalya if she has told Shivam to talk to Riya about her salary. But Riya pretends to be asleep before Shivam. Sarla sneaks out of the house to hide her jewellery. Rani removes a few buttons from Amit’s shirts.

Friday  30 August 2019

Episode 103

Sarla confronts Ashok for drinking. Vyom tells his mother that Pari is a perfect bride for Sujeev. Shivam assures Kaushalya of speaking to Riya about handing over her salary to Shanti. Bunty tells Shanti that her aunt has agreed to pay Rs. 50,000 to Nimmi to design her lehenga!

Saturday 31 August 2019

Episode 104

Anupam tells Kaushalya that he will send Riya’s scooty to Shanti Sadan. Sarla tells Shanti that they will watch the wedding video together. Sujeev does not want to get married. The police raid Ashok’s canteen. Nimmi complains to Raghav that Shanti bought her cheap clothes.

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