Family Affairs StarLife: Full Story,Plot Summary, Casts, Teasers


Family Affairs StarLife: Full Story,Plot Summary, Casts, Teasers

Mere Angne Mein (Family Affairs ) replaces Chasing my heart: Read Family Affairs StarLife: Full Story,Plot Summary, Casts, Teasers below:

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Full Story,Plot Summary

The story showcases the lives of the Shrivastavs, a typically middle class family in Mughalsaral, Uttar Pradesh, India. The family matriarch, Shanti, handles the family affairs in her own style and has complete control over other family members and their activities in the house. When a new bride enters the family, she is in conflict with the established order of the house. In addition, the extended family of Shrivastavs has a dysfunctional family of her daughter Sarla. The story is interwoven with these two families saga of incoherent conflict and how small incidents create a major crisis.

actors and Cast on Family Affairs StarLife

Cast on Family Affairs StarLife

Riya is in love with a co-worker called Shivam . She only has a father, and she is generally quite close to the times, but shivam’s family is extremely Orthodox, barely allowing women to have jobs and having an almost dictator like grandmother. Called Shanti Devi who rules over the family and collects everyone’s salaries, and generally gives a large chunk to her spoilt and cunning daughter Sarla. They decided to get married, a very dramatic time as sarla devises a plan to trick smart and intelligent Riya into marrying her goon and useless son instead of Shivam, and Shanti asks dowry. Riya dies while giving birth to her child,

New entry of Aarti who is thrown out by her husband enters their family. Shanti Devi arranges a marriage for her daughter’s son. Accidentally Aarti gets married to Shivam . Everyone live happily ever after that. The end

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Brief Information and Details on Family Affairs StarLife.

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode:20th May 2019
  • Total number of episodes: 770
  • Total numbers of the season: One
  •  Channel: StarLife Africa
  • Network: Star Plus Tv
  • Original name: Mere Angne Mein
  • Tele Country: Indian
  • Last Episode: Nil

Main Cast, Picture and Real name on Family Affairs StarLife.

  • Krutika Desai as Shanti Basesarnath Srivastav (Shashikala, Ammaji): Sarla and Raghav’s Mother, Shivam, Preeti and Namita’s Dadi, Pari, Amit and Sonal’s Nani

    Shanti Cast on Family Affairs StarLife

    Krutika Desai as Shanti Basesarnath Srivastav

  • Ekta Kaul as Riya Mathur / Riya Shivam Srivastav (Bahuriya, Modern Mahila, Modern Bahuriya): Anupam’s daughter, Shivam’s first wife

    Riya Cast on Family Affairs StarLife

    Ekta Kaul as Riya

  • Richa Mukherjee as Aarti Kumari Charni / Aarti Shivam Srivastav: Shivam’s second wife

    Aarti Cast on Family Affairs StarLife

    Richa Mukherjee as Aarti

  • Karam Rajpal as Shivam Srivastav (Bullet Raja): Raghav and Kaushalya’s son, Preeti and Namita’s brother, Riya and Aarti’s husband

    Shivam Cast on Family Affairs StarLife

    Karam Rajpal as Shivam

  • Varun Badola as Raghav Srivastav: Shanti’s son, Sarla’s brother, Kaushalya’s husband, Shivam, Preeti and Namita’s father
    Raghav Cast on Family Affairs StarLife

    Varun Badola as Raghav

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Recurring Cast

  • Suchita Trivedi as Kaushalya Raghav Srivastav (Khusiya): Raghav’s wife, Shivam, Preeti and Namita’s mother
  • Ananya Khare as Sarla Srivastav / Sarla Ashok Agarwal: Shanti’s daughter, Raghav’s sister, Ashok’s wife, Pari, Amit and Sonal’s mother
  • Ishaan Singh Manhas as Golu Singh
  • Charu Asopa as Preeti Srivastav / Preeti Nand Kishore Khare (Preetya): Raghav and Kaushalya’s elder daughter, Shivam and Namita’s sister, Nandu’s wife
  • Dushyant Wagh as Nand Kishore Khare (Nandu): Preeti’s husband
  • Garima Parihar as Namita Srivastav / Namita Vyom Sinha (Nimmi, Chhoti Rani): Raghav and Kaushalya’s younger daughter, Shivam and Preeti’s sister, Vyom’s wife
  • Roshni Rastogi as Rani Amit Agarwal (Raniya): Amit’s wife
  • Pallavi Gupta as Parineeta Agarwal / Parineeta Sujeev Sinha (Pari): Ashok and Sarla’s elder daughter, Amit and Sonal’s sister, Sujeev’s wife
  • Neeraj Malviya as Amit Agarwal: Ashok and Sarla’s son, Pari and Sonal’s brother, Rani’s husband
  • Ashiesh Roy as Ashok Agarwal: Sarla’s husband, Pari, Amit and Sonal’s father
  • Abhilash Chaudhary as Ramesh
  • Anuj Thakur as Chandra
  • Shreya Laheri as Sonal Agarwal: Ashok and Sarla’s younger daughter, Pari and Amit’s sister
  • Akankssha Bhatia as Bunty
  • Amita Udgata as Laleshwari Sahay (Lalya): Anupam’s Bua, Riya’s Bua Dadi (dead)
  • Abhishek Singh Pathania / Shresth Kumar as Vyom Sinha: Sharmili’s younger son, Sujeev’s brother, Namita’s husband (2015–16) (dead)
  • Sudhir Pandey as Dadu ji: Shanti’s brother, Sarla and Raghav’s Mama
  • Pratima Kazmi/Amita Udgata as Laleshwari Sahay (Lalya, Bua Dadi) (2015) (dead)
  • Yaseer Nomani as Munna Bhaiyya
  • Vijay Kalvani as Mr. Gupta
  • Shraman Jain as Mohit (Mihir): Preeti’s ex-lover
  • Wasim Mushtaq as Sujeev Sinha: Sharmili’s elder son, Vyom’s brother, Pari’s husband
  • Suniil Raghuvansh as Rani’s uncle
  • Pawan Chopra as Anupam Mathur: Riya’s father
  • Neelu Kohli as Sharmili Sinha: Sujeev and Vyom’s mother
  • Puja Sharma as Chanda
  • Varun Jain as Pramod Shanti Prasad
  • Ritesh M M Shukla as Jokar chor