Deception Tuesday update 18 February 2020


Deception Tuesday update 18 February 2020

Rahul and Surbhi sit for marriage. Harish is upset. Rahul and Surbhi take rounds. Everyone shower flower petals on them. Rakesh is much angry. Pandit ji asks them to make arrangements for grah pravesh. At Pooja’s house, Pooja leaves her hand impressions on the wall before her bidaai and hugs Kusum. Naren and Supriya take Pooja with them. Mayank feels guilty and calls Harsha to tell that he has killed Dr. Anand. Harsha picks the call and asks how is he? Mayank cries and is about to tell her.

Rakesh comes and snatches phone from her hand. Mayank tells him that he killed Dr. Anand. Rakesh is shocked and asks him not to tell anyone and says he is coming there. He asks Harsha not to tell anyone. Supriya asks Pooja not to hesitate and come home. They come inside and see Surbhi standing
with Rahul. Naren and Pooja are shocked. Surbhi is in tears. Neelima tells Supriya that her bahu have to wait as she will make her bahu’s grah pravesh first. Supriya smiles.

Neelima does Rahul and Surbhi’s tilak and her grab pravesh. Harsha also does her aarti and asks her to come inside. She asks them to go and rest. Supriya asks Neelima to do Pooja’s grah pravesh also. Harsha says there is only bahu, and that is Surbhi. She says she will not bear to see such bad character girl in her father’s house, says Pooja’s eyes were on their sons and finally she caught Naren. She says I will not do her grah pravesh.

Harish says I have brought her as my daughter and she has so many games in her mind. Supriya says whoever is having objection can back off, but badi bahu’s grah pravesh will happen. Shilpa says I have a condition, and says if you do her grah pravesh then you have to leave all rights and give house keys to Neelima. Neelima gets happy and takes the keys. She says this girl made us fight after coming here. Supriya asks her to stop it and takes aarti plate from her hand and does their aarti. She asks Pooja to kick the ancestral kalash and come inside. Before Pooja can enter, Rahul says 1 min Tai ji… He says you said that it is ancestral kalash then how can this naukrani/servant can touch it. Naren is angry.

Rahul says your heart is big Bhai and you didn’t know that you have done big favor on Pooja and she has to wash your feet and drink water all wife. Harsha also taunts Pooja. Neelima asks Rahul to pick the kalash. Naren says 1 min Rahul, and says he was silent as he is guilty of Surbhi. He says he will not bear if anyone misbehaves with his wife. Malanga plays….

Naren says I haven’t done any favor on Pooja by marrying her, I have taken this decision with full consciousness and tells that Pooja is important to me like Mummy is important in Papa’s life, Neelima in Hardik’s life etc. He says I have give a high place to Pooja and will support this relation all life. Harsha says she has made you dewana. Naren says yes, I am dewana. He says Pooja will be part of all rasams which Maa used to do. He holds her hand and says you are not alone, my all love is with you. Jogiya song plays….

Pooja cries and is emotional. Naren asks her to complete the ritual. Pooja says you are my son’s love, and you don’t need anyone stand. Harish is upset, while others are jealous and angry. Pooja goes inside the house with Naren and tries to touch Harish’s feet. He goes without blessing them. Neelima signs Rahul to come. Naren is taking Pooja to room. Supriya asks Naren to let bahu have bhog of Dada ji’s pic. She asks Dada ji to bless them. Moha Piya Albela plays…..Supriya tells Pooja that she is giving her Naren to her today along with the house. Pooja touches her feet. Supriya blesses her and asks him to take her to room. Naren starts walking holding her hand.

An emotional Pooja looks at him and recalls the moments between them. Jogiya song plays….Harsha is angry seeing Pooja and thinks she won’t let her get successful. Supriya is cleaning silver bowls to do Pooja’s rituals. Neelima and Harsha come there. Neelima taunts her. Supriya says she don’t need any permission to do badi bahu rituals. Harsha says Neelima will decide and taunts Supriya. Neelima takes big silver bowl for Surbhi and gives her small bowl. Supriya adds milk and flower petals in it. Harish comes and tells that you have given her our son, and says if you do any rituals then you will lose me, and throws the bowl, milk and rose petals falls on floor. Supriya is shocked. Naren comes there. Supriya cries. Naren wipes her tears and hugs her. Supriya says she waited for bahu since years and when she came here, she couldn’t love her. Naren tells her that all these rasams is for enjoyment, but if you want these rasam to happen, then I will do it. Supriya hugs him and cries. Pooja hears them and cries.

Naren bringing milk and rose petals bowl for the rasam and says Maa sent it. He holds her hand and says we couldn’t feel how you might be feeling right now. He says whenever I think about Dr. Anand, I think to fight with God and asks why did he do this with my best friend, and then I realize if we get any answers from God ever. Pooja cries. Naren tells her that he had promised Anand that he will not leave her alone in life a day before marriage and wasn’t aware that the day will come today itself. He says Dr. Anand will always be alive in your eyes and smile and asks her to be happy. He asks her to smile for him. Pooja smiles crying and hugs him. Naren takes her for the rasam.

Harsha asks Surbhi to search the ring. Rahul asks Neelima till when he has to act. Neelima
says for 2-4 days. Rahul takes out the ring. Neelima tells that her son will rule on her daughter in law. Shilpa says my daughter knows how to control her husband. Satish thinks about Dr. Anand’s mum cursing Pooja and tells Kusum and Anuj that he is sure that Naren will keep her happy, but don’t know if Vyas Family will accept her. Anuj asks shall I go and check. Kusum says just few hours have passed, it doesn’t look nice if you go, don’t know when they kick you out. Rahul asks Surbhi to come. Shilpa signs her to go. Naren puts the ring in the bowl…and sings muskurane ki wajah tum ho….He puts her hand in the bowl. He finds the ring, but keeps it back. Pooja gets the ring.

Rahul and Surbhi see Naren singing song. Rahul says Bhai have gone mad for her and singing song. Naren takes out pooja’s jewellery and signs her to sleep. Pooja holds his hand just as he is about to go. He sits down on the bed. Pooja rests her head on his lap and cries.

Rahul takes Surbhi to room and sees the decorated bed. He asks her to change and thinks suhaag raat time came. Surbhi thinks how Naren ran from the mandap, and then came with Pooja, confessing his love for her. Naren makes Pooja sleep and kisses on her cheeks. Jogiya song plays….Surbhi comes back after changing her clothes. Rahul tries to touch her hand. Surbhi asks him to stop it and says I am not ready yet. She opens the door and asks him to go. Rahul says this is my room, how can you ask me to go. Neelima comes and tells Surbhi that Rahul will sleep in guest room. Surbhi throws the flowers from the bed.

Mayank tells Rakesh that Rahul provoked him and he had beaten up Dr. Anand, don’t know how he died. He cries. Rakesh asks him not to tell anyone and stay far from Vyas Mansion. Rakesh thinks he will bring kalesh in the house. Kusum tells Satish that Pooja is inauspicious and that’s why her parents died. Satish asks her not to say all this. He recalls Dr. Anand’s mum curse and gets tensed. He takes out something (may be pooja’s kundli) and starts reading it. His hand starts to shake. He is shocked and thinks Pooja will lose Naren.

Satish calls Naren and asks if everything is fine. Naren says everything is fine, why you are sounding tensed. He says he will not leave Pooja. Chandelier is about to fall on Naren. He moves just then and the chandelier falls down. Naren is shocked. Satish is shocked to see the sound. Pooja wakes up and shouts Naren Babu. Satish asks what is this sound? Naren says chandelier fell down due to wind and asks him not to worry. Naren asks why did you get up and asks her to sleep. Satish is worried. Neelima comes to Harsha and scares her. Harsha says she is worried about Mayank. Neelima says I will talk to Rakesh and will ask him to bring him. She promotes fear files, new show on Zee.

Next morning, Pooja wakes up and finds herself sleeping on Naren’s chest. She covers blanket on him. Naren holds her hand. Pooja takes her hand and gets up. She is picking the broken chandelier pieces, just then Supriya comes there and says sorry for not knocking on the door. She asks her to get ready and says my bahu will make first rasoi with her hand. Pooja says ok aunty. Supriya asks her to call her Maa. Pooja hugs her.

Rakesh telling Hardik and Neelima that he needs to talk to them about something important. Neelima asks what is important that you brought lawyer with you. He shows the confidential file and tells that he didn’t tell anything to Harish till now, and tells that 100 crores bahu will make rasoi in the kitchen. Neelima says ofcourse Surbhi will do all rasams. Rakesh tells them that Surbhi is not 100 crores bahu, but she is Pooja.

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