Deception Monday update 17 February 2020


Deception Monday update 17 February 2020

Dr. Anand’s mum removes her dupatta and says such girls shall be beaten infront of everyone. She is about to take her out. Naren asks her to leave Pooja and frees her. He warns her not to misbehave with Pooja. Dr. Anand’s mum asks what he is doing here, and says you came here to do tamasha.

Naren says you are doing tamasha of your son’s marriage and asks her to complain to God for doing injustice to her and Pooja. He says Pooja is also feeling same pain as you. Dr. Anand’s mum calls her eclipse, and asks her guests to remove all auspicious things from the mandap and says this girl shall not marry all life, she shall sit all life at her Mama’s house and if her Mama’s thinks she is a burden then make her sit in brothel. Pooja is shocked to hear that. Naren is much angry. Satish and others are also angry.

Rahul comes to Guru ji and pushes him. Guru ji asks what you are doing? Rahul says you are kacche khiladi and tells him that Mayank have fixed his seat in jail and have taken Pooja’s to be husband life. He says bad thing will happen with you and Bandu. He asks him to correct his mistakes and make him marry Surbhi else he will send all to jail. Guru ji is shocked.

Dr. Anand’s mum tells that who knows what she has done with her lover. Naren picks a rod. Pooja asks him not to interfere and says you have no right to say anything. Naren cuts his finger with the stretcher and goes towards Pooja. Everyone looks on tensedly.

Naren cutting his finger with the stretcher sharp point and comes near Pooja. He recalls Dr. Anand’s mum insulting and cursing pooja. Pooja asking him not to interfere and that he has no right on her, Dr. Anand asking him to promise to stand with Pooja whenever she is in need of a friend. He fills her maang with his blood. Mora Piya Albela plays…..Pooja is shocked. Satish, Anuj and Kusum are shocked. Dr. Anand’s mum is shocked. Naren asks Pooja to snatch right from him to protect her, and says I will see who insults you now. Pooja and Naren are teary eyes.

At Vyas Mansion, Harish asks Pandit ji to take out next mahurat. Yash says this marriage will happen now itself else no. Harish asks him to understand and says it is about Surbhi’s marriage. Yash says my daughter
will bear taunts, but will be saved from bearing a mad guy. Rahul comes there and tells that he knows that he is upset and apologizes to him on his behalf. Yash asks him to stop the melodrama. Rahul asks him to punish him for Naren’s doings and says I am all yours. Yash says what a family and asks what he could do to lower Surbhi’s pain. Guru ji comes and says he has answers to all his questions. Rahul smirks.

Dr. Anand’s mum curses Pooja and says you will not get wife or bahu’s rights and says this is a mum’s curse. Naren promises her that Pooja will get wife and bahu’s rights and says she will get happiness, rights and requests and this is her husband’s promise. Jogiya song plays. He walks off from there holding her hand. Pooja walks in shock. Main Jogiya plays….

Supriya prays to God. Naren asks her to listen and tells everything. Supriya is shocked. Naren asks Supriya to come to Satish’s house and take their bahu. Supriya is shocked and tells God that she is in confusion, what to do.

She tells Harish that Naren filled Pooja’s maang. Harish is shocked. Neelima gets happy and says this is injustice to Surbhi. Harish says I don’t accept this marriage and says Pooja must have taken Naren’s advantage. He tells that he will get Naren marry Surbhi.

Yash says his daughter will not become second hand wife to Naren. He says you will get notice and asks them to vacate the house. Rahul signs Guru ji. Guru ji tells Yash that wrong thing have happened with Surbhi and says they have to find a way to protect both families respect. Harish asks what he wants to say. Guru ji holds Rahul’s hand and gives Surbhi’s hand in his hand. Rakesh is shocked and angry. Guru ji asks Yash to think about Rahul and says the guy who have fallen on your feet will keep your daughter happy, and came infront to do penance for his brother’s mistake. He says you shall give a chance to this diamond. Surbhi is about to go.

Rahul tells Surbhi that he knows that she loves Naren, and tells that he will do as he says and will become perfect dream husband for her. He asks her not to refuse. Yash comes to him. Rahul says Surbhi’s responsibility is mine now. Yash hugs him. Surbhi and Shilpa are shocked. Yash thanks him. Rakesh is angry. Yash tells Supriya that he knows that she is going to bring Pooja and says if you accept her as your bahu then my daughter will never accept you as her saas. Anuj tells Satish that Naren wants to leave for Hrishikesh with Pooja. Pooja comes out of shock and leaves Naren’s hand.

She asks what did you do without thinking and says Surbhi is waiting for you in the mandap. She says you have ruined her life. Naren asks what I would have done, I couldn’t let your life ruined. He says he is ready to bear the punishment and is guilty of Surbhi. Pooja says no punishment can take away her pain, and says she can’t accept that she has snatched her rights. Kusum tells that Naren has filled her maang and we have accepted this marriage. She says your kanyadaan is done and your destiny is related to Naren now. She says you can get out on aarthi now from that house. Pooja asks what I will tell to Harish and Supriya and asks Satish not to ask her to go.

Yash asks Harish to empty his chair and says new MD will be my samdhi Hardik Vyas and CEO will be my Jamai Rahul Vyas. He asks him to sign on the papers. Neelima and Rahul are happy. Hardik says this is not right, I can’t see his insult. Neelima stops him. Harish signs on the papers. Harsha looks on upset. Yash takes the papers. Supriya comes to Satish’s house and tells that Naren’s house is yours now Pooja. Supriya says God made you my bahu. Naren asks did I do right? Supriya says your Jodi was set before, it is all sanjog. Kusum and Satish gets relieved as Supriya accepts Pooja. She asks Satish, if she can take her bahu home. Satish bends down infront of her. Supriya says we shall bend as you are giving your daughter to our kul. Harish tells Harsha that she was right and they are nothing now because of this girl. Pooja hugs Supriya.

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