Curse Of The Sands Zee World Full story Plot Summary, Casts, Teasers


Curse Of The Sands Zee World Full story Plot Summary, Casts, Teasers

Curse Of The Sands Zee World is a Hindi supernatural romantic television series created by Prateek Sharma. During Season 1, the series featured Reyhna Malhotra, Giaa Manek, Ankit Siwach and Garima Singh Rathore in lead roles. Its second season was broadcast in 2019, starring Reyhna Malhotra, Karam Rajpal and Vaishali Takkar.

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Curse Of The Sands Zee World Full story 

A witch named Mohini has waited for her unrequited love of 500 years, Rana Saa, who has been reborn as Ram. Ram is a businessman who lives with his wife, Siya, and his half brother, Vivian. Ram and Siya were on the verge of divorce. However, when Siya learns of Mohini, she decides not to divorce Ram to save him.

500 years ago
Rana Saa  is married to Rajrajeshwari. Mohini, a maid in their palace, is in love with Rana . One day, Mohini tricks him into getting wounded by rival warriors who are “defeated” by Mohini’s black magic. After being saved by Mohini, Rana promises to help her whenever she needs him. Mohini confesses that she is pregnant with his child and reveals that they had gotten intimate in an attempt to save his life. Rana, shocked and ridden with guilt, approaches a pregnant Rajrajeshwari, confesses his mistake and asks her to leave him. Mohini reveals her true nature and slits Rajrajeshwari’s throat. Rana immediately takes her to the temple and begs the priestess to save their child. When the child is born, Rajrajeshwari warns Mohini that in every birth there will be a devoted wife to Rana’s reincarnation who will free him from her clutches. She dies shortly afterward.



Present day
In the present day, Siya attempts to save Ram from Mohini. Meanwhile, Mohini tricks Ram into spending a night with her in exchange for saving Siya from her black magic.

Ram reluctantly agrees and asks Mohini to never come into their lives again. Siya’s life is saved, and life seemingly returns to normal.

Five years later
Ram and Siya are now live a happier life, though they struggle to conceive a child. A 5-year-old boy comes into their lives under mysterious circumstances, and they decide to adopt him and name him Mann. He is seen possessing dark powers and begins to create misunderstandings between Ram and Siya. Over time, he is revealed to be Mohini and Ram’s child, whom she has intentionally sent to wreak havoc in their lives. After discovering the truth, Siya decides to keep Mann and make him human to remove his dark powers. Mohini, still obsessed with Ram, kills a pregnant Siya. Devastated and infuriated over Siya’s death, Ram attacks Mohini. The series ends when Mohini kills Ram for not reciprocating her long-lasting love for him.

Brief Information and Details on Curse Of The Sands Zee World

  • Genre: Family: Historical drama
  • First Episode: To be announced
  • Total number of episodes: 361
  • Total numbers of Season: 2
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Producer(s) :Prateek Sharma, Suman Sharma
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Original name: Manmohini 
  • Tele Country: India

Curse Of The Sands Main Cast, Real Name and Picture

Season 1




  • Reyhna Malhotra /Giaa Manek as Mohini/Gopika, a 500 year old Chudail, Rana Saa’s obsessed lover, Mann’s mother


  • Garima Singh Rathore as Siya Sisodia, Ram’s wife, Amar’s mother and Mann’s adoptive mother


  • Ankit Siwach as Rana Bhanupratap Singh, Mohini’s lover (2019)/Ram Sisodia, Siya’s husband, Mann and Amar’s father


  • Nikita Sharma as Rani Rajrajeshwari, Rana Saa’s wife (2019)
  • Rakhi Sawant as Chakwa, a Chudail, Mohini’s sister (2019)
  • Vaidik Poriya as Mann Sisodia, Ram and Mohini’s son, Siya’s adoptive son (2019)
  • Sonia Singh as Makdi Rani, Mohini’s best friend turns her enemy (2019)
  • Vandana Pathak as Devki Dai (Dai Maa), Ram’s protector / D.K. a Chudail (2018-2019)
  • Zuber K. Khan as Vanraaj, a superhuman and Siya’s obsessed lover (2019)
  • Sharain khanduja as Jhumari, Vanraaj’s lover (2019)
  • Neeta Mohindra as Saroj Devi, Ram and Vivian’s grandmother (2018)
  • Abhimanyu Chaudhary as Vivian, Ram’s half-brother (2018)
  • Melanie Nazareth as Ram’s stepmother and Vivian’s mother (2018)
  • Rupal Patel as Kubarjra / Usha (2019)
  • Poonam Chaudhary as Moha (2019)
  • Kanishq Rupani as Madhira (2019)
  • Ratnakar Nadkarni as RaajpurohitJi (2018)

Season 2


  • Karam Rajpal as Shiv/Mann Sisodia – Raam and Mohini’s son, Siya’s adoptive son (2019-2020)
  • Vaishali Takkar as Ananya Mishra/Mansi (2019-2020)
  • Reyhna Malhotra as Sunanda – an evil Chudail (2019-2020)


  • Buneet Kapoor as Amar Sisodia, Ram and Siya’s son, Mann’s younger brother (2020)
  • Zaara Khan as Ketki Mishra, Ananya’s sister (2019-2020)
  • Lata Shukla as Parvati, Ananya’s grandmother (2019-2020)
  • Rakesh Paul as Kamal, Sunanda’s husband (2019-2020)

Curse Of The Sands Review

Zeeworld is all set to present a supernatural thriller to you in the form of Curse Of The Sands. The Prateek Sharma offering was earlier titled Chudail and had names like Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Shivani Surve, in the running for the titular role.

And here’s a small analysis of the first promo of the show:

The voice over tells about how we see a lady in registaan and how she is sometimes spotted dancing in the deserts at night. We see a woman dancing and Ram (Ankit Siwach) stops his car and walks off towards her. It is said that she has been waiting for years for her true love and then it is revealed that she has been waiting for 500 years. And when Ram attempts to touch her, she vanishes into thin air. By then, Ram’s wife Sia comes and takes him away, as the voice over states that Manmohini will break lovers to find her true love.

What we liked: 

There was nothing not to like in the first promo of ManMohini. Reyhna Pandit as Manmohini, Ankit Siwach as Ram who gets drawn to the vamp and Garima Rathore as the worried wife Sia, all fit the bill and portray their roles perfectly. From the looks of the promo, the promo has been shot in real locales of Rajasthan and Prateek Sharma has done a wonderful job of the same. There is very minimal but some VFX (of the ladies vanishing and merging into ManMohini), and that looks neat and clean, very much to our liking.

What we did not like:

While we got a rough idea of what ManMohini is going to be all about, we did feel like we’ve watched this concept of a vamp snatching a man and his wife fighting tooth and nail fer her suhaag, in Kavach- Kaali Shaktiyon Se, before. And if the show’s concept is not what we think it is, then the makers should have provided some more clarity in the first promo itself.


Getting past the what we did not like point, the performances and the concept does intrigue us, as we are willing to give the makers a benefit of doubt here. We eagerly await the next promo of the show.

SPOILER: Zeeworld’s Curse Of The Sands (Manmohini) to Take a LEAP; Mohini’s 500 year long wait to be over!

The show will soon take a leap of 1 or 2 years and Ram’s character will end and Ankit will don a new character named, Rana. Post leap, Ram and Siya are separated and Ram will unite with Mohini as Rana, who will turn negative. However, Siya will fight to get him back from Mohini. Retaining the present cast, the makers will revamp the show with a new plot and major twists.

When we contacted Ankit, he confirmed the news saying, “Yes, Ram’s character will be ending but I’m not leaving the show. However, the show will take a leap and the plot will be revamped.”

Manmohini is based on the supernatural character, ManMohini (witch), who is waiting for her long lost love, Rana Sa from 500 years. Rana Sa is reincarnated as Ram and falls for another lady, Siya who tries to save Ram from the evil intentions of Mohini.

The show features actor Ankit Siwach, Reyhna Pandit and Garima Rathore in lead roles.

Are you excited for the leap? Drop in your comments below.

Curse Of The Sands First Episode

An old Rajasthani temple is shown. Camels in desert walk towards temple. A woman Siya enters temple addressing Devi maa that whoever comes to temple complain how their problems increased, but she never complained as she trusted god, she got her husband Ram with her belief, he loved her so much, but now wants to break up with her, holding divorce papers. She continues how can Ram leave her when could not live without her, how can devi maa watch this; when devimaa is snatching her light even Devi maa will see darkness. At night an old woman lights fort with torches. Chudail taunts her. she calls Bhairav singh. Chudail watches old woman Dayimaa from a distance. Old woman searches Bhairav Singh shouting where did he die. She turns hearing voice, but does not find anyone. Chudail continues taunting her. Dayimaa realizes chudail escaped from fort. Chudail walks saying she had to and will meet her love after 500 years. Dayimaa sees Mara Mara/dead on main door and finds Bhairav Singh’s dead body hanging. She asks chudail why did kill Bhairav Singh and walks out. She gets into middle of desert and sees Ghagra paltan dancing around chudail, gets afraid and warns Chadail she will not let her harm kunwar Saa/Ram. Chudail says if she had got her love kunwarsaa in previous lives, she would not have waited so long. She attacks Dayimaa with sand, but Dayimaa stands intact and warns again to stay away from kunwarsaa.

Ram reaches Jaipur airport. His grandmaa calls him and asks where is he, return home. He says he was heading to Jaipur to meet Siya, but due to bad weather he landed in Jaipur. Grandmaa gets afraid and asks to return to back from there right now. Lights flicker, network gets disconnected. Ram thinks where to stay tonight. Behramgarh board is shown. A car stands in front of him. He picks chit from his pocket and verifies car’s number and gets into it. He greets driver and asks to take him to Behramgarh. Bhairav Singh’s ghost drives car. Grandmaa calls Dayimaa who asks to keep Ram away from Behramgarh as chudail has escaped. Grandmaa says Ram is in Jaipur now and asks to not let him enter Behramgarh.

Siya sings song for Ram in desert and in the morning, takes holy dip in lake and says she is sacrificing her and Ram’s relationship and even god and hers. Grandmaa calls her and asks what childishness is this, she went to India and Ram went behind her. Siya looking at divorce papers says he came to take divorce. Grandmaa says he is in Rajasthan and is heading towards Behramgarh, if he reaches there, evil spirit will not spare him, their 2 generations did not stepin to India. Siya says even she is near Behramgarh and will stop Ram from entering Behramgarh. Ram reaches near fort and gets out of car. Car disappears. Ram walks towards his briefcase when chudail walks towards him and is about to touch him when Siya reaches. Her dupatta falls on them. Chudail disappears. Siya sks what is he doing here and takes him along. Chudail picks soil of Ram’s footstep and smearing it as sindhoor greets Ram to her land.

Mohini Chudail picks Ram’s footstep soil and applies it as sindhoor, saying welcome to her place. Siya takes Ram into her car and scolds what is he doing here, he is not suppose to come to Behramgarh. He calls her rasgulla.
She scolds to stop calling her rasgulla, if she knew he is so irritating, she would not have married him. He hugs her. Mohini looks at them climbing on car. Siya sees divorce papers and parting ways asks to go back to London, Daadi told it is dangerous for him to stay in Behramgarh. Mohini thinks she will not let Rana sa/Ram go from here and punctures all 4 tyres. Siya tries to open door to check, but door does not open. Ram gets out of car even after Siya’s warning and extends his hand asking to trust her. She says he already broke her trust buy sending divorce papers and herself comes out.

They both walk while Mohini walks behind Ram. She dances and tries to touch him but in vain. Ram reaches fort. Mohini walks behind him and greets him to get into fort. Ram sees abhimantrit dhaaga/thread around door and stops. Mohini excitedly asks him to get in. Ram tries to step in when Dayimaa enters throwing her stick in front of Ram and warns not to get inside fort. She gets emotional seeing Ram and sheds tears. Ram asks who is she, then touches her feet and says she is Dayimaa. Dayimaa asks how does she know. He says since childhood dadimaa described her and he imagined her face and found exactly same. Dayimaa emotionally hugs him and asks who is this girl. Ram introduces Siya as his wife. Mohini is shocked hearing that and thihks Rana sa brought her sautan here. Daiyamaa says they cannot stay here as storm will come anytime, thinking Mohini must be somewhere around. Ram asks where are they going. She says his Behramgarh palace and takes them in her jeep.

Mohini reminisces Ram love for her 500 years ago and promising to marry her. Ram reaches haveli and imagines his past life as Rana sa in this palace and says he feels he is bought up here. Dayimaa says he never came here and must be visualizing Dadimaa’s stories. Phone rings. Dayimaa says Raimaa must have called and asks Siya to pick call. Siya picks call. Dadimaa thanks god that Siya and Ram reached palace safely and asks her to leave for London as soon as possible and be with Ram like a shadow till they reach London. Dayimaa calls maid Jalebi and asks if she prepared Kunwarsa and kunwar rani saa’s room. Jalebi says yes. Mohini thinks Rana saa came here after 500 years and brought her sautan here.

In room, Ram come shirtless after bath in front of Siya and gets romantic with her. Siya throws shirt on him and he realizes it his imagination. Ram gets romantic in real and asks if she is getting weak, she can go to another room. Siya walks away with bag, but returns reminiscing Dadimaa’s words. She sleeps on bed. Ram sit on other side. She draws curtains between them. They sleep reminiscing their romantic days.

Dayimaa speaks to Dadimaa over phone and says she will protect Ram even if she has to sacrifice her life. Mohini thinks Ranasaaa has to come to her tonight. Siya asks Ram reason for seding divorce papers and turns, but does not find him. Ram walks towards main door, hypnotized. Mohini calls him. Siya runs towards door trying to stop Ram followed by Dayimaa. Ram smirks and leaves in jeep. Siya and Dayimaa run behind him. Mohini throws her hair and jeep down. Ram meets with an accident and collapses. -Siya and Dayimaa reach there. Ram’s head bursts. Siya runs towards him in shock.

Mohini calls Ram to meet him. Hypnotizzed Ram heads in jeep. Mohini pulls jeep with her hair. Jeep rolls over, and Ram falls down severely injured. Siya and Dayimaa reach there and are shocked to see Ram unconscious. Siya rurns towards Ram and rushes him to hospital. Dayimaa sees Mohini around. Mohini asks if she saw ghagra paltan’s magic, now she will get her Rana saa finally. In hospital, doctor treats Ram while Siya stands outside room. Doctor comes out and says I am sorry.

Dayimaa goes to fort and confronts Mohini that Ram stepped on this land just today, she cannot punish Ram for what happened 500 years ago. She sees Siya crying holding Ram’s body and confronts Dayimaa that Ram was her responsibility, why did not she save Ram, she failed in her duty. Dayimaa walks to her. Siya turns into evil and shouts she is Mohini and nobody can snatch Ram from her, she will get Ram at any cost. She continues only Dayimaa can see her and still be alive, etc.

In hospital, doctor informs Siya that Ram has gone into come and does not know when he will wake up. Siya asks doc to wake Ram up somehow. She walks into Ram’s room and cries holding his hand. Dadimaa enters and asks her to never go away from Ram as she saved Ram. Siya says Ram came here because of her. Dadimaa says it was in destiny. Mohini dances in desert and thinks she called Ram here and he will go with her wish,, she is waiting for him since 500 rs. She asks Ram to wake up now to meet her and call her name. Ram wakes up from coma calling Mohini. Mohini happily informs her friends if they heard Rana saa took her name, now Rana saa can see her. Ram asks if he took someone’s name. Dadimaa says nobody’s and asks him to relax. Ram asks when did she come here. Dadima says she came to take him back to London, they will go from here right now, she will arrange chartered plane. Ram says he will stay here and finish some pending task. Dayimaa enters and says Kunwarsa took right decision.

Next morning, Daadimaaa takes Rama and Siya to palace saying they have to return to London soon. ram’s stepmom waiting for her starts her overacting and fake concern for Ram and says she was worried for him and takes her designer jewelry’s oath. She continues that Ram must have died in such a big accident. Ram tries to touch her feet. Stepmother stops him saying she is still young. Siya tries to touch feet, but stepmom yells at Siya that she is Ram’s bad luck and Ram came here following her. Siya runs away shattered. Dadimaa warns stepmom to shut up and says she is her son’s secretary who trapped and married him, nothing else. Her sons walks in holding pooja thali and tells Ram that god listened to his prayers, Ram is safe now. Dadimaa sends Ram behind Siya. Stepson tries to touch Daadimaa’s feet when she warns that he is her son’s secretary’s son and not her grandson. Once she walks in, stepmom yells Ram should have died. Son says Ram should be alive for their benefit.

Dayimaa calls pandits to secure palace from Mohini and asks to make a protective barrier around palace. Dadimaa says she is against her decision. Dayimaa apologizes and says Ram’s fate was in Dadimaa’s hands till now, but now it is in chudail’s hands and informs chudail’s warning if she cannot get Ram, she will kill him. Siya cries sitting in her room reminiscing stepmom’s bitter words, holding divorce papers. Ram thinks he is doing this for her betterment. Mohini thinks she wants to get ride of her sautan first..

Siya picks pen to sign divorce papers thinking if Ram wants their relationship to break up, here it is. Mohini claps and congratulates herself that her sautan is getting away from Rana saa. Dayimaa enters and says these papers will not change their relationship. Mohini shouts this bawri tokri/Dayimaa always interferes and troubles her, now she has to show her presence to Rana saa and end his and sautan’s relationship. She gets all her aides into herself and runs. Dayimaa continues explaining Siya that divorce papers cannot end her and Ram’s relationship. Ram enters and requests her not to interfere in his personal matters. Dayimaa says he is Behramgarh’s kunwar saa and his life is an open book, though his 2 generations stayed out of Behramgarh, he has returned back to his ancestral land and his citizens pray him like god, he is a role model and in Sisodia family, divorce has not happened till now and will never happen. Dadimaa enters. Dayimaa tells her that Ram wants to gift divorce to his citizens. She continues her confrontation and says if Ram does not agree, she will end her life than seeing Sisodia family’s destroyal. She pulls knife and tries to slit her neck. Ram stops her and shouts what the hell. Dayimaa gives his hand in Siya’s hand and says their relationship is special and they are an example for Behramgarh, their jodi should be forever.

Mohini tries to enter palace shouting she will end Siya today. When she steps on amantrit holy line drawn by pandits, she falls far away and realizes Dayimaa has done this. Dayimaa informs Dadimaa that chudail cannot harm Ram and Siya now and cannot enter palace. She burns divorce papers and throws them. Mohin fumes sitting in lawn. Diya in outhouse tent thinks if Ram wants her to go away from hi, she will go away, but how will she live without him. Mohini flies burnt divorce papers on tent and burns it. Tent burns. Siya realizes fire around her and calls Ram for help. Ram runs towards her. Mohini shouts not to go.. Siyaa falls down. A pole is about to fall on her when Ram jumps on her bearing burning pole on his back. He then lifts Siya and walks out of tent. Mohini fumes more and continues shouting. Ram walks into place lifting Siya. Dayimaa dorns black shawl on him, it falls down. Teri deewani…song..plays in the background. Ram’s stepmom picks shawl and tells her son there must be evil spirits in palace. Son says someone set fire purposefully. Mohini lashes herself thinking that because of her, Ram’s back got burnt.

Siya applies medicine on Ram’s back. Ram tries to wake up. She asks to sleep silently and asks why he wants to go away from her. He thinks he loves her a lot and cannot stay without her, but says he does not love her anymore. Siya reminisces their romantic mornings when Ram does not go to office and gets romantic each day.

Dayimaa thinks how can her experienced eyes not sense chudail Mohini’s tricks. Door opens. She walks out and is about to step out of holy line, but stops seeing Mohini standing far away in front of her. Mohini laughs on her asking what happened to her holy line, trishul, etc.., nothing could stop her; if she cannot get Rana saa, she will end even him.. Dayimaa stands tensed.