4th July Thursday Update on The heir

Mannu meeting sarpanch and asking him to stop Simran’s marriage. He says family is forcing Simran for marriage, she is not 18 years old and its not her legal age to marry. Sarpanch says its your personal matter, your elders will be deciding it, you should get sweets for us, we can decide on matter if two parties come here. Mannu shows the book of law. Sarpanch says your age is not of this law books, you go and play. Mannu asks will you do anything or not. Sarpanch says complain to them who follow this books and manage law, we can’t help you.

Simran gets ready for roka and cries. Gunjan asks why are you crying, Bebe has locked Amba, why did you request Bebe and Jagan, they will not listen, you go and tell them that you won’t marry. Simran says this can’t happen. Gunjan
says then we will just obey. Simran says we can’t do anything. Gunjan says then marry Chandar, you are worried for studies, I will marry when anyone tells me, its better than studies, who will save you from this marriage.

Mannu runs on the road and recalls Chandar. Amba sees Bebe and Raavi. Raavi says Chandar has come. Bebe says get Simran, I will welcome him. Raavi gets Simran. Chandar smiles seeing her. Mannu reaches police station. Raavi greets Chandar. She asks Simran to smile.

Mannu waits in station to talk to inspector. He says I m Manpreet Pavaniya, I m 8 year old, my sister is forced for marriage, come and nab the culprits. Amba sees Simran. Chandar sees Amba. Amba shuts the window. Chandar tells something to his Mausi. Mausi goes to Bebe and talks to her. Bebe says its nothing like that, I will go and see. Bheeru looks on. Inspector does not listen to Mannu and is busy in work. Mannu asks are you listening to me.

Roka rituals start. Mannu angrily puts the water glass on inspector’s table. Inspector asks who are you, where do I have to go. Bebe goes to Amba and says I would have not let you come in Roka, thank Chandar, he wants you to attend Roka, change clothes and come out. Amba says this relation is not good for Simran, stop this. Bebe asks her not to create hurdle in Roka, else I will get Simran’s marriage done today. She asks Amba to come out fast and goes.

Mausi gives shagun to Bebe. Jagan reads the marriage proposal aloud. He says so much hindi in Punjabis house. They laugh. Raavi asks Simran to smile. Amba gets ready and comes out. Bebe asks Simran to smile, else she will get beaten up. Amba holds Simran’s hand. Chandar smiles.

Bebe calls out Mannu. She asks Bheeru where did he go. Bheeru says I will go and see. Bebe says he always goes when needed. Amba says I will see. Bheeru says Mannu is not upstairs, I will go out and see, he will be nearby. He leaves. Bebe says Simran has other brother too. She calls Sukhi and asks him to give sword to Chandar to ask his agreeing for relation. Raavi asks Sukhi to take nek. Bheeru comes and tells Amba that Mannu is not outside. Amba says find him, I m scared. She thinks where did Mannu go.

Sukhi gives sword to Chandar. Mannu stops Sukhi and enters the house. He asks police to come. Everyone get shocked seeing police. Inspector asks whats happening. Mannu says she is my sister, she is not 18 years old, even then Bebe is forcing her to marry. Bebe and Jagan get angry.

Gunjan holds Simran’s hand. Bansal asks Jagan did he call them to get insulted, you came to us with proposal, you should have seen your family approval for marriage. He asks Chandar to come. Jagan says wait, Mannu has done this, he is a kid, give me a chance, let me see, I will solve matter in 5mins. He asks inspector why did he come. Inspector says we got complaint about underage girl marriage happening here, its against law, you can’t do this. Jagan says we will go out and talk, come. Mannu tells Simran that I got police to make everything fine. Bebe gets angry seeing Mannu. Amba recalls Bebe’s warning.

Jagan asking inspector why did he come in his area. Inspector says we have witness this time, Mannu has filed complaint, you can’t make that girl married, she is under aged. Jagan says its not marriage, just roka is happening, go and see. Raavi tells Bebe that Mannu created trouble. Amba asks Mannu why did he do this, don’t know what will happen now. Mannu says Bebe locked you in room and burnt Simran’s foot, so I got police. Simran cries. Mannu wipes her tears and says I m with you, I will make everything fine. Bebe stares at Amba.

Jagan comes back and folds hands to apologize to Bansal. Mannu smiles. Jagan says roka did not stop, I solved the matter, it was just a misunderstanding. Mannu gets shocked. Jagan asks men to play shehnai. Nekiram gives snacks to inspector.
Jagan says Mannu is little kid, he did mistake, I m apologizing, don’t be angry, I will make Mannu right my way, we will not spoil things, come on sist. Raavi praises Jagan. Jagan says today Mannu will not be spared. Sukhi asks will I give sword, or Mannu will give. Bebe says you give it and fulfill ritual. Chandar says Mannu has come, we will make him do rasam.

Bebe asks Mannu to come and do rasam. Mannu gives sword and thinks I m Shah, I will not let this marriage. He says we accept this relation. The function ends.

Bebe slaps Amba and pushes her. She scolds Amba. Mannu says its my mistake, I called police, tell anything to me, not to mummy. Jagan says be quiet, else your mum can’t save you. He says they feel I m their enemy, I got such good proposal and Mannu spoiled everything. I was doing this for Simran’s happiness, I thought Charan will see me keeping them well. He says if this relation broke, we could not do anything, we would have lost respect, Bajwas would have used this situation, Gunjan’s relation would have not happen. Bebe says its Amba’s mistake, not Mannu’s, Amba taught this to Mannu.

She says world is laughing on us. Mannu says leave her, she did not do anything. Bebe asks Raavi to remove her slippers. Raavi asks what, and removes her slippers. Bebe asks Amba to put these slippers over her head. Mannu says no, my mummy won’t do this. Simran, Gunjan and Mannu cry. Bebe drags Amba. Jagan stops Mannu. Bebe asks Amba to roam in the house. Amba cries.

Amba puts slippers on his head. Mannu screams. Bheeru cries. Jagan asks Mannu to be quiet, else Bebe will beat Amba, you will be responsible. He gets Chandar’s call and puts on speaker. Bebe talks to Chandar. Chandar says we bought engagement rings, did arrangements happen. Bebe says yes, we have to apologize to you. He says I don’t feel bad, I respect my Mausi and Mausa, nothing else. She says you won’t get any complain from our house, pandit will come and give mahurat, engagement will happen today evening. Amba, Simran and Mannu get shocked. Amba asks Bebe not to do this. Bebe says I told you I will get Simran married today itself if you create hurdle, be thankful I m doing just her engagement, if you do anything now, then see.

Amba says I will get Simran married, but this guy is not good, Jagan may not understand, I m a mother, mother’s heart never says wrong, my heart is saying Chandar is not right for Simran, you are also a mother and can understand a mother, if Simran marries Chandar, her life will be ruined. Raavi says I don’t understand, why Amba dislikes this proposal. Bebe asks Raavi to shut up, I will decide. She agrees with Amba and says I have a condition, you want Simran’s life, then you have to leave Mannu. Amba gets shocked.

Bebe says you said Mannu’s bad times is going on, now bad time has passed, you raised Mannu your way, he got to police station to complaint against us, give me my grandson now, I will raise him my way, you will not say anything. Amba gets shocked. Raavi asks Jagan to say something, if marriage breaks then… Jagan asks her to be quiet. Bebe asks Amba to choose between Mannu’s upbringing and Simran’s life, Bansal is getting shagun in evening, think and decide.