5th July Friday Update on The heir

Raavi saying if marriage broke, it will be your loss. Jagan says no, its our profit, we will get Mannu, once Bebe raises Mannu like her way, Mannu will go out alone, we will get him. Raavi smiles and says you think of future. Amba recalls Bebe’s words. Mannu packs his bag. He says everything got fine, Simran can go and study, this marriage will not happen. Simran says I don’t understand, why did Bebe agree, Mannu is just going to Bebe. Amba throws her bridal dress to Simran and asks her to wear it in evening, I did not make any clothes for rituals, its happening so soon. Simran asks what.

Amba says its your engagement. Simran refuses to do engagement, I was thinking why you are quiet, if Bebe refused, why do you want to ruin my life. Mannu says now there is no need to
get Simran married to Chandar, I m going to Bebe’s room. Amba asks Mannu to shut up, did you grow up, its all because of you, I told you not to fight, I m fighting, what was the need to go to police station. He says Bebe locked you in room, I m man of this house, I should save you, whats the problem if I go to Bebe’s room. Amba says it’s a problem, its not easy, how shall I explain you, its not a little thing. Simran asks whats the matter, Mannu is not going to enemy land, he is going to stay with Bebe. Amba says I can’t tell both of you. Simran says you don’t need to say, because I know your and Mannu’s truth. Amba gets shocked.

Simran says I know why you don’t leave Mannu alone. Amba asks what do you know, you don’t know anything. She shuts the door and asks Simran what do you know, tell me. Simran says you told me. Amba says I did not tell anything. Simran says you said a son is more valuable than a daughter, a woman’s head is high by her husband or son, I m daughter, Mannu is your son, you thought you will keep your son, even if I die. She cries and says if you had to do this, why did you not kill me after my birth, you just love Mannu. Amba cries and says no, I love my three children, you can’t see what I know. Simran says you can’t see what will happen with me, that man stares at me, he was taking me forcibly in car, he tried to touch me in my room, he had my dupatta, when I did not meet him, you don’t care, I m your daughter, you just want to keep your son with you, you keep him. Simran opens the door and sees Bheeru. She leaves.

Mannu says mummy, you are not doing right, Simran is right, you don’t love Simran, she is so worried. Mannu goes. Amba cries and says how shall I explain them, what shall I do Bheeru, tell me, how shall I tell Simran that Mannu is not her brother, I m not bad mother, I m helpless mother, how can I choose between my two children, no one knows my helplessness, I lied to save my child, I lied for seven years, I could not sleep peacefully, thinking anyone will know, I can’t let Mannu go to Bebe’s room, everything will end. Bheeru says I don’t know what advice to give you, if Simran knows you don’t love her, you have to explain her, its not a right thing. She says yes, I have to explain her.

Gunjan and Mannu rush to Amba and tell her that Simran is not at home. Gunjan says I think she has run away. Amba says manage everything here, I will get her. She goes out. Bheeru asks Gunjan and Mannu to stop everyone from entering Simran’s room. Bebe asks Bheeru about Amba. Bheeru says Amba is making Simran ready. Bebe says she will not leave Mannu, fine it means engagement will happen, I will inform them. Amba looks for Simran. Chandar tells Bebe that they will come in 15mins. Bebe asks Raavi to get Simran fast. Mannu asks Gunjan what to do now. Mannu stops Raavi. She says Bebe is calling Simran. He says Amba is making Simran ready, wait here. Raavi asks why is she getting time. He says she is getting engaged. He gets hiccups.

Raavi calls out Amba and says I can’t hear anything, did she sleep. He asks her to give them some time. Amba reaches an old house and knocks calling out Simran. She finds Simran there and asks her to come, everyone is waiting for her. Simran says don’t come inside, go from here. She outs kerosene on herself. Amba gets shocked and asks her to stop. Simran says its better I kill myself than marrying that man. Amba breaks door and comes inside. Simran tries to ignite fire and asks her not to come close. She asks Amba to go to her son, I m daughter, you want me to marry Chandar, my life will end, its better I kill myself now. Amba says stop, you are same as Mannu, I love all my children equally. Simran says no, you just love Mannu.

Amba cries and asks her to stop. Simran says if you hate daughters, you should have killed us, there is no difference between you and others. Amba says no, this is not truth. Simran says you want to take me and give me to Chandar. Amba begs her not to do this, don’t make me helpless. Simran asks why are you not sending Mannu to Bebe. Amba says I can’t send him, don’t make me say it, everyone will know truth. Simran says truth is you want to keep Mannu with yourself, you are ready to sacrifice your daughter for your son. Amba shouts I don’t have any son, Mannu is not my son. Simran ignites fire and stops. Amba shouts I can’t keep Mannu away from me, because I lied, Mannu is not a boy, he is a girl. Simran gets shocked. Amba says Mannu is not your brother, he is your youngest sister.

Simran asking Amba how can Mannu be a girl. Amba sits crying. Simran recalls Mannu’s birth. She shakes Amba and asks what did you say. Amba says this is the truth, I have hidden this since many years, just Bheeru knows this, I had to bear a lot, everyone tried to harm Mannu. Simran recalls the old moments and asks why did you hide this, you changed Mannu’s identity, Mannu does not know, you know you are so bad, what will happen when Mannu knows this. Amba says he won’t know, I won’t let him know.

Chandar says its very late now. Bebe asks Raavi to call Simran. Chandar asks Mannu to go, else I will go. Bebe says Raavi will get her. Chandar says wait, I will just come. Bheeru asks Chandar to stop, give some time to Simran, its special day for girl, let her do what she
wants. Chandar says fine, let me see girl once, I will be satisfied. Bheeru knocks door and asks Simran to open the door, Chandar wants to see you. Chandar goes inside the room, and sees Simran with ghunghat. Chandar says Amba is not here. Bheeru says she will be in bathroom. Chandar asks them to come downstairs. He throws the ghunghat and sees Gunjan instead Simran.

Amba says I m bad mother to save you all, else you would be not standing here, Gunjan was young, don’t you remember anything, Charan was killed, no one knows who killed him, Jagan wanted to become Shah, Bebe said if it’s not a son, Jagan will become Shah, we would have got killed by now, I told you a woman’s respect is by husband and son, why we get respect, everyone feels Mannu is a boy, when I went to panchayat, everyone bowed down because Mannu is a boy, shall I give Mannu to Bebe, this secret will not stay, then we will be killed, I m worst mother, I risked my one child’s life to save other children, its not easy to cry every day, it needs courage. She throws her bangles and asks Simran to sell it, and run away with money, start a new life, else I can ruin your life too.

She asks Simran not to die, Mannu and I are dying every day to save you and Gunjan, if you die, Mannu’s sacrifice will be waste, I can’t bear this. She walks out and leaves. Simran cries.

Chandar tells Bebe that we got insulted, did we raise voice, Mannu broke my car lights, he misbehaved with me, I thought to get friendly with him, I asked you do you all like me or not. Jagan comes and asks what happened. Chandar says Amba and Simran are not at home, we got insulted twice, are we in hurry to marry. Bebe says sorry, we did not wish to insult anyone. Jagan asks Mannu where is Amba. Mannu says I don’t know. Jagan raises hand and Bheeru stops him, saying Mannu is not lying. Jagan scolds Bheeru and pushes him. Bheeru says Amba will come, she will not take any decision that hurts her children. Chandar asks what decision, where shall I go to find Simran, will this marriage not happen.

Jagan says no, let them run, I will find them. Bebe asks Jagan to send his men. Jagan sends Nekiram. He asks Chandar and Bansal to give them some time, they can punish Amba and Simran. He turns to leave and sees Amba coming. Chandar asks Amba where is Simran, I told you to tell me if you don’t like me. Amba gets silent. Chandar asks Bebe to see Amba came alone. Bebe asks Amba where is Simran, I will forget you are my bahu. Simran comes and asks what happened Bebe….. They all get shocked seeing Simran. Simran sees Mannu and gets emotional.

Bebe asks where did you go. Simran says I told mummy to tell everyone, we did not like to do engagement in same clothes, Roka happened in morning, so I went to market to get new clothes, am I looking good. She says maybe there is big misunderstanding, forgive me, its my engagement, I was getting a new dress. Chandar and everyone get surprised. Jagan says what did we think and whats this reason. Chandar says everything is fine, we will start the ritual.

Chandar and Simran exchange rings. Chandar tells Simran that she has done a lot, now he has right on her life. Mannu gets angry.

Later at night, Amba sees Simran crying. She says you did a big thing, but I promise you, engagement happened, but this marriage won’t happen, trust me. Its morning, Sukhi says I will get rakhi tied first. Raavi asks Simran to start. Bebe asks Simran why is she upset, smile now. She asks Mannu to get rakhi tied to his hand. Mannu gives his hand. Simran cries seeing him. Amba wishes Simran tied rakhi to Mannu as her brother, today Simran will tie rakhi to her sister. Simran recalls Mannu and Amba’s words, and cries. Mannu asks Simran to tie rakhi. Waaris………..plays…………