Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 16 August 2020


Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 16 August 2020

Zara starts bike riding, Kabir sits behind her, Zara laughs and enjoys the ride. They get down. Zara hugs Kabir tightly and says I love you, thank you so much. Kabir is surprised but hugs her back. Zara sees Miraj glaring at them, she gets tensed and loosen her grip on Kabir.

Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 15 August 2020

Kabir sees Miraj and asks him to come. Miraj says I woke up early to pray, Kabir shows key to Miraj and says I bought this for my wife. Miraj says drive safely, you know people die of road accident. KAbir says dont scare her but Zara drive safely, if anything happens to you then what will happen to me? Zara looks on and leaves from there. Kabir leaves too. Miraj says she have made game interesting, the one who wins will win the world.

All sit down for breakfast. Miraj asks where is Kabir and Zara? Zeenat says Kabir doesnt come to table till his wife allows him. Ayesha says they are not home. Nilofar says where they went early morning? Ayesha says they will comeback after two days. Miraj says we have a lot of work, did he tell you where he is going? Ayesha says no he didnt tell. Miraj thinks where they went?

Reema, Imran, Kabir and Zara are on road trip. They come to a hill and take picture, Zara hugs Kabir. They have two scooties and ride them all the way. Zara rides her bike while KAbir sits behind her. They all enjoy, zindagi do pal ki plays. Zara says to Imran that you lost the race. Imran says this Reema drives so slowly. Kabir says lets take food. He goes to stall. Zara recalls how Miraj threatened her. She thinks I can tell Miraj’s truth to Kabir but will he understand? Kabir asks what happened? Zara says I want to ask something, Kabir ask anything. Zara says till we are together, till divorce, till death, Kabir stops her. Zara says till we are together, I want to be with you, at home, office, site, anywhere you go, I want to go with you, I wont interfere but will you give this to me? Kabir smiles at her and says okay. Zara thinks I wont let anything happen to Kabir. Kabir sees Miraj calling him, Zara takes his phone and says your every moment is mine. He nods and leaves. Zara messages Miraj from Kabir’s phone that he is out with his wife for two days and wont be able to be in reach. Miraj gets angry reading it.

Kabir, Zara, Imran and Reema drinks lassi, Zara lovingly wipes Kabir’s lips. Kabir gives piggy back ride to Zara.

Nilofar comes to Miraj, Miraj calls his goon and says find Kabir and Zara and when you find them, kill Kabir. Nilofar says your ego will destroy you, you have planned all this but your step will destroy everything. Miraj says I have already taken the step so now Kabir will have to die.

Zara, Kabir, Imran and Reema comes to dargah, Zara goes to pray. Zara prays that God please protect the one who has my everything, bring any trouble on me but keep Kabir safe, please give all his problems to me.
Reema says to her group that lets have a girl vs. boys race. Imran says we are not scared. Reema says Kabir sits behind her. Kabir says I am not backing down, he takes scooty keys. Zara gets Miraj’s message that dont leave Kabir alone, anything can happen. Zara says to Kabir that you will sit with me on scooter, he asks if she is scared? she says yes. Zara and Kabir are on one scooty. Miraj’s men are in truck, his man calls Miraj and says they are both on scooty, we cant kill one. Miraj says then kill them both. Truck starts approaching Zara and Kabir.

Scene 1
Nilofar asks Mirah to leave Zara and Kabir alive, you cant get money by killing them, your black money wont be white. Miraj says I dont care about money, I came here to take revenge of my brother. Nilofar says I will help you to take revenge but killing them will put you in trouble too right now. Miraj calls his truck driver who is about hit Kabir and Zara’s bike, he asks his driver to leave Kabir and Zara. Trunk drives away, Miraj says let them comeback then I will see how much Zara have told Kabir and how much game has changed. Miraj comes to Shahbaz and says why dont you help me? if you take up role of handling sharia board issues then it will help us both, you took position in sharia board by using your money and you wanted to give that power to Kabir but Kabir’s resignation is still pending in sharia board, Irfan is not happy with Kabir and Zara’s divorce and if it happens then Kabir staying in sharia board wont be easy. Shahbaz says what you want to say? Miraj says I want to become sharia board member. Shahbaz says its not that easy. Miraj says you know that if head priest of board dies and doesnt announce his heir before dying then vice head becomes head, you know this marriage happened not just to make relation between two families but also to gain benefits but if I become part of the board then it will give you power, Shahbaz looks on.

Kabir and Zara comes home. Miraj says I have seen couples romancing after marriage but couples romancing after divorce, have seen it first time. He says I am sorry to break it but I want Kabir to focus on project. Shahbaz comes there and says Kabir should focus on work too. Miraj says I am sorry but I need Kabir’s time for project. Kabir says you are right, I will focus more on project. Miraj says I am sure you both must have gotten time alone there to enjoy, I hope that Zara doesnt take away from my sight again. Zara says what? he says I am joking. Kabir nods and leaves.

Zara comes to Kabir and says I am sorry, I shouldnt have taken you with me, you had work and I took you away. Kabir says work is my duty and making you happy is my responsbility. Zara says okay so you are staying with me? She takes his car keys. Kabir says I am getting late. Zara says stay with me. Kabir takes her dress. Zara says dont take my dress, its my favorite. Kabir runs behind her to take the keys, he grabs her and tickles her. She says I will scratch your face, they laugh. Kabir takes keys from her. Zara says stay away from me. Kabir sits beside her and says stay away from me, I will put spice in your food. Zara is about to fall from bed but Kabir pulls her closer and caresses her face. She says I am miffed with you. Kabir says you can put spice, poison anything in my food and I will eat, if you go away from me then who will take care of you? Zara says you are a doting husband, I will go with you. Kabir says its an important meeting, I will take you later. Zara says no give me files, I am going with you, she tries to snatch files from him, files fall down. He asks her to bring his files and shoes.

Nilofar watches recording of Miraj’s truck following Kabir’s scooter. She thinks I wont let Kabir die.

Kabir and Zara are walking on roads, Kabir says when I take a responsibility, I fulfill it. Zara thanks him. Kabir says you are thanking me? Zara says you took time for me out. Kabir says I should thank, you know we were having race with friends, we enjoyed road side food, I dont know what was happening, I never did it before, you made it happen, you enjoy every moment of life, you made me love every moment. Zara says I want to make you happy like this, can I ask you something? Kabir says dont ask me anything which will make me upset, you can ask very disturbing questions, like from where I got the money to get this scooty. Zara says I wanted to ask that you have invested a lot of money in the project but what if things dont happen as you want? Kabir says we have taken up the challenge, now I will make sure to complete it, Ruksaar did many bad things but she did one nice thing, which is to make Miraj part of this project, he invested in this project, made many people part of it, my father invested in the project because of you, many people have hopes from this project, now you just pray that I dont fail. Zara says my prayers are always with you. Kabir says God fulfill all her prayers. They smile at each other.

Zara comes to her room, she recalls Kabir’s words that Miraj made this project happen. Zara calls Reema and asks her to come home, I need you, dont ask questions, just come, she ends call. Zara gets a video message of a truck following Zara and Kabir and asking someone call if they should kills Zara and Kabir? Zara is shocked to see that someone had send that truck for them. Suddenly message is deleted. She says someone was trying to kill us and we didnt know? She thinks and leaves from there.

Miraj says to Nilofar that Zara is scared of me thats why she didnt tell Kabir anything. Nilofar says what if she told him the truth? if she didnt want to tell him then why did she take him away? you still dont understand Zara? you know if I have to bet then I would bet on Zara winning. Miraj says then you will lose, stop this rubbish. Zara comes there and says now I am sure that you both are siblings. Miraj says you are a fool, still dont recognize us? dont play with fire, it will burn you, you did a mistake by taking Kabir away, you dont know how close death was to him. She says death was following Kabir but I stood inbetween, so remember I will always be protecting Kabir. Zara says to Miraj that if you try to hurt Kabir’s project then remember that all people who love him will stand by him and I will stand with him too as everyone helps a nice person which Kabir is so stop thinking about killing her. Miraj points gun at her. Zara glares at him.

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