Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 15 August 2020 Miraj and Kabir fist fight


Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 15 August 2020 Miraj and Kabir fist fight

At dinner, Reema says I am leaving, Imran says I will drop you. Nilofar says Imran if you come to meet me tomorrow then I will like it, he says I would like to meet you too. Reema glares at him and says I have headache. Zara asks her to stay.

Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 14 August 2020\

Miraj talks to Kabir about school training. Miraj sees gym equipment and says you workout still? Kabir says its keeps me active. Miraj says will you have a fist fight? Kabir says lets have a fight, they start fist fight, Miraj takes their selfie. Miraj says you do all the work, do workout and try being a nice husband, I think you regret giving first divorce, I would suggest you to not divorce her, Zara is a very nice wife, you are lucky to get her. Kabir says I thought a lot before giving her first divorce and I have time to give her second divorce, 21 days will decide if I will divorce her and separate from her or hold her hand again to live with her. Kabir makes him lose the fist fight.

Zara recalls Miraj’s words to take divorce from Kabir. Reema says what does Imran think of himself? I would have divorced him if I could. She sees Zara tensed and asks what happened? Zara hugs her and cries. Miraj sends her picture of him and Kabir fist fighting, she gets scared. Reema asks what happened? Zara says I love Kabir a lot, I know I took some decisions which he didnt like but punishment to be divorced? Kabir is like my friend too but why Kabir doesnt show right on me, Kabir always fulfilled his duties as a husband, cant husband and wife live like friends? cant they be equal in marriage? I could have remained silent but it wouldnt gain anything. Reema says its time for you to decide, you want your identity or your marriage? think about it.

Miraj thinks that I have to know when Zara will be mine. He brings tea for Kabir. Kabir says you could have asked anyone. Miraj says I like to work with my hands. Miraj says I want to ask you what will you do after giving divorce to Zara? will you remarry? Kabir glares at him. Miraj says I was just asking. Kabir says your question is valid, you have made me think, nobody told me if divorce was right or not, Kabir says to Miraj that your question have made me think, what I will do after giving divorce to Zara? but question is what I will do by giving divorce to Zara? truth is that I wont be able to have a relation with anyone for a long time, Miraj says why? what pain have you got? Kabir says its not easy to fill the gap, to fill the place of Zara, it cant be easily filled. Miraj looks on. Zara cries and says to Reema that I thought I would save my relation but I couldnt, this divorce will happen for sure. Reema says are you mad? Kabir is trying so hard to win your heart, stop this doubt, take rest and wait for tomorrow, your husband have planned something special for you tomorrow but I am not gonna tell you, Zara looks on.

In morning, Zara brings breakfast and says sorry to Kabir, she says we should start a new day with smile. Kabir looks at her and says what do you want? she says to forgive me and smile at me. Kabir shakes his head and says okay I will try. Zara thinks and says I want to talk about yesterday, he says yes.. Zara says actually.. door knocks. Zara turns and sees Miraj standing there, she gets scared. Kabir asks Zara what she wanted to say? Zara doesnt answer him. Miraj comes inside and says teachers will start training today so check these files. Kabir does it and says thank you for giving these files for teachers, Miraj says I will put them on table. Miraj looks at Zara and says I am thinking that training will start after 4PM so it will take time to end so you can estimate how much time its going to take. He smirks at Zara.
Kabir, Miraj and Zara sits for breakfast. Miraj says Kabir you have healthy life because of this food, you are lucky, you get this food, I work all day but doesnt get this type of food. Zara says only healthy food doesnt make you healthy, clean heart and thoughts make you a good person too, good hearted person remain healthy. Kabir says Zara is right. Miraj says yes.

Kabir looks at the place with Miraj and Nilofar, Kabir says its a great place for teachers training. Miraj says my sister Nilofar helped a lot to find this place. Kabir says then I should thank her, her work is commendable, she nods. Kabir says I have some work, he leaves. Nilofar says to Miraj that I couldnt talk to you because of Zara, why do you want me to get married to that Imran? he is cute, not a jerk like you. Miraj says this drama started because of you dancing with me.

Nilofar says if you didnt want to dance then you could have said no. Miraj says it was both our mistake and I got a chance because of this mistake. Nilofar says what chance? why are you investing your diamond smuggling money in this project? Miraj says this project will help me a lot, my black money will get white while I invest in this project, I dont care about this project working, thats why I am not killing Kabir because he is like golden hen for me. Nilofar says dont talk about harming Kabir, I have signed contract with Ruksaar. Miraj says you cant even cash that cheque, Nilofar says it will be cashed after 3 months, stay away from my cheque. Miraj says join hands with me and you will earn so much money. Miraj says to Nilofar that stay away from Imran and Amaan because you might have to kill them on my orders in future. Miraj turns and is shocked to see Kabir standing there.

Miraj says to Nilofar that dont get attached to Imran and Amaan as you might have to kill them for me. Nilofar says I have some rules, I dont kill kids. Miraj says Zeenat shouldnt know that, she should know that her son Amaan is in danger. Kabir comes there, Miraj and Nilofar gets tensed. Kabir says I came to take my file, he takes it and leaves. Miraj have sigh of relief.

Zeenat is working in kitchen, Zara comes there and starts working, she sees Zeenat in thoughts. Zeenat recalls how Miraj threatened Amaan’s life. Zara says what happened? you are thinking about a new plot for me? Zeenat says I dont have time for you, truth is I never liked you and I dont have time for plots, I am stuck with my problems. Zara says what problems? you can tell me, I might help you, she holds her hand and asks if everything is fine? Zeenat says you are a problem, if you didnt come in Kabir’s life then Ruksaar wouldnt go crazy and my son wouldnt be in trouble and I wont be tensed about him, she angrily leaves from there. Zara thinks why she is worried about Amaan?

Reema is in restaurant, Imran brings coffee. She says you are smiling a lot, did you talk to your bride Nilofar? Imran says I lost my heart to her, Nilofar is so beautiful, so pretty, she told me that I dont have to earn anything, she can make a gold palace for me. Reema says you called me here for this? Imran says you can have coffee with me. Reema says I dont like to have coffee with you. Imran says but I like it, I dont want to spend time with Nilofar, I am doing it for Zara. Reema says you are enjoying her company. Imran says nothing like that, did Zara tell anything? Reema says Zara was crying a lot, she was saying that her divorce will happen for sure. Imran says from the time Miraj has come in their lives, they have problems only, I dont know why Miraj is giving money to Kabir but I will find out.

Kabir is in institute. One priest praises him for his deed. Imran comes there and says to Kabir that you always giving teachings to others, your institute will be very beneficial for nation but I think you should do something for girls too, they have more problems, Kabir says I will do it, I am working hard to make this work but once everything works out then I will something on small scale for girls. Miraj and Nilofar comes there. Nilofar says I want to go to dinner with Imran, I want to talk to him before my parents come there. Miraj says Kabir and I can come. Kabir says I have some work so Miraj you go with Imran and Nilofar. Kabir leaves from there. Miraj is miffed.

Zara is waiting for Kabir. She opens her room door to find Miraj there, she says you? he says Kabir didnt come so I thought to come. Zara says you are not allowed in this room, she tries to close the door but he stops her, she says didnt you listen? Miraj says I know darling Miraj, I am bad but cant ignore your orders, you want me to not come in this room without your permission so I wont come.. I want to tell you something, your friend Imran is on dinner with Nilofar, if you try to tell my truth to Kabir or anyone then your beloved Imran will have last night of his life. Zara gets tensed and says no. Miraj says you have to do my work, he shows her sleeping pills and says if you take one then you sleep for a night but if you take three then you go in deep slumber, he asks her to take them. She says what joke is this? Miraj grabs her hand and says I dont joke, either take these three tablets or.. he shows her gun and says otherwise three bullets for Imran.. you have to choose now, fast. Zara gets worried and takes sleeping pills, he gives her water. Zara takes three sleeping pills, Zara feels dizzy and falls asleep.

Kabir comes home on a scooter. In Zara’s room, Miraj says sleep peacefully, I will come to meet you darling Miraj. Kabir comes to his room and finds Zara sleeping, he says Zara? he shakes her but she is in deep sleep, Kabir sees food on table and smiles. He lifts her in his arms and puts her on bed, he tucks her in blanket and caresses her face, he says I want to say poetry that when I look away from you, I forget myself, I meet myself in your eyes.. you know I tried to not comeback today but I couldnt stop myself and had to comeback to you, we have very less time, tomorrow I have a surprise for you, I hope it makes your day beautiful, he puts scooter keys on table and says bye Zara. He lies on bed to sleep.

In morning, Kabir offers prayers and sees Zara still sleeping, he smiles. Kabir gets ready, he blows air from hair dryer at Zara and laughs. He makes mustache on her face with her hair and laughs. Kabir gets ready for the day and sees Zara still sleeping. He sits beside her and says wake up Zara? why are you unconscious? he shakes her and says wake up, look at me, Zara moves a little and wakes up. Kabir says thank God you are fine. Zara says since when I am sleeping? my head is hurting, Kabir asks if everything is fine? Zara recalls how Miraj made her take sleeping pills. Zara asks Kabir where is Imran? Is he fine? Kabir gets angry and says enough, I have been waiting for you to wake up and you? you are talking about Imran after you wake up? Zara pulls him down, he makes a miffed face. Zara says I saw your pretty face but its not smiling, smile a little. Kabir laughs. Zara says my day is made, I pray that you always smile like that. Kabir says Zara, God accept all your wishes. Kabir says its time to call the donkey, he calls Imran and asks if everything is fine? okay everything is fine, I am so miffed at you, I would have scolded at you but I am mannered, I tried to make my wife happy but she is asking about you, I cant get miffed at my delicate wife so I have to scold you, Imran laughs. Kabir ends call and says to Zara that Imran is fine and at his home. Zara smiles. Kabir asks whats new in this room? She says your clothes and my headache. Kabir says you are giving me headache too. He shows her keys. Zara sees scooty key and says to Kabir that this is for me? Kabir nods. She says you are not joking? Kabir says I am joking, I brought this gift for you last night but you were sleeping. Zara tries to snatch the key from him, he runs away from her. Zara says listen.. I waited for you, Kabir says drama. Zara says lets go. Kabir asks her to atleast get freshen up, she goes to washroom.

Zara sits on scooty and is buzzing with happiness, Kabir smiles at her and asks how did she like his gift? she says very nice. Kabir says I wanted to bring the airplane for but parking was an issue. Zara says this scooty is no less than an airplane for me, she lies her head on his shoulder and smiles.

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