Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 27 February 2021


Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 27 February 2021

The people in the asylum are ready to fight the lawyer. They start beating his guards and him. Zara is trying to make Kabir run from there. Kabir comes and hugs Salma. He leaves with them.

Irfan and Ruksaar are in the car. Irfan asks Ruksaar to leave, he has to go. He drops her and goes.
Irfan meets Kabir and takes them in his car.

Irfan jokes with Azra. Salma says thank God no one knows. Irfan says Ruksaar got to know but don’t worry.

Irfan and Kabir coms outside Zara’s graveyard. Zara says they will take out Zara’s body, DNA will prove that Shahbaz killed her, she might have fought him and we might find something, tell us what grave is hers? Kabir says no, she is sleeping, I don’t want to disturb her sleep. Zara says her killer is roaming around, we have to get justice for her. Irfan says as a father I am asking you to tell us. Kabir says no, I can’t disrespect her grave like that, I am not going to open it. Irfan hugs him and cries. They pray on Zara’s grave. Kabir says we will find away. Kabir meets Imran. Kabir says I needed you. Imran says you didn’t tell me anything, I can’t believe your father could do such a thing. Irfan tells Kabir that your hope is greater than Shahbaz’s tricks.

Ruksaar tells Shahbaz that the person who took Kabir out of the asylum is Irfan and we don’t have proof. Shahbaz says how do you know that? Ruksaar says I went to meet Kabir, I was worried for him. I am with you but I just wanted to see him. Shahbaz slaps her and says you lied to me? I won’t spare that Kabir.

Kabir thanks Zara. He says you are fighting my war so thank you. Imran says what’s the plan? Kabir says I know what to do. We will bring the snake out of his den. He sent me to asylum but now he will pay for it.

The policeman searches Irfan’s house and says Kabir might have got the help from you. He asks where is Zara? Irfan says she doesn’t live here, how can you say that I brought Kabir out?

Ruksaar says if Kabir is not in Irfan’s house then where? Shahbaz says he can’t go far.

Kabir makes a plan. Imran asks what he is up to? Kabir smirks. Shahbaz comes to his function. Kashan tells him that he is looking after his security so don’t worry. Zara and Imran hide. Zara says there is too much security, what should we do? How will Kabir go inside? Kabir is dressed as a Shaikh and tries to go inside. The security stops him and says you can’t enter without the pass. The priest calls Shahbaz and says my guest is here but they are not letting him inside. Shahbaz comes there and says sorry.

He calls them inside and says we have a tight security.
Shahbaz gives a speech and says I thought about my nation first and sent my son away. I loved him so much but I sent him to an asylum for his mistakes. All hear it. Kabir looks on. He enters the venue as a Shaikh and glares at Shahbaz. He recalls Shahbaz’s words, calling him mental. Kabir shouts that you are a liar, you are fake and a cheater. Ruksaar recognizes him. The security comes there but Kabir throws some beads on them. All start running away. Zara and Imran go inside as well. Kabir comes to Shahbaz and says you are seeing a man who is here to make you accept your crime, you have to sign these papers, you shot Zara, you killed my love. You will sign these. Shahbaz says I am not doing it. Kabir says you will do it. Shahbaz says never, you are my son. Kabir says you are plotting against me, you can’t love me. He grabs him and says you have to sign, I am not letting you go out. He strangles him. Zara comes there and asks him to stop it. The priest comes there and says to Shahbaz that you have done a crime, you got such a good son then why did you do it? Kabir tries to attack him. Kabir grabs him and asks him to accept his crime.

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