Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 28 February 2021


Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 28 February 2021

The priest calls Shahbaz and says my guest is here but they are not letting him inside. Shahbaz comes there and says sorry. He calls them inside and says we have a tight security.
Shahbaz gives a speech and says I thought about my nation first and sent my son away. I loved him so much but I sent him to an asylum for his mistakes. All hear it. Kabir looks on. He enters the venue as a Shaikh and glares at Shahbaz. He recalls Shahbaz’s words, calling him mental. Kabir shouts that you are a liar, you are fake and a cheater. Ruksaar recognizes him. The security comes there but Kabir throws some beads on them. All start running away. Zara and Imran go inside as well.

Kabir comes to Shahbaz and says you are seeing a man who is here to make you accept your crime, you have to sign these papers, you shot Zara, you killed my love. You will sign these. Shahbaz says I am not doing it. Kabir says you will do it. Shahbaz says never, you are my son. Kabir says you are plotting against me, you can’t love me. He grabs him and says you have to sign, I am not letting you go out. He strangles him. Zara comes there and asks him to stop it. The priest comes there and says to Shahbaz that you have done a crime, you got such a good son then why did you do it? Kabir tries to attack him. Kabir grabs him and asks him to accept his crime. Kabir grabs Shahbaz and tries to kill him. Zara says this is not right. The priest says that Zara is right, our religion teaches to reconcile with the enemies. Our Prophet teaches us to find a solution with the criminals. He tells Shahbaz that the solution is that Kabir will leave you alone and in return you will tell everyone that Kabir is not mental and you will leave him and the kids alone. Shahbaz says that I accept but Kabir? The priest tells Kabir that I know it’s difficult but forgiving someone is the biggest act.

Shahbaz comes the people in his conference and tells them that Kabir is not mental. The reporter says you said that he is not stable. The priest says that Kabir is not mental, he was trapped by the ghosts, our religion talks about it too, he was under spell. Kabir thinks that I will make Shahbaz accept that he has killed Zara.

Scene 2
The priest gives tips for Kabir’s peace. Kabir gets angry and says I can’t forgive that man, I can’t reconcile with him. The priest asks him to not lose patience.

Ruksaar tells Shahbaz that Kabir won’t spare us. Shahbaz says the game hasn’t ended, what I want will happen, I am a king in this game so don’t worry about it. He asks Zeenat what happened? Zeenat says Amaan is crying and he wants the kids back. Kashan says he doesn’t have to miss Kabir. I will pacify him.

The priest tells Kabir that you should go back to your house. Kabir says I can’t live with the person who killed my Zara. The priest says I have to tell you now. He gives him some paper. Kabir reads it and is shocked.

Shahbaz hears someone coming in the house. Kabir comes there with dhol. Zara plays the dhol. Shahbaz asks her to stop it. They keep playing the dhol. Shahbaz says we decided to not cross the path again. Kabir says I will live in my house.

The priest tells Kabir that the house was never of Shahbaz, Ayesha got it as a gift from her father, she didn’t tell you so you keep up the respect for your father. Ayesha came to me and told me that she has given her house to her sons and I should tell you when the time is right, she said to never let house divide so you should go there. The flashback ends. Kabir tells Shahbaz that this is my house so I will stay here. Zeenat says this is a family house. Kabir says you people have become deaf that is why we have to play the dhol to wake you up. He goes in the house.

Ruksaar is scared of Zeenat. Zeenat says he can’t do anything till I am with you.

Imran sits with Zara and Kabir. He shows his food list to Zara. Zara says this is a small list? Imran says I eat a lot. Zara laughs and says where does it go? You have a small height. Kabir laughs. Imran says you are insulting me? Zara says you want me to make food for you? You have to eat what I make. Imran says I am going. Kabir says I thought everything was finished when Ayesha died and then Zara died, Imran is my best friend but my life is a dark place, I just have hatred in my heart that is why I want people with love to be around me, you both are important to me, you both are like fresh water in a desert for me. Imran says we were just joking. Kabir says yes I know. Zara says we will start our plan from tonight, Kabir says I know what to do.

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