Wednesday Update The heir 21st August 2019


Wednesday Update The heir 21st August 2019

Raavi swearing and saying I don’t know that other man, leave my daughter. Sushila asks did you think daughter’s name. Raavi cries and says I m your daughter, you don’t do this. Sushila says yes, I will think something, let me think. Mannu looks on. Sushila says I have seen the girl, she said if she is alive, I will die, and I can’t take risk, I will do one thing, whatever you know, hide the truth, don’t think of giving statement, I will hide this child truth from Jagan, Jagan thinks you got abortion done, you decide now, we can hide each other’s truth. Raavi agrees and cries.

Mannu looks on. Sushila asks Raavi to stop crying now. Mannu goes. Sushila smiles. Mannu packs the bag. Jai comes. Mannu says Amba’s state is same, I could not help Raavi and get clue against
Sushila, I lost. Jai asks what happened, tell me. Mannu tells everything. Mannu says Amba and I always did things in favor of girls, Amba got permission for Simran’s higher education, she has saved me from everyone’s sight since 7 years and…. she taught me to respect women, if a girl died because of me, everything would have got ruined, no I can’t let this happen.

Jai wipes his tears and says you are great, and mature, I can understand your mother is very great. He pacifies Mannu. Mannu says Bheeru has proof that Sushila has killed Bebe. Jai gets the pic and asks is this your uncle. Mannu asks where did you get this. Jai thinks to tell truth when right time comes. He says I got pic from Amba’s room, I will go and come back with proof. Mannu hugs him. Jai says enough, hug me when I do work, don’t trouble Amba. He goes. Sushila sees him and is with courier guy. She gets angry and calls police, informing about Mannu.

Jai meets doctor and asks about Bheeru. Doctor says he is in coma. Jai asks about the belongings. Doctor says its in drawer. Jai gets CD and apologizes to Bheeru for the accident. He goes.

Amba talks to Mannu. Amba says Bheeru is eight year old. Mannu says see carefully, this is Bheeru, think. Mannu says this is Bheeru. Sushila comes there and says Mannu, you met after a long time. Amba looks on. Mannu hears police siren and worries. Mannu gets an idea and smiles. Sushila asks why are you smiling. Mannu says when you know I m Mannu, how did you forget this is my house, I know every corner of it. He pushes Sushila and jumps to open door. He keeps stool and opens door. Sushla asks Amba to catch him, he is a big cheat. Amba holds Mannu. Sushila smiles. Mannu asks Amba to let him go. He says I m your son Mannu. Amba gets flashes. She leaves his hand. Mannu goes. Sushila asks police to find Mannu.

Amba says Mannu asked me to leave hand, and I left, why, who is Mannu. Jai checks CD and sees recording of Yuvraaj and Sushila killing Bebe. He says this proof will end Sushila’s leela, don’t worry partner, I m coming. He asks doctor to treat Bheeru, I will get money. He gets a call. Lady asks what are you doing, all money ended in account. Jai says don’t worry, I m spending money on right thing.

Jagan scolds Sushila for missing Mannu. Mannu sees them. Sushila says go and drop Amba to Lala, take money from him, Mannu will come out on own, then police will catch him. Mannu hears all this. Jagan calls out Amba. Mannu says now I will be ahead of Sushila and save Amba.

Jagan getting Amba to Lala. Lala comes there in warehouse. Mannu runs and reaches there. Lala welcomes Jagan and asks is she the one. Jagan nods. Lala sees Amba. Mannu hides and looks on. Lala’s men get the money. Mannu thinks how to save Amba. Amba says I will not stay here. Jagan stops her and says Lala is your owner from today, I have sold you. Amba gets shocked.

She scolds Jagan. Jagan asks her to stop it. Lala says everything will be fine. Jagan ties Amba. He takes the money. Manny goes to Amba and frees her. Jagan says money is less and argues. Mannu and Amba try to run away and see the goons. Amba and Mannu get worried. Amba asks Mannu to come. The goon catches Mannu.

Jagan tries to catch Amba. Mannu makes Jagan fall and asks Amba to run away. Amba runs.

Jai comes there and sees Amba. She hugs him in fear. Jagan aims gun at Mannu. Jai and Amba come there. Jai says she was running away, take her back, I m very mean, I will not get money by marrying her. Amba and Mannu worry. Jagan says great, what will Mannu do now. Mannu thinks Jai can’t cheat me.
Jai asks Mannu what are you seeing me now. Jagan laughs. Jai beats Jagan and fights with the goons. Jagan holds Jai and fights with him. Police comes there. They stop fighting. Jai leaves Jagan. Jagan says inspector, catch Mannu, he is Bebe’s murderer. Mannu gets worried.

Sushila dances wearing jewelry. Jagan comes to her. She asks him to see her Leela. She says Mannu got caught, you will become Shah. He stares at her angrily. She laughs. He slaps her. She gets shocked and shouts. He says shut up, I told you nothing should happen to my Bebe, you killed my Bebe, inspector arrest her. She gets angry and sees Mannu.

Jai gives the proof against Sushila. Mannu says now you go to jail. Sushila says this did not happen right, I will keep a secret with me, Jagan you did not do right, I want to give you a surprise, you will know it yourself. Raavi worries. Sushila laughs. Inspector says Jagan, we will see her. They take Sushila and leave. Jagan sees Raavi.

Mannu says mummy, everything got fine. Amba says would be mummy, not mummy, I did not marry your Papa yet. Jai looks on. Mannu says no, I m your son Mannu. He removes the wig and says look at me, identify me, I m your Mannu. Amba gets some flashes. She says you are orphan kid. Mannu says no, I m your Mannu, you are my mummy. Amba says no, I did not get married. Mannu worries.

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