Wednesday Update On the Promise Zee World

Wednesday Update On the Promise Zee World

June 27 Episode

Pia tells Jai that she needs to visit the doctor as she was feeling unwell. An angry Jai tells Pia that he will give her child all its rights. Karuna wonders why Jai is creating hatred for himself in everyone’s hearts. Jai tells her that he is only continuing his efforts to create anger in Bani’s mind, so that she reacts. Ranvir speaks to Rashi about the discrimination that Jai always held against him. But Rashi calms him down. A party has been organized for Bani’s sake. But some Press people arrive there and gossip about Bani. Rano leaves from office to reach the party. But she slips and falls on her stomach. A reporter asks Rano about Bani’s mental condition. Rano gives them a strong answer. Much to everyone’s surprise, Jai Walia enters the party.

Press reporters surround Jai at the party and inquire about his relation with Bani. Jai publically announces that he is breaking off his relationship with Bani and beginning a new life. Tarun loses his temper and questions Jai. Jai hands over a divorce paper to him. Bani faints on seeing this. She is hospitalized. Pia hears Jai’s statement on TV and is shocked. At the hospital, Rano faints too and is taken for a check up. The doctor reveals that Rano’s child would not be normal. Sahil overhears the conversation.

Sahil scolds Rano for being careless. Jai goes to the hospital to see Bani. He speaks his heart out to the unconscious Bani. When Bani regains consciousness, she hears the doctor saying that she is pregnant. Piya comes to the same hospital for a check up and is shocked to know about Bani’s pregnancy. She also comes to know that Bani has left the hospital. Bani is shocked to know that she is pregnant. Pia steals Bani’s report and burns it, as she does not want Jai to know about it. Karuna tells Jai about Bani’s disappearance from the hospital. An unknown person holds a gun upon Bani