Wednesday Update on The heir 14th August


Wednesday Update on The heir 14th August

Bebe says what does she think, I can’t do anything without her. She asks Amba not to come to her. She says I should have done this before. Amba takes clothes and goes. Bebe asks what happened, can’t you bear failure, that you are hiding and leaving, you said Mannu will win, she is Preet. Amba says they cheated and made Mannu lose. Bebe asks what will you stay, can’t I know this, is it not my right, you can go, but listen carefully, once you leave, I will not let you enter home, I will die. Amba asks why, don’t you want me to go. Bebe says don’t put yours words in my mouth, you leave, Yuvraaj will be Shah till I m alive. Amba nods. She packs her bags. Bebe goes.

Its morning, Harjeet drives to home. Amrit gives food to Rohan. She says so what if you lost, you will win. Harjeet comes. Rohan says I lost because of Amrit. Harjeet says Rohan is right, its because of you, you were asking Rohan to slow down. Its morning postman gives letter to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj reads it and gets shocked. Mannu keeps an eye on him. Amba calls Mannu. Yuvraaj rushes to Sushila and signs her. They go. Mannu misses to see them. Bebe prays to Lord and says I have done all this to keep the house traditions, bless us. Mannu comes and asks her to come with him, Yuvraaj… Bebe asks why are you after Yuvraaj, just go. Mannu keeps hand on fire and asks Bebe to come with him for the last time. Bebe stops Mannu. Mannu thanks her.

Sushila says why is this man doing this. Sushila and Yuvraaj go to meet that man. Bebe asks Mannu why did you get me here. Sushila says Yuvraaj you go and deal with him, I will stand here and see if anyone is following us. Bebe says I have come here for last time, I believed you. Mannu says no mistake will happen, see Yuvraaj, he is not alone, someone is with him, don’t know who. Bebe says Yuvraaj here. Yuvraaj goes to that man and says you cheated me, how dare you, I m Shah of Pavaniyas. The man asks what are you saying, when did I cheat you.

Mannu and Bebe see him. Yuvraaj says I worked hard to fail Mannu, you are spoiling my game. Sushila sees Bebe and Mannu there. She thinks did Mannu send that letter. Yuvraaj asks did you not send this letter. The man says no, thieves see everyone thief, go from here, else I will say how you won, you will not stay in this pind. Yuvraaj stabs him. Mannu and Bebe get shocked. Yuvraaj says how dare you call me thief, I m Shah, Bebe made me Shah, I will bring Mannu and his family on roads, that old woman did mistake. Bebe gets shocked and shouts Yuvraaj.

Amba sees the stormy winds and thinks its bad sign that cat is crying. Bebe scolds Yuvraaj. She says you are not my Waaris, you are worst. Mannu says Bebe come with me. Bebe says I will send you to jail. Yuvraaj gets angry. Sushila hides from them. She thinks Bebe got to know everything, there is one way, thats to kill her.

Amba asking Simran to shoo off the crying cat. Simran leaves milk on boiling. Amba goes to room and sees diya flickering. Mannu takes Bebe. Bebe recalls Mannu and Amba’s words. Amba says who will take care of Bebe after we leave, she wanted to stop us, even I don’t want to go, I can’t leave her alone with Bebe, once Mannu comes, we will go, where did Mannu and Bebe go. Simran signs don’t know. Mannu asks Bebe is she fine. She says I will get water for you. Bebe asks shall I call you Mannu or Preet. Mannu says whatever, if I hear Preet from you, I will be glad. Bebe calls her as Preet.

Bebe says Amba said right, I m a woman and did not see your strength, I have sown bad and reaping bad now, Lord gave me two sons, one cheater Charan who cheated your mum, and other

Jagan who wanted to kill me, Amba served me as a daughter all her life, I did not value her. I forced her to lie, and Yuvraaj is a big fraud. Mannu asks her not to cry. Bebe apologizes. Mannu cries.
She asks Mannu not to leave her, and sit. Mannu says its not your mistake. Bebe says Amba said right, you are equal to 1000 boys, you are one in a million. Bebe cries and says you will become my Waaris, my Shah, forgive me. Waaris……plays………….. Mannu hugs her and smiles. Mannu says we will make our pind nice place, stay here, I will get water for you. Mannu goes. Bebe thinks Yuvraaj can’t have that Kalgi. She goes back and hears Sushila talking to Yuvraaj.

Sushila scolds him and slaps. Bebe thinks is Sushila slapping Yuvraaj. Sushila says I made you Charan’s illegitimate child, when Charan is innocent, I lied to the village and made them believe that you are Charan’s child. Bebe gets shocked hearing this. She says I can’t let Amba go, my Charan did not cheat her.

Yuvraaj and Sushila stop her. Sushila asks Bebe why did she go injustice with Raavi. Bebe beats Sushila. Yuvraaj sees Bebe. He helps Sushila. He hits Bebe. Bebe runs and shouts to Mannu. Mannu gets water and does not see Bebe. Sushila and Yuvraaj follow Bebe. Bebe shouts Mannu. Mannu heats her and runs. Bebe and Sushila fight. Bebe says I will expose your truth to everyone. Yuvraaj hits her and throws sand on her face. Bebe moves back and falls down the cliff. She hangs to the tree. Mannu shouts Bebe. Sushila says Mannu should not see us, and runs with Yuvraaj. Bebe shouts to Mannu. Mannu asks Bebe to give hand. Bebe shouts. She recalls Mannu’s birth and Amba. Her hand slips. Mannu gets shocked. Yuvraaj and Sushila look on and smile.

Bebe falling down the cliff. Mannu shouts Bebe and shouts. Amba sees diya blown off and worries. The people stop Mannu and asks what happened to your Biji, who fell down. Mannu says my Biji fell down. The men go to check down the cliff to find her. The lady holds Mannu. Mannu cries. Sushila says it means Mannu did not see us. Yuvraaj asks will that old woman die. She says yes, its good, you be careful, I can do anything for my plan, I don’t care for anyone, I see just my aim. She scares Yuvraaj and says my daughter will rule as Shahni. The ma sees them and thinks they are dangerous, its good if I run away.

Amba stops Jagan and says Bebe and Mannu went out and did not come, I looked for them in village, you go and see. He argues and asks why are you taking help, I thought
I will not see your face. She says Bebe is old, she is our mum, go and see them. He says don’t talk bad things. Mannu comes crying. Amba asks where is Bebe. Mannu says Bebe was unwell and… come with me right away. Amba says come. They turn and see people getting Bebe’s dead body. Amba and Jagan get shocked. Jagan says this is not Bebe, who did you get. The man says don’t move the cloth, her face got spoiled, you all can’t bear the sight. Jagan says no, this is not Bebe. Amba runs and cries.

Sushila and Yuvraaj come home. Jagan, Amba and Raavi cry. Sushila asks Yuvraaj to start acting. Yuvraaj goes to Bebe. Mannu pushes him away. Mannu asks Yuvraaj not to touch Bebe. He says this happened because of you. Yuvraaj acts innocent.

Mannu says stop your drama, Bebe did not wish Yuvraaj to become Shah, she got to know his truth, he is big fraud. Yuvraaj says you are annoyed as Bebe wanted to see me as Shah, I don’t want to become Shah, you become Shah, this is not time to talk these things. Mannu gets angry. Sushila also starts drama. She asks Amba to explain Mannu. Everyone cry.

Sushila says Bebe was my old friend, why did you give shock to Bebe. Amba says no, Bebe can never commit suicide, she was strong, she can’t die like that. Jagan sits in shock. He goes. Raavi says we will prepare for Bebe’s final rites. Amba and everyone cry.

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