Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 22 April 2020


Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 22 April 2020

Samrat’s residence
tauji advises urmi that things are going exactly like he had thought, as now she understands why he told her not to come soon, as had she come instantly, samrat wouldnt have had a chance to let her win, and would have justified them all. tauji asks her to be positive and take change of the situation. urmi asks whats the use, as after all this, he continued all this and said so much and treated her like a servant. tauji says that it was venting of his frustration. Meanwhile, shashi progresses towards tauji’s room, to decide tomorrow’s breakfast menu.

Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 21 April 2020

Tauji tells urmi that if ego is scratched, the person goes mad. tauji advises urmi again, that the recent insult that samrat made on her, she shouldnt forget it, but should take it as a challenge to be overcome in the coming days. tauji asks her to celebrate and continue with this kind of charge of the situation. Urmi is surprised, but listens intently as tauji shows her the right tactic to go about it. Meanwhile, tauji finds shashi sneaking in from outside. He starts reprimanding urmi which boggles her, but then when he signals, she finds that shashi is on the door. He asks her to get lost, and urmi smiles and complies. From outside, shashi overhears this and is happy. urmni leaves.

The next morning, tauji compliments urmi on her cooking, whuile shashi is irritated. samrat comes in attending a phone call, and then calling everyone around, he says that in the evening, some special friends are coming over for dinner, and if things go well, it would be a huge international boom to the business.

Amrit identifies them, which tenses tauji. samrat explains more about his business clients. Shashi and kanchan are super excited about business going international. Samrat asks her to stay shut in front of the guests. samrat says that they are coming back to India after a lonmg time, and they value indian tradition and culture, and want to spend some time with the family. He asks them all to be alert and be at the best in hosting them in the evening. Amrit takes it on himself, but tauji curbs him down, saying that he shouldnt interfere in everything, and specially where he isnt concerned. samrat hears this all silently, as tauji insults amrit to the core.

Aditi isnt very pleased. urmi agrees to do everything. samrat reminds them that they cant and shouldnt afford anything to go wrong. He also asks them to get the Famous 56 bhog prepared. shashi has not other option but to say yes, when samrat asks if she would manage. After samrat leaves with amrit, shashi is shocked how to go about preparing the grand feast. urmi tells how to go about it, and aditi begins to help her with it too. tauji is in deep insight. She goes to the kitchen and starts preparing the list for the things to be brought. tauji comes in asking what all does she plan on makming.

she displays her overenthusiasm and her luxurious menu decided for samrat’s clients. Tauji compliments her, while she keeps ranting about how efficient she is. tauji tells her that samrat is right in thinking that she is servant without pay and thats her rightful place in the family. urmiu sdays that it was just his frustration, and she doesnt become a servant by doing household chores. Tauji says that he had said this only, and that she actually works like a servant only.

Annu’s residence
gaurav says that the girl is good. Granny is super happy, in front of the family, saying that he cant wait to get gaurav remarried and get asha into their house. gaurav says that he cant marry her, surprising granny and others too. granny asks what does he meran. Devi too asks whats the problem. Gaurav is still confused as to why is asha settling for gaurav, a middle aged man, who’s divorcee, and that her mayying him would be injustice to him. Saroj says that they have no issues. Gaurav again argues, and says that they cant compromise and that this isnt right. Asha asks him if he feels that this girl too shall leave him. He is tensed but says yes, he feels so. saroj and devi are tensed, as gaurav says that if this one too leaves after some years, and that he doesnt want any compusions. Granny again tries to suggest that they dhouldnt let the past affect the future. Gaurav says that he wont marry her, and leaves. Granny gets into an outburst saying that he would get married to asha. All are tensed.

Samrat’s residence
Tauji tells urmi that the problem is with her. Urmi says that she doesnt htink its wrong, and that if szhe doesnt take care of her family, who will. tauji asks her to continue then, with the insults, and reminds her about the importance of her in the house, and that if she considers it true, then samrat wont even think twice about insulting her. Tauji says that one who cant respect herself, shouldnt expect it from others, and should think that insult is in her destiny, as her philosophy claims that she should keep doing, whether anyone likes it or not. Tauji asks how would anyone care for her, when she doesnt care for herself. He leaves, while urmi is thinking still. He asks her to think deep about how she can make them care for her, and how would they realise her importance. Saying so, he leaves, while urmi is tensed.

Samrat’s residence
Shashi tells aditi not to be involved in work, as she is the daughter of this house, and should just relax, and let urmi do all the work along with kanchan. tauji calls up urmi, who’s working frantically in the kitchen. She picks it up, and tauji just places the call, so that urmi can hear what shashi is advising aditi about not helping urmi at all. she asks aditi to give an excuse that she has a headache while she has a sprain in the waist. tauji asks what would samrat think if he finds out about this. shashi says that she doesnt have any guts and wont say anything to samrat. aditi tries to protest, but shashi shuts her down. shashi, in order to win favour from trauji, says that she would get work done by urmi, or else she would be living free here. Urmi is distraught and apalled to hear this, as tears stream down her cheeks.

In her room, urmi remembers the insults given by samrat and shashi, and tauji’s advise about it. tauji comes in asking that she is still here. He comments on having a strong heart, that she heard everything and still is standing here, and asks if her self respect isnt affected at all, or if there isnt any. He says that he thought that she would be gone by now. urmi surprisingly asks how can she go to her house, as that wont be right, and what would samrat do, and how would he entertain the guests. tauji says that he would say that there’s no wife, but a servant who has gone to work in the other house. urmi is hurt by this. tauji says that to treat anything the medicine given is bitter, but that doesnt mean that the doctor is enemy to the patient. He says that to accomplish the mission, he would have to do things, that arent right to her heart and conscience, but they are actually right, as desperate times need desperate measures. he asks her to movce ahead not to compromise but to maintain the identity of her self respecxt. urmi understands and wipes off her tears, and asks that she would need his blessings to take such a big step. she bends to touch his feet, and he blesses her. He leaves wishing her the best of luck.

Annu’s residence
Granny refuses to eat food, while saroj asks her to stop all this. Granny says that she wont eat, till gaurav doesnt say yes to marriage. saroj says that her condition would worsen. But granny is defiant and says that she wont eat, as they dont get matches like this everyday. Saroj resignedly sits down.

Samrat’s office
while samrat is attending to business calls, amrit comes in with a sample of silver plate and after he confirms it, amrit talks about the other preparations. amrit says that he is concerned for the house formalities. samrat asks him to be carefree, as he doesnt need to take care of the house, and concentrate on the work in the office. he says that urmi would take care of everything, and would go to any lengths to get everything correct and precise. He tells her that for a man’s happiness, his wife canm do anything, and right now his happiness means utmost to urmi, and she knows that she cant afford to make a mistake, as he doesnt leav any room for it at all. he expresses his supreme faith in urmi. amrit hears intently.

Samrat’s residemce
Finding them all working, shashi comes in after having practised, and says that she has a terrible sprain. aditi finds it frustrating while she tries to get her way out of the immense work. Meanwhile, shashi pretends about having a terrible backache, and laments as to how the feast shall be prepared, as had she been okay she would have done everything. She tells that its their good luck that urmi is here to take care of everything.

Urmi eyes tauji and goes ahead, when he gives her the signal. urmi says that she has to go to her house, as gaurav is getting remarried and she needs some shopping finalisations to be done. Shashi asks what about the work here. urmi is tensed. Shashi asks how can she go, when there’s so much work here. Shashi asks who would take care here, for the humungous task here, as the respect is at stake. In horror, shashi forgets about her sprain, and kanchan instantly points it out to her. Shashi covers it up somehow, while kanchgan says that she is very happy that she is fine now.

Shashi asks urmi who would take care of it now, as important guests are coming. urmi says that she would come soon, and they can manage till then. kanchan gives her consent to go. shashi angers up, but kanchan traps her into thinking that she makes food best, and hence she should prepare the entire feast. urmi and tauji smirk at shashi’s helpless condition. shashi still says that she is in terrible pain. But kanchan tells her that she can do things that dont need her to stand, like cutting vegetables. kanchan and aditi are discussing with her, when they find urmi coming down, dressed and with a purse.

shashi is shocked and asks where is she going, when there’s so much work in the house. Urmi says that the work would be done here without her being there, as she isnt that important, as she has been told so many times. She says that therefore, her going there is very essential. shashi is shocked to hear this. Shashi wonders how to stop her, and then plays the shaurya card, and asks if she wont take him too. urmi is tensed what to asnwer now. urmi says that shaurya is sleeping, and wont wake up for a long time, and as it is, they have told that her house is very small, but his house is very big, and hence there shouldnt be a problem for him to be playing here.

Shashi is speechless and wonders what to say now. tauji signals urmi to be quiet and leave. kanchan agrees while shashi is tensed. Tauji smiles at this and is super happy. After she is gone, shashi laments at the situation she is in, as aditi says that she shouldnt have been after urmi in the first place as it totally backfired, as samrat wanted everything perfect and that if anything goes wrong, its completely shashi’s responsibility. tauji from the balcony thinks that when she returns now, urmi would come back with a piece of her self respect.

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