Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 23 April 2020


Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 23 April 2020

Annu’s residence
urmi comes in unannounced and happily surprised devi and others in the family, as she comes and hugs him. they all wonder how’s she here suddenyl. devi asks if she’s alone. she says yes. saroj asks if everything is alright. she says that its all fine and asks about her instaed. annu and granny too are happy to see her. urmi says that she assures everyone all is fine and that this is a casual visit. saroj asks why didnt she call before. urmi is asked abvout shaurya. urmi says that he is at home. saroj asks why she left him, as he cant stay without her. urmi says that he’s old enough now to stay without him, and that he must be playing with mandira. She asks anu to get a glass of water, and anu complies. saroj is still a little boggled, while urmi asks her to give her something to eat. Saroj thinks that she never comes without shaurya then what happened today.

Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 22 April 2020

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s and annu’s residence
Shashi has a hard time, doing all the preparations for the feast, while the

children too drive her crazy, throwing away things and unsettling the house. tauji comments shashi that its a bad day for her today, as she had pl;anned to frest, but is knee deep in work today. tauji instigates shaurya to go and ask for water, while shashi is knee deep in prep. Shashi comments that his grandmother isnt a servant. shaurya asks her to give water, not a lecture. Shashi is shocked. tauji comments that samrat has prepared a wonderful kid. She directs him to the water. tauji winks at shaurya, and then asks him to do something naughty. shaurya complies, and throws the water on the sofa, wetting it. tauji is amused while shashi is shocked. She angrily takes away the bottle, and begins to reprimand him. he asks her not to scold him or else he would get her scolded by samrat.

Shashi is shocked. aditi asks her not to worry as he she would get it dry and asks mukti to get the dryer. the phone rings and shaurya hurries to get it. She finds that its urmi. urmi overhears the children creating a scene, and aditi and shahsi reprimanding him badly. tauji asks her to be calm, as she supposedly had pain in the waist. urmi is amused, while shashi is flabbergasted. shashi pretends to be in pain. Shashi wonders why is urmi calling, having trapped her. She demands for the phone, while shaurya says that he is talking to his mother. urmi smiles. Shashi demands for the phone to be given.

When that happens, shashi asks why is she calling and why isnt she home yet. urmi says that she called for that only, as she would be delayed. shashi is shocked, and she starts to reprimand urmi for being so irresponsible. shashi asks when would they come, and urmi devastates her by saying that it would be night till she comes, and asks her to handle there, while she takes care of the situation here. shashi is stunned into silence, while all ask whats the matter. urmi is amused at shashi’s torture. tauji asks kanchan to find out what happened. urmi cancels the call citing that her mother is calling. Shashi is angered and super frustrated. she looks around the entire place which is in a mess. As urmi turns around, she is confronted by saroj, and wonders what all did urmi hear.

Meanwhile, saroj tells everyone that she clearly said that she wont come, and wont do the work here too. they are all shocked. The kids make fun of her, that now everything is on shashi’s shoulders. Tauji asks mandira not to talk like that, as they would irritate shashi to the core. all are amused while shashi is frustrated. Shashi says that she would set urmi straight, and would teach her a lesson for neglecting her duties. She thinks that she would tell samrat everything, by telling her about urmi. Tauji and shashi’s husband are tensed. kanchan laments that now without urmi, noone can save her, and the party shall be a ruin. shashi begins to call samrat. Samrat comes in with his cell phone ringing. He asks why was she calling. He is shocked to find the house completely unsettled. Shashi says that there’s a big problem. samrat says that its evident,and asks who did all this mess, while all; stand silent, and reprimand them all.

By the evening, samrat inspects everything, and approves of everything. kanchan and shashi are thoroughly exhausted, when aditi comes in saying that one dessert still hasnt been made, and shashi asks her to be quiet lest samrat hears and orders to be made. aditi says that tauji hasnt come back with urmi yet. To instigate him, shashi comments that she would take her own time today in coming back. samrat says that he needs a wife today, hence she is having her tantrums, and asks shashi not to instigate him futher.

Samrat begins to reprimand them all for being so callous. He asks shaurya to get down from the sofa. He complies. samrat asks about urmi and starts hollering for her. When she doesnt respond, shashi instigates him about urmi, saying that she has gone to her parents’ place and there’s a big problem. she tells him, everything, and how she trapped them all. samrat asks why they didnt stop her. He is super angry, and shashi too instigates her all the more, saying that urmi didnt hear anything. samrat says that she would be set straight and that she would come home straighhtaway. he begins to dial her number and is shocked when tauji stops him. Samrat asks him to let him talk to her. tauji asks whats he doing. He may taunt her on phone, but he would give this message that she has gone, and the work is stopped, and that she would know that without her, no work can be finished. he asks him if he wants her to be tortured or make her realise that wihout her, they are nothing. all are tensed, while samrat is boggled. tauji says that if he calls her, she would get on their heads, that she is important, and then she wouldnt let herself be overpowered. samrat refuses and says that he isnt worried about the work, but is concerned for the party. he asks shashi if she would be able to handle, and shashi has no option but to say yes. he says that he is tensed that the clients are coming with their wives, then how would he answer them. samrat refues to accept that he actually needs her. samrat’s father asks what is he saying. shashi too takes her cue and says that therefore this is better that he calls urmi, so that she wont have to do the work. Samrat too agrees seeing the easy way out. but tauji asks him not to. tauji tells samrat not to worry that in the evening, he would himself get his wife when the guests arrive. samrat is surprised.

Samrat’s residence
tauji assures samrat that he wont let him be down in front of his clients, and asks him to instruct the ladies to get to household work. shashi is frustrated but has no option but to say yes. Samrat starts hollering orders. tauji eeys them introspectively.

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