Wednesday Update on Gangaa 26th December 2018

Ganga talking to Sagar. She says she has to see Bapu’s surprise. They rush out. Sagar stops at the stall and recalls the shopkeeper’s words. Ganga asks him to come. Sagar makes excuse of stomach ache and asks her to go home, he will come. Ganga runs off. Sagar goes to buy a gift and falls short of money. He thinks what to do, he has to gift Karwachauth gift today. He sees another one and thinks he can buy it in his budget. He buys black thread with Lord idol pendant in it. He says Ganga will be happy, he has to gift her from Kanha ji’s side.

The hotel receptionist tells Madhvi that Mr Chaturvedi has booked the room for him and his wife. Madhvi gets shocked. She goes to check that room. She sees Barkha crying and someone wiping her tears. She assumes its Niranjan and cries. She asks Pulkit to take her home. Ganga asks Sagar why did he make her close eyes. Sagar says there was one thing left and makes her wear the black string with idol pendant. She asks is this for me. He says yes, every husband gifts wife on Karwachauth. Kanha ji is very far so I gave you this gift.

She asks is this gift from Kanha’s side. He says yes, I promised you I will always be with you. She says I will also be with you, come we shall go and see Bapu’s surprise. Amma ji is worried and does not know whats happening these days. She asks servant about Ganga and Sagar, and sends him to see them. Ganga and Sagar come home. Amma ji asks where were they. Ganga asks about the surprise. Amma ji sees Ganga wearing red bangles and gets shocked. Amma ji scolds Ganga seeing the mehendi and bangles. She says its all a sin for a widow, accept your fate, your fate does not have bangles, remove it. Ganga says no, I won’t remove it. Amma ji forces her and breaks the bangles. Sagar says Dadi, Ganga will be hurt, leave her. Amma ji says Ganga stays in my home, her sin will affect my home, why did you do this. She rubs Ganga’s hands and removes mehendi. She says Ganga did sin in her old birth so she has become widow.

Ganga says I applied mehendi for Kanha ji. Sagar tells Amma ji that he won’t let her do this. Amma ji asks will he aupport Ganga in this sin. Sagar holds Ganga’s hand and makes her away from Amma ji. He asks how is this sin, Ganga is so happy, getting happy is not any sin, you say every widow believes Kanha ji is her husband, what wrong Ganga did, you won’t get angry on her, I will not let anyone shout on Ganga. Amma ji fumes.

Amma ji says Ganga did mistake, I will punish her. Sagar says I will not move. He holds Ganga’s hand and says I will not leave her hand. Amma ji asks him to leave Ganga’s hand. He says I won’t. Amma ji says how dare you answer me. Ganga asks Sagar to leave her hand and not fight with Amma ji. Sagar says no, even Papa fights with Dadi for you, I won’t let anything happen to you, promise. Amma ji asks servant to get the stick. The servant gets the stick and gives her.

Amma ji beats Sagar. Ganga says leave my hand, you are getting hurt. Amma ji says leave Ganga’s hand and beats him with the stick. Sagar cries and does not leave Ganga’s hand. The servant tries to save the kids. Amma ji asks him to shut up. Amma ji hits on Ganga’s hand and breaks bangles. She beats Sagar a lot and gets tired. She throws the stick and asks Sagar what did he made her do, she used to pray for him with her hands and today she has beaten him, she had no hope from Ganga, but today they both have hurt her a lot, she will never forgive them. She sadly leaves. Ganga tells Sagar that he did wrong, Amma ji got angry. Sagar says I could not break my promise.

Madhvi comes home with Pulkit and cries. Amma ji asks whats the matter, tell me, stop crying. Madhvi tells Ganga that her Bapu gave her big surprise, its very good, she can never forget it, it will be with her all her life as pain. Amma ji asks whats the matter, be clear. Madhvi cries and leaves. Amma ji asks Pulkit what is Madhvi saying, Niranjan went to hospital. Pukil shouts and asks what to say, Papa is having an affair with Barkha Maasi, Papa started loving her. Amma ji and everyone get shocked.

Amma ji asks what is he saying. Pulkit says Papa did not take Barkha Maasi to hospital, they were in Sea blue hotel, they were… I should have asked Papa and Maasi, how could Maasi cheat her sister. He says mum won’t let me ask Maasi, I can’t be quiet, I can’t let this happen, I wish to kill Maasi. Amma ji says I can’t believe this. Pulkit says its all true, I respected Papa so much, but he…. Ganga says Sagar this is so bad. Sagar says yes. Madhvi packs her bags and asks Sagar and Pulkit to come. Amma ji stops her. Madhvi says I won’t stay here now, she has no respect left now. Amma ji requests her not to go. Pulkit says no, I have some incomplete work to do and rushes to his room.

Madhvi holds Sagar and he refuses to go with her. Sagar says he won’t leave Ganga’s hands. Madhvi takes him. Ganga recalls his promise and shouts Sagar. Amma falls down by the shock. Ganga asks Amma ji why did she not stop them. Amma ji says I told you, if widow does sin, Lord will punish. She cries and says Ganga did big sin by getting mehendi and bangles, see the result we are bearing now. Ganga gets sad. Niranjan tells Barkha that she does not care, it was big function at home today, big problem would have come because of Barkha and her lover. FB shows Madhvi seeing Barkha with some guy. Barkha apologizes to Niranjan. They guy apologizes.

Niranjan says I know my family, I will explain them, but whats the need to marry secretly. Niranjan says Barkha did not have any option and tried to commit suicide, I did not expect this. She says sorry and cries. Niranjan says if your husband came on Karwachauth, she would have not done this. Her husband says he loves her, she knows it, if Niranjan did not get there on time, anything would have happened. Barkha says she can’t live without him. Niranjan says they proved people get mad in love.

Barkha asks him to go home, Madhvi would be waiting, did he break her fast. Niranjan realizes he did not, and rushes. Barkha’s husband wipes her tears. Prabha argues with her husband Ratan(previously named Raman in updates) and says he slapped her infront of everyone. Ratan says she is risking their son’s future, he never got angry, she made him helpless to slap her. She argues. Someone rings the door. Ratan opens the door and sees Madhvi and Sagar. He asks her is everything fine. Madhvi hugs her and cries.

Prabha sends Sagar to the room. Madhvi tells them about Niranjan/Niru and Barkha. They get shocked. Ratan asks Prabha to take Madhvi to room. Sagar looks on and recalls Amma ji’s words. Amma ji gets angry on Ganga, She makes servants hold Ganga and asks them to rub her hands to remove her mehendi. Ganga asks what did I do now, pandit said widows can regard Kanha ji as husband, I love colors. Amma ji asks her to stop nonsense, Kanha ji is not your husband is you assume, you don’t have rights of suhaagan. Ganga asks them to leave her. Amma ji makes the servants get Ganga’s mehendi off well. She says Ganga crossed all limits today.

Ganga shouts she did not do anything, why is Sagar not here, he would have stopped Amma ji. Amma ji asks the servants to put water on Ganga to do her Shuddhi. They put buckets of water on Ganga. Sagar is restless and takes phone to call home. The servant takes call. Sagar hears Ganga shouting and Amma ji blaming her for ruining her home. He gets shocked. Madhvi asks where is he going. Sagar says I m going to Ganga, Dadi is scolding her, she is crying. Madhvi says now you can’t go there ever, we left that home, come with me. Sagar says but I promised Ganga…. How will I take care of her being away, what shall I do, mummy is worried here and Ganga is crying there, what to do.

Prabha asks Ratan will his sister stay here with her son, think of expenses, you were giving me lecture about expenses management, what will people say if Madhvi stays here. Ratan calls her selfish and says Madhvi did a lot for you, you should sympathize with her, Madhvi is my elder sister, I can take care of her, I will manage expenses. Madhvi hears them and tells Ratan that she will leave, Prabha is right.

Niranjan comes home and Amma ji gets angry. Niranjan asks whats the matter. Ganga asks him why did he do this with Madhvi, Pulkil got angry and left. Niranjan asks what did I do. She says you made Madhvi upset, you went to Barkha, Madhvi was crying so much. Niranjan says I took Barkha to hospital. Ganga says you did not go hospital, Madhvi left home with Sagar. Niranjan gets shocked.

Niranjan going to get Madhvi. Ganga asks Amma ji where did Bapu go. Amma ji blames her for all this. She thinks did he go to Barkha. Ganga says Bapu can’t do this, I will stop him. She says Amma ji thinks its all because of me, I will make everything fine now. She recalls Pulkit saying Sea Blue Hotel and says I won’t let Bapu go to Barkha in that hotel, I will do something and not let Niru and Madhvi separated. Maharaj ji asks where will such little girl go at night. Amma ji says let her go, don’t know whose black shadow fell on my house, what danger will come as storm?

Ratan apologizes to Madhvi and says you won’t go anywhere till I m here, you are not at your brother’s house, but your own house, its my duty to help you, please don’t go if you trust and love me. Prabha makes faces. Madhvi agrees. Ratan asks Prabha to return the pendant right itself, he knows the shop is open, go and get money, remember one thing, I can’t a word wrong against my sister. He goes. Prabha sees the pendant and gets sad to lose it.

Ganga comes out and hides seeing someone coming. She sees Sagar and stops him. Sagar recalls how Madhvi took him. Ganga hugs him. He says he has come to meet her, he heard on phone, she was crying being scolded by Dadi, I could not help, sorry. He sees her hands hurt and asks did Dadi did this. He says Dadi is very bad, once mummy and Papa’s fight ends, I will complain about Dadi. She says I m fine, I m not getting pain as you have come. He asks where was she going. She says I was going to hotel to get Bapu back. He says he won’t let her go alone at night.

Prabha goes to return the pendant. The man shuts the shop and says he told her he will not take it or exchange it, sorry. She says my husband is very angry. Ginni comes there and asks Prabha what is she doing. Prabha asks for money and the man leaves. Ginni stops Prabha and says what are you doing, you did wrong, so husband is angry. Prabha says her husband is good and loves her, but today he was angry and got angry on her, he never slapped her, husband has work tension. Ginni says I know, so don’t give him more tension, no husband will like if wife lies to him, husband and wife relation is pure and based on trust. Prabha says someone did black magic on him, his mind got senseless. She worries. Ginni says relax, don’t get upset, I m here, come with me.

Sagar says he is a boy and its his duty to protect the home girls. She asks him to be with Madhvi at this time. He says he worries for mummy and her as well. She asks him does he trust her. He says yes, but how to send you. Ganga says Amma ji said it happened because of me, will you like when she taunts me. Sagar writes his number and asks Ganga to call him. She says fine if needed I will surely call. Sagar asks auto driver if he knows Sea blue hotel. The driver says I don’t know. A couple passes by. Sagar asks about Sea Blue hotel, its urgent. The man asks them to go home, its not good for kids to go out at night. Sagar asks driver to ask anyone on the way. The driver says fine, sit. Sagar asks him to take Ganga. The driver asks him not to worry. Sagar says he trusts Ganga. Ganga says don’t worry, I will unite Niru and Madhvi. She leaves. Sagar waves bye.

Ginni gives money to Prabha and asks her to pay Yash’s fees, and not sell pendant. Prabha thanks her and gets very happy. Niru comes to Ratan’s house to talk to Madhvi. Ratan asks Niru how did he do this, how did he have a relation with Barkha, he cheated Madhvi. Niru asks what are you saying, its nothing like that, call Madhvi, I have to talk. Prabha comes there and looks on. She thinks Ratan should let Niru take Madhvi. She asks Ratan to let Niru talk to Madhvi. Ratan says no, Niru can’t meet. Madhvi comes and asks Ratan to let Niru come.

Niru asks Madhvi how can she doubt on him, he thought she trusts him. She says I havbe enough proof, now I m sure. He asks what, you mean Barkha and I…. Amma ji calls Barkha-Madhvi’s mum and tells what Barkha did, she has trapped Niru and ruined Madhvi’s home. Barkha’s mum says I trust my daughter, she can’t do this. Amma ji says Barkha kept Karwachauth fast too, if my family breaks, Barkha will be responsible, come to Banaras and take Barkha away. She ends call and says its parents’ mistake. The servant girl asks if its Niru’s mistake. Amma ji says I trust Niru and my given values, I will not see his face if its his mistake.

Maharaj ji comes and says he did not get Ganga. Amma ji says let her die, I don’t care. Niru asks Madhvi did her trust broke seeing wrong. Ratan says Madhvi has seen it herself. Niru says I know she is your sister, but I m talking to my wife now. Madhvi says she was ashamed to ask. Niru shows the ring. Prabha smiles seeing it. Ratan pulls her back. Niru says he got this ring for Madhvi for Karwachauth, he thought to give her after breaking her fast, but situation got bad, you want to know why did I go hotel with Barkha, come with me if you want to know truth, if your heart gets trust on me back, wear this ring.

Sagar comes home. He gets glad seeing her parents together. Ratan takes him inside. Sagar thinks Ganga made things fine, I will see what Dadi tells Ganga now. Ganga says she will not let Madhvi’s home break. She sees Pulkit leaving from the hotel and asks him to listen. Pulkit runs. She says he was looking worried, did he fight with Bapu and Barkha, Amma ji said he can do anything wrong in anger, I promised Sagar. He goes inside hotel to meet Barkha. The manager sends her out. Ganga hears room number of Barkha, and goes silently.

Niru brings Madhvi to hotel and asks her to come. Ganga goes to the room and sees Barkha with eyes closed. She says so you are here, I called you out, you know what happened at home and tells everything. She asks where is Bapu and moves her. Barkha falls down and a knife is stabbed on her back. Ganga takes knife and says who has stabbed Barkha Maasi. Niru asks Madhvi to see herself. Ganga drops the knife and asks Barkha to wake up. Niru hears her and says how did Ganga come here. Niru and Madhvi enter room and get shocked seeing Barkha dead.

Madhvi cries and shakes Barkha. She asks Niru what happened to her. Madhvi shatters and asks Barkha not to joke. Niru hugs Madhvi and says Barkha is dead. The hotel staff comes there and sees the murder. They rush to call manager.

Its morning, Sagar wakes up and says Ganga…. He sees Yash sleeping beside. He says mum and dad did not come till now, else they would have come, where is Ganga and how is she, I have to talk to her. Niru calls Amma ji. Amma ji asks where is Madhvi, bring her home, why are you not saying anything. Niru says there is one bad news, Barkha is no more. She asks what nonsense. He says I m saying truth, don’t know what happened, she was found dead in the hotel room. Amma ji gets fainting hearing this shocking news. The servants hold her. Maharaj ji tells Niru that Amma ji’s face turned pale. Amma ji says tell Niru not to worry, I will reach there. Niru asks Maharaj ji to tell Amma ji to be at home and not come here, I will manage here, no need to tell kids about this.

Amma ji says Barkha died…. Pulkit hears her and asks what happened, when I went yesterday, that time… Amma ji asks did he go there yesterday.. Pulkit runs out. Amma ji asks Maharaj ji to stop it. the police collects evidences from the hotel room. Sagar calls Madhvi and she does not answer. Ganga says she will be with Bapu. She asks did Barkha Maasi really die. Niru says let police do their work.

Sagar calls again and Madhvi disconnects. Sagar says something is wrong, don’t know how are they, I have to go and see. He thinks if he wakes up Ratan, he won’t let him go. He leaves from there. The police seals Barkha’s body.

inspector interrogating hotel manager. Madhvi cries. The lady constable questions her. Madhvi says Barkha was my Mama’s daughter, she was my sister, I don’t know what was she doing here. Niru asks them to question later. Niru says we saw Ganga was trying to wake up Barkha, you can ask her later. The lady constable says we have to ask, you are lawyer and know the procedure. He says I agree, talk to her politely, I will be with her. The inspector says sorry, we are not strict to kids. Niru says she is very innocent.

They lady constable questions Ganga. Ganga tells what she has seen. The inspector asks was there someone inside room, what did she see, where was the knife. Ganga says I did not see anyone, I don’t know anything really, let me go to Babu. They ask her to first answer them. The inspector says this girl’s statement is very necessary, take her. Ganga asks them to leave her. Ganga calls out Babu. Niru says Ganga…. And runs after them to stop. He asks inspector why is he taking kid to police station, he asked him to talk to Ganga here itself. The inspector says this girl was with dead body with weapon. Niru asks what nonsense, you mean she is murderer. The inspector says we have to take her statement, you come to police station, we will take care of her. Niru says you know its illegal to talk to minor without guardian. The inspector says you can come after us in your car. Niru says let me talk to her. Ganga says I don’t want to go. Niru says I m coming after you Ganga. Sagar comes there in auto. He sees Ganga being taken by police and gets shocked. He starts running after the police van. Niru sees Sagar and runs to stop Sagar. Niru stops Sagar. Sagar asks why did police take Ganga and cries. Niru asks why did you come here, you should be at Mama’s home and hugs him. Ganga cries.

Pulkil calls Ratan and tells him about Barkha’s death. He says I m going to hotel, mum and dad are there, you also come there, I m scared. Ratan says I can’t believe this, don’t worry, I m coming. Ratan says how did this happen and goes to tell Prabha. He asks her to shut music, he has to talk. There is bad news, stop music. Prabha asks can’t she take bath in peace. He says its about Barkha.

She asks what is he saying, wait for 5mins, I will come out and talk. He says Barkha is dead, are you listening. London Thumakda…. Music plays…. Ratan writes a note for Prabha and takes some money from cupboard. He says he is taking money from cupboard, he will need it and goes. Prabha comes and misses the note. She asks Yash about Ratan. He says don’t know. She says get ready, I will make breakfast.

Ganga is interrogated in police station. They take her finger prints. She asks why, I have to go to Babu, let me go home, else call Babu here. Niru comes there and asks for Ganga. Ganga sees him and says Babu…. The inspector goes to Niru. Niru asks her not to worry, he has come and will talk to inspector. Sagar comes there and sees Ganga.

He calls her out. Ganga goes to Sagar at the window. Sagar says he is very tensed, she has gone to unite his parents. She says yes, that’s why I went to talk to Barkha Maasi and Babu. She asks Sagar to take her from here. Sagar asks her not to worry, Papa will talk and they will go home. Niru says no, Ganga is little girl, you can’t keep her here. The inspector says she is first witness, our investigative officer is coming here, we can’t leave her, else anyone can pressurize her. Niru says Barkha was my wife’s cousin, its my duty to get her murderer punished. The inspector says sorry, but Ganga has to stay in remand home tonight. Niru says no. Inspector says its matter of one night, don’t worry, she will be fine.

The lady constable takes Ganga and asks Sagar to go. Sagar holds Ganga’s hand and she is taken away. Sagar asks Niru to call Ganga, she did not do anything, she wanted to unite you and mum, as Dadi scolded and blamed her, Ganga went to hotel to talk to you. Sagar cries. Niru says Ganga will come tomorrow. Sagar asks why, will she stay here in police station. READ SATURDAY ON GANGAA